Our HVAC Technicians Can Help You Keep Your Cool in the Hot Texas Summers by Ensuring Your Thermostat Doesn’t Give Up on You

You’ll be surprised to learn the number of times our HVAC technicians have found the thermostat to be the main culprit for all your heating and cooling problems. Most homeowners often overlook inspecting their thermostat when trying to diagnose HVAC issues.

Our HVAC Technicians Don’t Leave Anything Unchecked

Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to root out the problem by inspecting the furnace, air conditioner, and thermostat. The following signs let us know that your programmable thermostat may be acting up:

  • You have installed your programmable thermostat near a window or doorway. If your house is unusually draftier and colder, your thermostat will instruct your furnace to heat your home and cause your electricity bill to soar.
  • Your furnace has died. A furnace that doesn’t turn on is a clear indication that your thermostat is the problem. There are two reasons for this problem: you have placed your thermostat in a cold area of your house, or your HVAC unit is experiencing programming or electrical issues.
  • Your thermostat hasn’t been cleaned in a while. A dirty thermostat can malfunction. Dust, dirt, and residue can build up on the wiring and components of the thermostat, causing it to malfunction.
  • Your thermostat’s display screen won’t turn on. If your thermostat’s display screen does not turn on, it can cause a ton of problems for your HVAC unit.

We can install your programmable thermostat in the right place and make sure it stays clean and functioning by visiting your home for regular heating and cooling unit maintenance. We encourage you to clean your thermostat from the inside, just a quick wipe down will do the job, and if the screen won’t turn on, try restarting it.

If Cleaning and Restarting Your Programmable Thermostat Doesn’t Solve The Problem, You Have Our Number!

We don’t only fix programmable thermostats when they’re broken, but we also install them and replace old ones. Our professional thermostat installation services in Fort Worth include maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement.

The Different Types of Thermostat We Install

You can choose from a wide variety of thermostats for your home or business. Our HVAC technicians have experience installing the following types of thermostats:

  1. Programmable Thermostats – Most residential and commercial properties have a programmable thermostat. It allows you to preset your desired temperatures. Once set, your thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature as needed. You can even program it to operate at different temperatures on certain days of the week.
  2. Non-programmable Thermostats – A non-programmable thermostat features a digital display but without the advanced features of a programmable thermostat. You will need to manually set and change the settings. The only advantage is that it’s an inexpensive option.
  3. Mechanical Thermostats – A mechanical thermostat is no longer the preferred option for homes and offices and is being slowly phased out. It doesn’t accurately read temperatures. If you have a mechanical thermostat installed, we recommend contacting us to replace it with a programmable thermostat.
  4. Smart Thermostats – A smart thermostat is an advanced version of a programmable thermostat. It will identify your preferences and set the temperature of your home or office accordingly. It will adjust the temperature based on the time and day and power down when it detects no activity in your property. You can even control the smart thermostat from your smart phone or any device with a Wi-Fi connection.

Out of the four thermostats, you can cancel out the mechanical thermostat, leaving you with three options — a programmable thermostat, a non-programmable thermostat, and a smart thermostat. Your choice depends on your usage and requirements. The pros and cons of each include:

  • A Non-Programmable Thermostat is more affordable than the other two, but requires you to change the temperatures manually.
  • A Programmable Thermostat is slightly more expensive than a non-programmable thermostat, but is more energy-efficient and automatically adjusts the temperature.
  • A Smart Thermostat is more expensive than both a non-programmable and programmable thermostat and is more energy-efficient than the two, learns your preferences, and saves you money.

Still Confused?

Don’t Be Because Not Only Can We Help You Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Home, but We Can Even Recommend Brands that Fit Your Budget

We offer around the clock service to our customers throughout the Tri-County Area. If your thermostat has malfunctioned or you need a new one installed, contact us 817-283-6911.