4 Ways Fake Air Conditioning Services Scam Their Customers | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth

4 Ways Fake Air Conditioning Services Scam Their Customers | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth

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As with any other offering in the market, the air conditioning industry also has its fair share of scammers. Like any other industry, these scammers come with the motive of ripping off their innocent customers and taking advantage of their lack of knowledge regarding air conditioning.

To stay alert of such opportunists, it is imperative for customers to develop some knowledge of air conditioning. However, this is not enough as some companies may possess a license and may look perfectly normal in their operations; however, they can still rip their customers off even if the customer is well versed with the cooling system.

Information of the methods such companies and services use will ensure that, unlike many other folks looking for air conditioning services in Dallas, you don’t fall prey to such companies.

Now before we go on, it is necessary to know what a scam is. On paper, the activities of a service provider may be perfectly legal but, in reality, things are different. A company that offers or forces a customer to purchase materials they don’t need or finds ways to overcharge the customer is running a scam operation for taking advantage of a customer’s vulnerable situation.

The vulnerability of the customers stems from the fact that most of the customers in situations where the cooling or heating is not working need the help of a professional. People looking for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth have no other option except for believing and doing what their technician says.

Companies and services take advantage of this vulnerability. To ensure that you don’t fall prey to such vultures, choose the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth. One Hour Heating and Air are renowned for providing quality heating services. The positive word of mouth and online reviews that we have received for our excellent professional service should be enough to convince you of the quality we deliver.

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The following are the qualities and methods that some companies use to overprice their services. The following are also the qualities that we don’t believe in.

1.  The ‘Need a New One’ Method

Although it may disrupt your daily routine, it is quite normal for cooling and heating systems to go bad. In all likelihood, the fault in the system is due to some damaged part and replacing it or fixing it will be enough to get your system up and running.

The scammers may come up to you and use fancy technical terms, but a quick Google search will reveal the true picture behind the claim.

An A.C. also gives off signs of breaking down; a leak or a loud noise are indications that you need air conditioning service in Fort Worth. Quickly researching the reasons behind these signs will alert you of the possible problem.

2.  Oversized A.C.

The last thing you can do when installing an A.C. is to be ignorant of the job that the technicians do. Technicians and services these days overcharge their customers by forcing on them the most significant unit possible without considering the size of your building.

An oversized unit is more expensive to both purchase and maintain. Air conditioning service in Fort Worth costs a lot more when it’s for oversized units as opposed to for other units.

An oversized unit will be inconsistent in nature, shutting down and on in an unexpected manner. To ensure that installation services don’t overcharge you, it is essential that you ask for the formula which they use for finding the appropriate size of the unit.

Even asking for the formula will indicate the company that you are diligent to the process and paying attention to whatever they are doing.

3.  ‘Give It Some Time to Work”

A classic trick in the handbook on cheating customers is using this statement to give people false hope. If you hear this from the technician you have hired, it should raise a raise a red flag. After replacement, an air conditioning service in Fort Worth might claim that the problem or the replaced part may function in a while or take a week to work properly; this is not true since all air conditioner-related issues are an immediate fix.

An air conditioner WILL start functioning normally immediately after the repair.

Although it’s a common scam, it is also a helpless one. Let’s be honest here; all you can do to avoid this scam is to contact the right company and the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth.

4.  “We Are Here for Inspection”

Well, you need to be extra naïve to fall prey to this scam but it seems like some people are. You may receive a phone call asking for inspection from a well-known company quite possibly “One Hour Heating and Air.”

The scam, although straightforward to avoid, is also very dangerous. There are chances that armed robbers may sneak into your home pretending to be servicemen of the company that contacted you.

To avoid this scam, it is imperative to ask for details of the company when on the phone. Ask for names, id info and the web address of the company. Also ask whether the company is registered with the state or not.

A significant giveaway is the call itself; no primary air conditioning service in Fort Worth goes around door to door asking whether an A.C. needs repair.


The good news is that One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in Fort Worth is one of the most reliable service companies in America, is here to help you 24/7.

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