5 Benefits Of A Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

5 Benefits Of A Duct Cleaning Service | Azle, TX

If you own a home in Azle, TX, then it may be time to think about duct cleaning service. If you have never had your ducts cleaned or know nothing about the condition of your air ducts, then this is an even better reason to have your ducts cleaned. All of the air in your home passes through your air ducts, so you don’t want to wait until there is a clog or obvious issue with your air ducts to get them cleaned and inspected. Many people forget that their ducts are part of their HVAC system, but they play a very important role and should not be neglected.

A duct cleaning service can be especially helpful if you have just moved into a new home, because you really don’t know what might be hiding in your air ducts. Having a professional HVAC company out to your home to clean out your ducts and take a look deep inside of them with video cameras is the best way to get an idea of their overall shape so that you can properly take care of your home and your ducts. Some people are extremely surprised to see what kind of trash and debris builds up over time. This is even more true if you have purchased an older home.

However, you don’t have to be a new homeowner in Azle, TX to find a duct cleaning service helpful. There are dozens of benefits to cleaning out your air ducts, but you won’t be able to reap any of the benefits until you actually get them cleaned. This type of service can help you identify the presence of pests like rodents in your home, hidden mold, and of course, put an end to the endless dust that might be blowing around your home. Plus, you may even get slightly cleaner air out of the process, which is the number one reason why a lot of people sign up to have their ducts cleaned in the first place.

However, before you rush to book a duct cleaning service, it is important to remember that you need to hire a professional HVAC company to handle your service. There are a lot of people these days advertising duct services. In fact, it has become a somewhat trendy service, and pop-up companies everywhere say that they will restore your ducts to their original surface. However, you don’t want to go with a company you find in the back of a brochure. Your ducts are an integral part of your HVAC system, and you need to treat them as such. With this in mind, you only want someone trained to professionally handle your HVAC system for your duct cleaning service.

As part of a duct cleaning service, the technician will generally create a small opening in which they can insert their equipment. They will also be very near your HVAC system and responsible for inserting machinery into ductwork that flows throughout your home. This is not something that you want someone with a vacuum tool to handle. You need a trained HVAC professional who knows how to preserve the integrity of your HVAC system and has the expertise and experience to handle it.

When you hire an HVAC technician, at the end of the duct cleaning service, you will also receive an inspection report that includes photos of your ductwork. This is useful because it gives you an idea of the condition of your ductwork and whether there are any leaks, dents, or damage along the way. Since ductwork is hidden, most homeowners don’t realize where there is damage or leaks, and they don’t realize that at some point, the ducts may need to be replaced. A duct cleaning service in Azle, TX will help you gain insight into all of these matters if it is handled by a professional. This gives you the time to budget for replacing your system if it is aging so that you are not caught off-guard down the road when your ductwork stops properly transferring air throughout your home.

While there is obvious value in finding out that you need to replace your ducts on your own timetable, there is much more value to a duct cleaning service than just finding out the state of your system. If you are curious about booking a service but not sure if it will be a good fit for your home, keep reading to learn about the benefits of duct cleaning service. You may be surprised at just how helpful a simple cleaning service can be. A few hours of your time can make a big impact on your HVAC system within your Azle, TX home.

Improve Your Home Environment

Do you notice that regardless of how much you dust your home, there seems to be more dust building? If this is the case there is a good chance that you would benefit from a duct cleaning service in Azle, TX. If there is a large amount of dust in your air ducts then you are fighting an uphill battle that you will never win. The problem is that if there is a thick layer of dust in your air ducts, every single time your HVAC system cycles dust will be pushed back into the air.

While you will not be able to see it, the thick dust molecules will settle back down, and places you just dusted will be dusty again within a few days to a week, depending on how much dust is in the air. Even worse, you are probably breathing all of that dust which is not any better. After all, if you live in Texas, you likely don’t open your windows at all during the hot summer months. You might not be during the cooler months as well.

That means that almost all of the air you are breathing in your home comes from what is circulated by your HVAC system. Even if you have the top air filters in your HVAC system, they won’t do anything to stop the air from picking up hidden dust in your ductwork. With that in mind, it is worth it to have someone come out to your Azle, TX home for a duct cleaning service every few years to keep your home air in great shape. A few hours of your day is all it takes.

Reduce Allergens in Your Home

As noted, dust is an allergen that can bug you, especially if you have not had your air ducts cleaned in the air, but dust is not the only allergen that might be living in your home air ducts. Many people are surprised to find that there is a high amount of mold and/or mildew in their air ducts, which can cause a lot of trouble for anyone sensitive to allergens. In fact, people with upper respiratory disorders or asthma are more likely to suffer from allergy problems which is why you should have your ducts inspected to see what they may be hiding inside of them.

It only takes one drip of water in your air ducts to cause the growth of mold and mildew, and once it has taken hold deep inside your air ducts, the spores will continue to circulate around your home, causing issues until the mold is removed. Since you can’t see far into your air ducts, you could have mold growing undetected for years that may be causing allergy issues you blamed on another thing such as dust or pet allergens. Many people are shocked by what is found inside their air ducts during a routine duct cleaning service.

Mold is not the only thing that might be hiding inside of air ducts, though. Rodents, their droppings, and pet allergens from previous homeowners might also be hiding deep inside of your ductwork and out of sight. Out of sight does not mean it won’t affect you, however, as most homeowners with allergies definitely know that there is something messing up their health. They just don’t know how to stop it or realize that a simple duct cleaning service will help them get to the root of the problem. This service allows them to improve their air quality and move on with life.

If you are not the original owner of your home, then you might not realize just how many things are hiding under air ducts, like pet allergens. These things tend to harbor and settle in the ducts so even if there are no pets in your home now, you can still react to their presence. This is one great reason to consider a duct cleaning service if you have just moved into your home and are concerned about anybody’s respiratory functions. As a side note, you also might want to consider having a carpet steam clean because pet allergens and dander can deeply set into these.

Even more horrifying of a find might be the fact that you have a family of rodents living in your air ducts. While most people are shocked to learn that they have rats or mice in their air ducts, which is usually evident by the number of droppings that is found by a duct cleaning service, this is not the only type of pass that might be living buried under your house. There are instances in which people have found squirrels, bats, and even lizards, living in the dampness of their air duct system. Not only are the droppings hazardous to your health, but these are simply not the past that you want to keep safe within your home. If they are found during a duct cleaning service, then you can call an exterminator to probably remove them and solve the issue.

Improve Air Quality in Your Home

With all of this in mind, one compelling reason to book a duct cleaning service is that it will help improve the overall air quality in your home. When you remove all of the above from your home, you cannot only mentally rest easier, but you can also breathe easier because none of these contaminants will be in your air anymore. With any luck, most of them will not return as well, which means that you will continue to reach the benefits of having someone come out and clean out your air ducts every couple of years.

Reduce Odd Odors

Another part of air duct cleaning service, especially if you have just purchased a new home in Azle, TX is that it can help remove moldy, dusty, stale smells that may be coming out of your air vent. We just listed a whole host of things that might be hiding in your air ducts, all of which have smells associated with them, so when you remove them, you remove the smells as well. If there is an odor hanging in your home that you cannot seem to get rid of, having your air ducts cleaned out thoroughly may be the perfect way to get your home odors under control.

Boost Airflow Efficiency

Finally, when you clear all the dust and debris out of your air ducts, you make it easier for air to blow through them, which will in turn improve the air efficiency of your HVAC system. When air is more easily able to move the air duct system, then it will also be more easily able to cool and heat your home. The end result is less stress on your system, which translates to less wear and tear. It also means that your system will have increased energy efficiency, which is extremely useful if you are trying to lower your energy bills around your home.

While the results will not be dramatic regarding your energy bills (unless you have a lot of debris in your air ducts), every little bit helps. Even more so in Texas where the energy crisis is very real for many homeowners.

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