5 Reasons to Have Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

5 Reasons to Have Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX

It is a common practice among house owners to neglect their air conditioning system until something gets faulty. This negligence in the unit’s maintenance usually results in reduced efficiency, high electricity bills, insufficient ventilation and multiple other issues. However, if your cooling system is maintained frequently by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX, then, its chances of malfunctioning diminish.

The maintenance of your air conditioning unit includes repair of equipment, replacement of faulty parts and cleaning of dirt and other debris. Although you can solve a few glitches on your own, it is necessary to get it serviced by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX for longevity and efficient performance.

Following are a few reasons that will force you to pick your phone and call an air conditioning service for maintenance and servicing of your cooling unit.

Unusual Noises Coming from HVAC

Is your air conditioner making a loud banging noise? If yes, then, these and other unusual noises are a major indicator that you have ignored your air conditioner system’s maintenance for a while. As a result, the connecting rod, crankshaft or a piston pin has either become loose or broken.

The clicking noises indicate that the thermostat is failing and you will have to replace it with a new one. Sometimes, the system produces buzzing sound which can be due to multiple reasons such as loose parts, loose outdoor fan motor, dirt and other debris in the indoor or outdoor unit, dirty condenser coil or freezing due to refrigerant leakage. You can avoid, identify and resolve these issues by regular system maintenance by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you suffer from burning eyes, coughing and sneezing while you are home? If yes, then, this means that you have been avoiding your air conditioning system’s cleaning and maintenance for a long time. As a result, the number of allergens has increased in your house. These allergens decrease the overall air quality, leaving you susceptible to diseases.

These allergens include pollen, bacteria, fungi, mold, dust and insects such as cockroaches. They give rise to and aggravate various health issues such as cold, allergy attacks and asthma. A water-residing bacteria known as Legionella can also accumulate in your ductwork which can cause Legionnaire’s disease, a severe type of pneumonia.

However, you can keep yourself and your family safe from these health hazards by conducting air conditioner maintenance at least thrice a year by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX. The technicians will clean the equipment and ductwork by special cleaning chemicals and you will notice an evident increase in the indoor air quality.

Frequent, Recurring Problems

The technicians performing air conditioning service in Plano, TX have noticed that the air conditioners usually do not completely break down at once. Instead, the customers had told them how it started off with minor faults which used to solve on their own and then recur again. Eventually, these minor glitches turned to a major malfunction and their air conditioning system refused to function any more.

Does your air conditioner also encounter frequents faults that resolve on their own? Do those issues reappear after a short span of time? If yes, then, it means that your system requires maintenance. If you do not want these minor malfunctions to turn into a major one then place a call for air conditioning service in Plano, TX. It will make your system more efficient and your house more comfortable.

Increased Lifespan

If you do not want to spend your hard-earned dollars on a new air conditioner any time soon, then, ensure that it is frequently maintained and cleaned by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX. A properly cleaned and maintained cooling unit does not consume extra electricity. It achieves your required temperature without working too hard.

On the other hand, the air conditioning systems that lack necessary maintenance are forced to work hard due to accumulated dirt and various other malfunctions. As a result, wear and tear happens in the equipment. If you do not want to compromise on the lifespan of your cooling unit then you should conduct regular maintenance by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

Safer Air Conditioner Operation

People assume that negligence in air conditioner cleanliness and maintenance can only have an adverse impact on their pocket. If you also believe in this myth, then the next few paragraphs will be an eye-opener for you.

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can cause fires due to multiple reasons such as poor wiring systems and cable insulation overheating. Your AC unit’s compressor is a high-pressure component and certain malfunctions in it can lead to explosions which can cause fatal or non-fatal injuries to the people in the vicinity.

Lack of air conditioner cleanliness also causes fires. The dirt and other particles accumulate in the filters, coils, vents and fins and obstruct the airflow which can lead to a fire incident. Another component that can facilitate in starting a fire is the AC fan. It stops functioning if proper maintenance is not done which can result in the accumulation of a huge amount of heat within the cooling unit. As a result, the temperature can escalate and a fire incident can take place.

If you want to keep your home safe from these fire and explosion hazards, then, you should keep your air conditioning unit clean and maintained by an air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

We are sure that after reading these reasons, you have realized the importance of air conditioner maintenance and cleanliness for the proper functionality and safety of your unit. If you are searching for an air conditioner service in Plano, TX, then, contact the One Hour Heating and Air. Our experienced professionals provide 24/7 emergency services so that you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home environment in the scorching heat of Plano, TX.