5 Reasons to Have Your Duct Cleaned by Experts of Heating and AC in Azle, TX

5 Reasons to Have Your Duct Cleaned by Experts of Heating and AC in Azle, TX

Central systems of heating and AC in Azle, TX are necessary for us to survive the scorching heat while indoors. They are comprised of multiple components, however, the most essential one is the ductwork, without which the system will be nonfunctional. They are responsible to supply air, exhaust air and remove air. The air flowing is sometimes accompanied by air pollutants, which accumulate inside and later enter your house to degrade the indoor air quality.

Do you often face allergies while you are indoors? Does your throat get itchy and your eyes teary?

If yes, then this means that the ductwork of your HVAC system is harboring harmful contaminants which are entering your home premises with the cooled air and spreading allergies and other various diseases. People usually assume that these contaminants only comprise of dust and dirt particles, but in reality, they contain a vast range of pollutants ranging from fungi to disease-causing bacterium such as Legionella.

You can avoid the degradation of your home’s indoor air quality by having your ductwork cleaned and your system maintained by a technician of heating and AC in Azle, TX. Read the following 5 reasons why it is necessary:

1.    Sinus Disease

Are you or any member of your house suffering from nasal inflammation?

If yes, then this indicates that the ductwork of your HVAC requires cleaning. This is because the contaminants present inside the ductwork enter your home premises along with the cool air. These particles spread throughout the house and you are forced to inhale them while breathing. These particles come in contact with your nasal passage and cause inflammation. This results in a painful infection termed as the Sinus Infection which can aggravate if proper treatment is not provided immediately. If you intend to keep your family away from such a painful disease, then get your ductwork cleaned and your system maintained by an expert of heating and AC in Azle, TX.

2.    Respiratory Infections

A dirty duct harbors all types of harmful contaminations including but not limited to bacteria, fungi, pollen, mold, dust, dirt and viruses. These pollutants mingle with the air flowing through the ductwork and enter your home. They spread throughout the premises and gather on places such as curtains, bed sheets, blankets and carpets. They enter your body when you breathe in the contaminated air or when you come in contact with surfaces that are polluted by them.

This contact with these contaminants causes a number of diseases with the major ones being the respiratory issues and infections. They are also quite harmful to people suffering from asthma as they trigger attacks. You can avoid these issues by having the ductwork of your heating and AC in Azle, TX cleaned by an expert professional at least once a year.

3.    Allergies

The allergens present in the ductwork also include dust, pollen and mold spores which are a prominent trigger of allergies. They cause coughing, sore throats, sneezing and cold. They not only intensify allergy attacks, but they can start them as well. If your eyes burn and get teary when your system for heating and AC in Azle, TX is on, then this indicates that your ductwork is in a desperate need of cleaning.

These allergens are specifically hazardous for newborn babies, kids and elderly people as their immune systems are weaker as compared to young adults. Pollutants accumulate on areas such as blankets, bed sheets, curtains and pillows etc which are the playing places of kids, especially the ones who crawl.

Another issue caused by dirty ducts is the growth of insects such as cockroaches which themselves are quite active in spreading diseases. If you want to save your house from such insects than you should get the ductwork of heating and AC in Azle, TX cleaned at least once a year by an HVAC service provider.

4.    Legionnaire’s Disease

This adverse impact of dirty ducts will be new to most of the readers. This is because it happens quite rarely, but it is fatal. Legionnaire’s disease is a specific type of lung disorder, medically termed as pneumonia, which is caused by a rare type of bacterium known as Legionella. This pollutant is usually found in moist places such as wet soils. However, one of its favorite places is your ductwork of heating and AC in Azle, TX.

This rare disease is not something which can be taken lightly, because it is not only fatal, but it multiplies if immediate steps are not taken to counter it. Studies have shown that about 10-15% of the times this disease proved to be fatal for its victims. You can save yourself and your family from this fatal disease by regular cleaning and maintenance of your system for heating and AC in Azle, TX.

5.    Bad Odor

Do you notice a weird and mushy order in your house?

If yes, then this is caused by the mold and other particles present in the dirty ductwork of your system for heating and AC in Azle, TX. This weird smell is not just uncomfortable, but it can also result in diseases such as an upset stomach and sickness. You can get rid of this odor by having your ductwork of heating and AC in Azle, TX cleaned by a professional HVAC service provider.

We are sure that by now you would have understood the importance of clean ductwork for your system of heating and AC in Azle, TX. If you are in search of HVAC service providers that are expert in ductwork cleaning and maintenance, then contact One Hour Heating and Air by clicking here. We will send a technician to take a look at your system and clean it to remove the contaminants from the home premises.