5 Reasons Why Homeowners Need Heating and AC Repairs in Plano, TX

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Need Heating and AC Repairs in Plano, TX

Technology has made it extremely convenient for everyone to enjoy controlled temperatures even during harsher weathers. Thanks to the widely accessible HVAC units, you can keep your homes warm and cozy even if there is a blizzard outside. Similarly, you can enjoy cool or moderate indoor temperatures during summers even if the heat is kicking it outdoors.

Having a well-kept HVAC unit is extremely important for all homeowners to ensure that the environment of their homes is comfortable. However, not many homeowners take out the time for the maintenance of their HVAC unit. As a result, they need to hire professionals for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the common errors every homeowner makes that compel them to seek professional services for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX.

1.   Not Investing In Regular Maintenance

Annual or bi-annual maintenance are counted as regular maintenance. Every homeowner must invest in the regular maintenance of their HVAC unit to prevent having to pay for the heating and ac repair in Plano, TX.  Of course, you will have to contact a professional for routinely maintenance but investing a little right now will save you from having to pay hefty costs in the future.

Some of the benefits of having routine maintenance include:

  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Better performance by your heating and air conditioning system
  • Prevention of bigger problems

A professional service will immediately fix any tiny problem that appears threatening to the life or efficiency of your HVAC unit. With regular maintenance, you will be able to avoid paying for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX.

2.   Not Installing the Programmable Thermostat Correctly

In the journey of saving money, many homeowners install a programmable thermostat for their HVAC units. While this is certainly a commendable decision, professionals are better positioned to execute the task itself. Truth be told, no matter how much you try to learn about the nitty-gritty of HVAC units, you won’t be able to compete with the training and experience of a professional. Clearly, you will not be able to install the programmable thermostat properly by yourself.

A programmable thermostat will only be useful to you when it is correctly installed. It will give you a better control over the temperatures and concurrently help you conserve electricity. In fact, you can even set timings on it and move toward sustainable usage of energy. In this way, not only will you be minimizing your electricity bills, but you will also be reducing your consumption.

On the contrary, an improper installation is only going to damage the HVAC unit and eventually, you will need to contact a professional service for heating and ac repair in Plano, TX.

3.   Not Buying the Rightly Sized Furnace

“The more the merrier” or “the bigger the better” are just some of the things we hear on a daily basis. However, this isn’t always true. In fact, in some cases, going overboard is the wrong way to take! So if you use the same philosophy and buy a furnace twice the size of the HVAC unit system itself, you will need to immediately contact a professional service for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX.

Buying a furnace that is too big results in short cycling. When short cycling occurs, your system begins to over consume the energy without actually delivering the desirable results. In fact, it completely fails to ensure that your home environment is comfortable!

Homeowners are unlikely to have the expertise needed to make the right choice when buying the furnace. This is why, it is advised to consult a professional before making the purchase as it saves you from having to pay for the heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX later.

4.   Not Having A Clean In-Line Duct Booster or A Full-House Fan

If you live in a rather confined housing such as an apartment or shared residency instead of a bungalow, having an in-line duct booster can come handy. This is because the cooling/heating from the HVAC unit can easily be passed from one room to another. However, if the in-line duct booster is not clean or carries dirt and debris buildup, the purified air passed from one room to another will become contaminated. Consequently, whoever lives in the room that the air is being passed onto will be at a great risk of developing health issues.

In such a case, it becomes imperative to hire a professional service for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX.

5.   Not Looking Out For Water Puddles

Every HVAC unit has a condensate drain tube. This is an important part of your ventilation system since it pushes the dirty and grimy water out of the unit system and into the drain. Due to condensation, when the HVAC unit converts warm external air into clean and cool air for your home, some of the air particles turn into water vapors. This water needs to be drained out through the tube. However, if there are water spills or leakages from the backside of the ventilation system, then it is a sign that the condensate tube is clogged.

Keeping an eye on the water puddles or leaks is important because it indicates towards a drain clogging. If you notice something of the sorts, don’t hesitate to call up a professional’s service for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX. Professional will unclog the tube, paving a smooth path for the water to drain out without leaking. If the clogging has caused the tube to crack, the professional service for heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX will replace it.

What to Do?

Although prevention is better than cure, you cannot be entirely blamed for not being able to take good care of your HVAC unit. So whether you’re looking for professionals to keep your unit well-maintained, or looking for complete heating and ac repairs in Plano, TX, simply contact us at One Hour Heating and Air.

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