5 Ways to Maintain Your Heating and AC Unit | Frisco, TX

5 Ways to Maintain Your Heating and AC Unit | Frisco, TX

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Maintenance is a crucial part of running heating and AC in the Frisco, TX area. Not carrying out regular maintenance can lead to problems that are beyond the control of the user. Since the demands of HVAC units are higher than other fixtures and fittings, it is crucial to look after them in the same regard.

Mowing the lawn and painting the home is an easy way to increase the value of the home. Similarly, maintenance of the heating and AC unit is essential for its adequate performance. Before you show your unit to a technician, it is crucial to take good care of the unit yourself.

Like mowing the lawn or painting the home, these methods are easy to follow. Given the high cost of repair of HVAC units, these are some of the methods that you should follow to maintain your system.

1.  Change Your Filters

The first step in the maintenance handbook is the regular change of the filters. Filters are designed to keep your system clean while taking out the large particles from the air. As a user, you should aim to change the filters once every 1-3 months.

If it’s allergy season and the pets in your house appear to be sensitive to the air they are breathing, then you may have to change these filters more often. When buying HVAC units, ensure that the filter you choose is rated MERV 7-11; anything more than that will affect your system and put a strain on the airflow, while negatively affecting its efficiency too.

If you are using an air purification system, it is imperative to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when servicing those filters too. Ductless systems often require systems to be clean.

2.  Clean the Condensing Unit

Most units providing heating and AC have an outdoor condensing unit that is responsible for providing the users with cool air. This unit sits outside and has a fan on top for dispersing heat during the summer.

Constant use clogs up the metal fins of the unit. It is very normal for the fins of the unit to be clogged by dirt, pollen, and grime. Spraying outside the unit with a water hose is enough to clear it from all the dirt. When spraying the unit, avoid the use of a pressure washer because it will end up permanently damaging the unit.

3.  Inspect and Create Clearance above the Outdoor Unit

Another problem that plagues the user is the buildup of leaves and vegetation around the heating and AC. These leaves and overgrown vegetation interfere with the flow of your outdoor unit.

To ensure that none of the vegetation interferes with the outdoor unit, trim all bushes and trees so that your unit has plenty of clearance. The clearance is at a distance of 2 feet on all sides, and anything within this parameter needs to be taken care of immediately.

When looking after your heating and AC you need to be wary of bushes or trees that give off excessive pollen. Trees like Cottonwood are known to give off an abundance of pollen, and these trees are notorious for clogging up the condensing units.

4.  Evaporator Coil

Most of the people are unaware of where their drainpipe is; if you are one of them, have your service technician show it to you. Check the drainpipe of your HVAC system and clear any blockage present of the algae or mold that can grow there.

A wet-dry vacuum will suction out the plugged up areas, while the bleach will help you in cleaning them. In Frisco, TX, professional technicians claim a clogged drain line to be one of the most common breakdowns they come across every day.

Many homeowners are only made aware of this issue when they see water dripping from their ceilings. To look after this, some people install a protective float switch or the “ceiling saver” so to speak. This switch is responsible for switching off the air conditioning to prevent any leaks and damages from the ceiling. Call a professional heating and AC technician to help you install this switch.

5.  Professional for Regular Maintenance

An essential aspect of maintenance that people often ignore is the value of an expert coming in and performing preventative maintenance twice a year. A licensed professional is both equipped and professionally trained to deal with all kinds of problems you have in your heating and AC.

Numerous maintenance procedures can only be carried out by a professional. This includes flushing the coils, checking the drain pan and the air conditioning unit, evaluating the furnace operation, checking the voltage on motors, and loose wires.

Spring is traditionally a good time for you to service your air conditioning system. Following spring is the start of the summer season, to avoid the heat during this season, it is essential to keep the system up and to run.

Most of the professional technicians are licensed individuals, too; this means that they are certified by the state. The certification is a guarantee of the credibility of the professional and the service the technician represents.


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