6 Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

6 Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Units | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

Air conditioning systems have become a basic necessity in today’s world. This is why you can see them almost everywhere. In hotter regions, they can be found in homes, offices, and shopping malls. The reason for their popularity is their price, which has significantly reduced over the years. Not so long ago, they were extremely expensive and also not as common as they are today.

Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular type of air conditioners in the US is a centralized air conditioner. Centralized air conditioners are also a part of HVAC systems, which also provides heating and ventilation alongside cooling. Other types of air conditioners that you can buy today are individual units, which are window AC and split AC. These individual units can only cool down a single room. However, they have a lot of benefits especially the split air conditioner.

Here are some 6 benefits of split air conditioning unit:

1.   Easy to Install

One of the best things about split air conditioners is that they are extremely easy to install when compared to the HVAC systems. An HVAC system installation is one of the most complicated processes during home building. It can take several days to install an HVAC system depending on the complexity of the house.

Split air conditioner units, on the other hand, can be installed within a few hours of work. It comprises of just two units, the inside unit and the outside unit (condenser unit). Both units are relatively smaller in size, which is why they don’t require a big team of technicians to carry and install. You also do not require massive ducts to connect both units. Instead, you just need a copper wire with some cables to connect them. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a split unit, then don’t think anymore. Call the best air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, and get your split air conditioner installed today.

2.   Hidden Compressors

Outdoor units for HVAC systems are bulky, and they also need to be as near as possible to your home. The outdoor unit on the split air conditioner, however, can be fitted anywhere around the house. It has a maximum distance range of 30 meters, which makes it quite convenient. You can literally place it in your garage if you like.

The outdoor units of HVAC systems are also pretty big, which makes them difficult to hide. This also makes them vulnerable to weather conditions and other outdoor dangers. A split outdoor unit can easily be hidden and protected from all the dangers lurking in the outdoors. So, call the best air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, and install a split air conditioner today.

3.   No Window Required

Both the HVAC systems and window air conditioners require massive windows in the wall to be fitted. If you don’t already have a cutout in the walls of your home, then it is another thing you need to worry about during the installation process. The HVAC system requires smaller windows to insert the vents into the building, while window units need bigger windows to fit the entire system.

Split air conditioners, on the hand, require no windows at all. They only need a relatively tiny hole in the wall which can fit the wiring to connect both units of the system. This certainly saves you a lot of money and time during the installation process. Therefore, call the best air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, to avoid all the installation hassles and get a split air conditioner.

4.   Quietest Cooling

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the split air conditioners is the ninja-like quietness. Many people prefer these units just because of this fact only. Most modern split air conditioners are so quite that it is hard to tell that you actually have an individual air conditioner in your room. Although HVAC systems are also really quite in most of the areas of the house, they can still squeeze in some noise through their outdoor unit. Window units, on the other hand, are the loudest air conditioners to ever exist. So, if you want to enjoy peace and quiet in your house, then the best choice for you is the split air conditioner. Call the best air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, to install it quickly.

5.   Easy to Maintain

HVAC system can sometimes be a nightmare to maintain depending on the complexity of the house its installed in. Although you only need to service the system only once every year, you might have to call air conditioning service in Frisco, TX, quite often if anything goes wrong.

Split air conditioners are really easy to maintain as they are a small and straightforward system. Technicians only need to check the indoor and outdoor units and you are good to go.

6.   Cost-Effective

HVAC systems might seem convenient when it comes to providing the cool temperatures to the whole house. However, they relatively cost much more when compared to the individual units. Most of the houses do not require cooling in every room for the most part of the day. Therefore, the cooling of the empty rooms simply wastes the energy.

Individual units such as split air conditioners will only be turned on when required for the room cooling. Therefore, they are much more cost-effective when compared to the HVAC system. If you want to save your hard-earned money on the energy bills, then you should definitely go for the split air conditioners. It may cost you a bit more in the beginning, but it will save a lot in the future. To install a split AC, call the best air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

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