6 of the Most Common Problems Which Require Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

6 of the Most Common Problems Which Require Heating and AC Repair in Azle, TX

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With the growing imbalances in the temperatures of the outside world, people find more and more discomfort in leaving their homes. This is why it is of the utmost importance for you as a consumer to understand some common problems which require heating and ac repair in Azle, TX. Moreover, to ensure that your heating or air conditioning unit is perfectly functional at all times to ensure that you live in the maximum comfort that you are able to.

Let’s break down some of the problems that can occur with your climate regulation devices that may require heating and ac repair in Azle, TX if these issues are left unchecked.


Possible Problems with Air Conditioning Units:

 Although it may be difficult for a regular consumer such as yourself to understand and repair an air conditioning unit without professional help, it is important to be able to identify some of the problems that can occur which may require heating and ac repair in Azle, TX. The most common problems are listed below.


  • The unit does not run:

In most cases, this may be caused by a lack of power to the air conditioning unit which can easily be resolved by flipping the switch and letting electricity flow to your climate control device. However, in most cases, it is not this simple as an air conditioning unit which refuses to work with the switch turned on may be an indication of a motor which has overloaded or a fuse which has fried or tripped. One other cause for this may be that the switch of your air conditioning device has become faulty. All of these may require heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.


  • The cooling is insufficient:

Picture a hot summer day like most in Azle, TX, with heat from the sun which is so intense that it causes sweat to trickle down your nose and face in large beads. However, you realize that the whole time, you are sitting indoors and your air conditioning unit is steadily running in the background. What might be the problem? There may be numerous problems with your air conditioning unit that may be causing this. The thermostat setting on your unit may be set too high for your adequate comfort, in which case you should consider lowering the temperature on your unit. The filters or the coils of your room air conditioner may have become dirty and are blocking the cold air from reaching your tired, hot face; in which case, the filters or the coils need to be cleaned. Additionally, a faulty motor, compressor, or a coolant leak in the unit may also be the cause of insufficient cooling. All of the above problems are important to be identified and rectified through heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.


  • Your air conditioning unit does not stay on for long enough:

Imagine your guests arriving at your home for a lovely lunch party. Everyone is excited to dig into the food while enjoying the relief of an air conditioning unit that cools constantly and consistently. But before your air conditioning unit can even begin to cool the room for your guests, it turns off all by itself, baffling you and annoying your guests who are forced to sit in perpetual heat. What could be causing this? It could be the coils of your air conditioning unit which have become dirty and need to be cleaned. Or it could be the filters of the condenser in the air conditioning unit that do not allow the cool air to may it through the device and fill the room. In either case, it is important to understand that these problems may require heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.

 Now that we have discussed some of the issues that take place with air conditioning units and their repairs, let’s discuss some of the issues that arise with having heating units installed within your home. Some of the most important issues which arise, and which you should be wholly aware of are as follows:


  • Noisy heaters:

A good heater is one that silently does its job and is not a nuisance to people who are relaxing in the room. If you are the victim of a heater that is noisy, then it is important to understand that this may be because of certain mechanical problems which are inherently not a function of the heater. The burner of the heater may be blocked by dirt or a certain part of the heater may have become loose or dislodged itself. In these situations, it is of the utmost importance for you to get heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.


  • Faulty ignition switches:

A problem which cannot be solved unless it is through heating and ac repair in Azle, TX; an ignition switch which is malfunctioning will not allow your heater to function to the full capacity of which it is capable as internal problems and issues with the unit may result in the device malfunctioning. The switch itself may need to be repaired by professionals or the pilot light of the device may need an inspection.


  • A furnace which refuses to heat at all:

This may be more of a cause for concern than most of the issues we have encountered and talked about so far, as this issue is very vague. It may be because of clogged filters of the device which need to be cleaned routinely or it may have something to do with the setting of the thermostat that is too low, in which case repairs would not be required. It may also have to do with a deficiency of electricity or gas to the unit which can only be solvedthrough heating and ac repair in Azle, TX.


As is mentioned above in detail, there are many parts of air conditioners and heaters that may malfunction or become faulty. To prevent these issues, it is important to rely on heating and ac repair in Azle, TX or contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for all your regularly scheduled maintenance needs.