6 Reasons to Pursue a Career in HVAC | HVAC Career in Plano, TX

6 Reasons to Pursue a Career in HVAC | HVAC Career in Plano, TX

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Do you want to pursue a career that will always be high in demand? If your answer to this question is yes, you should pursue an HVAC career in Plano, TX. For every building or a household has an HVAC system, the services of an HVAC technician will always be high in demand. Unfortunately, most of the degree programs focus more on university career tracks rather than the ones that emphasize on developing skills. As a result, there are only a few technicians available.

Here are some reasons why you should pursue an HVAC career in Plano, TX.

1. Lesser Training Time

One of the biggest reasons to pursue an HVAC career in Plano, TX is the short training time. A majority of the programs offered at a university last for a minimum of four years. On the other hand, HVAC training is fairly concise. By pursuing an HVAC career in Plano, TX, you only have to appear for a 7-month program. During those seven months, you are equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to become an HVAC technician. You also have to serve some time working as an apprentice to a senior HVAC technician. During those seven months, you become able to handle the following areas.

  • Installation of new HVAC equipment.
  • Routine maintenance of HVAC units.
  • Examining HVAC system problems and coming up with solutions.
  • Repairing of HVAC equipment.

2. Faster Job Growth

When pursuing any career, the pace of job growth is a crucial factor to consider. Studies have shown that the average rate for job growth for all occupations between 2016 and 2026 will be around 6 to 7%. On the other hand, pursing an HVAC career in Plano, TX you can make your job grow by 15% during the next ten years. Furthermore, it is a job that is always in demand and the monetary benefit is much better than other professions. You also get to work on a variety of advanced projects as you move ahead and your expertise increase. Following are some of the areas that you will handle when you progress in you’re an HVAC career in Plano, TX.

  • Installation of HVAC equipment in newly constructed buildings.
  • Dealing with replacement as well as repairs of older HVAC units.
  • Upgradation and retrofitting of systems for improved energy efficiency.

3. No Outsourcing

Almost each and every job can be outsourced for producing cheaper labor. One of the reasons to pursue an HVAC career in Plano, TX is that your job cannot be outsourced. The complex nature of work that an HVAC technician is capable of doing can be done by no one else. In order to do what an HVAC technician does, you need to be an HVAC technician yourself. A person who pursues an HVAC career in Plano, TX, involves installation, repairs and upgradation of complex HVAC equipment. In order to handle that kind of equipment, one needs the expertise to be able to do it safely. Furthermore, an HVAC technician needs to be on his toes for he gets to travel a lot. No amount of outsourcing can make up for the stability that is required for an HVAC career in Plano, TX.

4. Active Nature of Work

Installation, maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment are some of the most active jobs one can do. In order to excel at their job, HVAC technicians need to go through trainings, acquire certifications and stay in touch with technological advancements. You can’t sit in a chair and expect to grow as an HVAC technician. Pursuing an HVAC career in Plano, TX, you have to be on the move 24/7. Someday, you might be working inside the house while other days, you might have to work out in the open. Being on the move, most of the time, you remain fit and active. The active work routine keeps you away from diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and type-2 diabetes.

5. Fast Career Advancement

Landing a job is never the endgame when it comes to an HVAC career in Plano, TX. With certifications, trainings and hand on experience an HVAC technician has the opportunity to make his career grow throughout the course of his life. Initially, you might be working at servicing existing equipment. However, through experience you might make it to the point where you have to install new units. With extra experience, HVAC technicians can even go on to manage operations in different companies. If you are persistent and lucky, you might even end up running your very own business. One thing is for sure, with the right attitude and dedication, an HVAC technician will never be out of a job.

6. Contribute to the Society

One of the best things about pursuing an HVAC career in Plano, TX is being able to serve the society. Almost every household requires HVAC services. Here are some of the ways an HVAC technician can contribute to the society he is a part of.

  • Air-conditioning allows hospital to shut their door and windows thus keeping the noise and other pollutants out.
  • With a ventilation system, the indoor air can be purified.
  • Refrigerators help preserve the food that is a vital component of human life.
  • Heating keeps the occupants and their pets safe from the freezing cold when the weather is freezing cold.

The amount of satisfaction an HVAC technician gets by fixing a broken AC during the summer season is unmatchable. An HVAC career in Plano, TX isn’t just a job but a full-fledged career that helps the society and keeps your bank account full.

If you are looking for the perfect moment for getting your HVAC appliances checked and fixed, that moment has arrived. Do not worry, for we have got you covered.