7 Issues That Require A Call To An AC Repair Professional | Fort Worth, TX

7 Issues That Require A Call To An AC Repair Professional | Fort Worth, TX

Home air conditioners became widely available in the 1950s, and many people were able to buy room units to keep their homes cool, and about one million were sold. Central air conditioning was invented in the 1970s and was very expensive when first introduced, and many homeowners stuck with the less expensive room units. Today, roughly two-thirds of Americans have air conditioning, and many have switched from room units to central air.

It’s not uncommon for the temperature during the summer in Fort Worth, TX, to reach 90 degrees or higher. If your air conditioning system isn’t running correctly, the temperature inside your home can reach 120 degrees or higher, putting your family at risk for heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Your air conditioner can experience other problems that won’t affect your home’s temperature but could put your home and family at risk; therefore, it’s best to detect problems early.

If your air conditioner experiences any of the following issues, you should schedule an appointment for AC repair as soon as you discover the problem.

#1 High Humidity In Your Home

The air conditioner in your home is designed to remove the humidity from the home, making it feel cooler and more comfortable. If your house is humid, even though the air conditioner has been running for a while, it’s best to call a professional in AC repair. A few issues can cause this problem, including:

  • Dirty evaporator coil: If the indoor evaporator coil is covered with dirt and dust, it can’t extract the heat and humidity from the home effectively, making your home feel hotter, sticky, and uncomfortable.
  • Lack of maintenance: HVAC experts recommend maintaining your air conditioner every year before the cooling season begins. If you fail to maintain the unit, the humidity won’t be removed by the AC. A professional in AC repair can re-calibrate the system, allowing it to remove the moisture.
  • The unit is too large for your home: If the air conditioner in your Fort Worth, TX home is too large for your home’s square footage, the unit will cycle on and off too frequently and won’t be able to remove the humidity from your home.

A professional in AC repair can inspect the unit to figure out why your home is so humid, to make the necessary repair, and your home will feel cooler and you’ll be more comfortable.

#2 Thermostat Problems

The thermostat in your Fort Worth, TX home is critical in keeping your home comfortable. The thermostat allows you to control what the HVAC system does and the temperature you want it to be in your home to stay comfortable. If the thermostat isn’t working, the air conditioner won’t work right either.

There are a few signs that indicate a faulty thermostat, including;

  • The thermostat doesn’t light up when you press a button, even after replacing the batteries.
  • The thermostat is entirely unresponsive.
  • The setting on the thermostat doesn’t match the temperature in the house.
  • The air conditioner cycles on and off more frequently than usual

If you suspect your thermostat needs to be replaced and need confirmation or need to have the thermostat installed, an AC repair professional can help. If the tech confirms the thermostat has to be replaced, you don’t have to go with the same thermostat and can install a thermostat to help save money on your energy bills.

  • Programmable: Programmable thermostats allow you to create settings for different times and days, depending on when you’re home and when you aren’t. If the air conditioner isn’t on full blast all day when nobody is home, you can save money on your energy bills.
  • Wi-Fi: If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of programming the thermostat every time a family member’s daily schedule changes, Wi-Fi thermostats are a great option. You can adjust the thermostat using your cell phone from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection, making it simple to adjust it when your family is home and when they aren’t.
  • Smart: Smart thermostats are the newest type of thermostat technology, and they work in conjunction with smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. When you’re home, you can adjust the thermostat with the sound of your voice, which is really convenient. When you aren’t home, you can control the thermostat using the smart device’s app on your cell phone.

A professional in AC repair can install whichever type of thermostat you choose, and your air conditioner will receive the commands, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

#3 The Air Conditioner Produces Warm Air

If you feel warm air coming from the vents in your Fort Worth, TX home when the air conditioner runs, you should call an AC repair service right away. The warm air will make it feel even hotter in your house, and it can quickly reach a dangerous temperature.

Before scheduling an appointment for AC repair, it’s best to check a couple of things on your end to avoid an unnecessary service call.

The first thing to check is the thermostat because user error is a common cause of this problem. The thermostat has to be set to the cooling mode, and it has to be warmer in the house than the thermostat setting. Next, check the fan setting. The fan should be set to auto, and if the fan stays on all the time, it will keep running between cycles, producing warm air.

The next thing to check is the filter. HVAC experts recommend replacing the filter every 90 days, and if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, it’s best to replace the filter every 45 days. If you’ve neglected to replace the filter, dirt, dust, and grime can prevent adequate airflow in the system, causing it to overheat and produce warm air.

If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to schedule an appointment for AC repair. There are a few different problems that can prevent the unit from producing warm air, including:

  • Frozen evaporator coils: The evaporator coils extract heat and humidity from your house to start the cooling process, and if they are frozen, the coils cannot do their job. A few issues can cause the coils to freeze, including:
    • Broken fans can prevent airflow, causing the pipes to freeze.
    • Blocked condensate lines
    • A broken thermostat will allow the unit to run too long between cycles.
    • Refrigerant leak
    • You used the air conditioner when it was too cold outside.
  • A professional in AC repair can thaw the coils and correct the problem that caused them to freeze in the first place, so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Refrigerant leak: Acid can eat away at the metal over time, creating tiny holes that allow the refrigerant to leak. Your air conditioner cannot produce cold air without an adequate amount of refrigerant to produce cold air, and a leak will deplete the supply.
  • Faulty compressor: The compressor is the outdoor component and works with the indoor unit to produce cold air. If the compressor is defective or has failed, the system cannot produce cold air.

It’s best to have a professional in AC repair troubleshoot the problem because multiple issues can prevent the unit from producing cold air.

#4 Poor Airflow

If you don’t feel a powerful rush of cold air when you stand near a vent in your Fort Worth, TX home, it’s best to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair right away. Without adequate airflow, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the home cool, causing your energy bills to increase significantly. Also, the extra work will strain the system, reducing its maximum lifespan.

A few issues can reduce the airflow, including:

  • Broken blower: The blower is designed to force the cold air from the unit to the vents. The airflow will be affected if the blower isn’t working, as it won’t be pushed through the ducts.
  • Damaged air ducts: If there is a crack or break in the air ducts or the sealing fails, the cool air will escape from the air ducts before reaching the vents, resulting in poor airflow. Fortunately, an AC repair professional can repair the damage and reseal the ducts, ensuring adequate airflow.
  • Clogged ducts: This is the most common cause of restricted airflow. Over time, dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate in the air ducts, preventing the air from flowing freely to the vents. Fortunately, having the ducts professionally cleaned will solve the problem.

Reduced airflow can affect the temperature in the house and your finances; therefore, it’s best to schedule an appointment for AC repair as soon as the problem starts.

#5 Moisture or Fluid Pooling Around the Unit

If you see moisture on the floor, the walls, or the unit, there’s likely a broken, clogged, or disconnected condensate hose. While this is a relatively easy fix, it’s best to quickly schedule an appointment for AC repair to prevent water damage and mold growth.

If you see a puddle of bright yellow-green fluid around the unit, there’s a refrigerant leak requiring emergency AC repair. The air conditioner won’t work without enough refrigerant, refrigerant is toxic, and leaks create hazardous conditions.

If the air conditioner in your Fort Worth, TX home was installed after 2010, a professional in air conditioning repair can fix the leak and refill the refrigerant. However, if the unit was installed before 2010, you have a problem. Older units use R-22 refrigerant, which was banned in 2020 because it’s toxic and depletes the ozone layer. Although the tech can repair the leak, they won’t have R-22, and you’ll need to have a newer model installed.

#6 Foul Odors

If there’s a foul odor in your Fort Worth, TX home when the air conditioner runs, it’s best to call a professional in AC repair right away. Soul smells indicate issues that can put your home and family at risk.

If you smell mold when the unit runs, there’s likely mold in the air ducts. When the air conditioner runs, mold spores will circulate in the air, which is hazardous to your family’s health. Mold exposure causes various health conditions, such as allergy symptoms, chronic headaches, skin rashes, and respiratory issues. In addition, it can cause burning eyes, nose, and throat and can weaken the immune system. An HVAC tech can use an antimicrobial fogger to eradicate the mold, eliminating the odor and health risk. If the ducts are clean, the mold is in the air conditioner, which is challenging to eliminate, and in most cases, you’ll need to replace the air conditioner.

A burning smell indicates an electrical problem and ignoring the problem can result in an electrical fire, putting your home and family at significant risk. A professional in AC repair can repair the issue before a disaster occurs.

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