7 Questions To Ask While Choosing The Best AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

7 Questions To Ask While Choosing The Best AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

It’s the middle of summer in Southlake, TX, and your air conditioner has stopped working! What do you do? Like most people, you’ll start frantically searching for an AC repair company. But how will you know which one is the best fit for your needs? With so many companies, it can be challenging to decide who to trust. We’ve made a list of questions to ask before hiring an air conditioning repair company. Keep reading to learn more!

1) What Is the Company’s Experience?

It is essential to ask an AC repair company about their experience in the industry. You want to ensure that you are working with a company with a lot of experience and are familiar with your type of AC unit.

The last thing you want is to have your AC unit repaired by a company that is unfamiliar with it and ends up doing more damage than good.

Some ways to check the experience include:

-Asking how long they have been in business

-Checking online reviews from past customers

-Seeing if the Better Business Bureau accredits them

-Asking for referrals from people you trust.

Researching an AC repair company before hiring them is crucial to ensuring a positive experience.

2) Do They Have a License and Insurance?

An air conditioning repair company in Southlake, Texas, should be licensed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). To be licensed, a company must have at least four years of experience in the HVAC field and pass a written exam. The license ensures that the company is up to date on the latest technology and safety standards.

It’s also essential to ensure the AC repair company you’re considering is insured. It protects you from liability if one of the technicians is injured while working on your property.

Some of the different insurances include:

Worker’s Compensation: This insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages if an employee is injured.

Liability Insurance: This insurance protects you from lawsuits if someone is injured on your property or if the company damages your property.

Vehicle Insurance: If the company uses a vehicle to transport equipment or materials, this insurance will cover any damages.

3) Are They Qualified to Work on My Type of AC Unit?

The AC repair company should have qualified and trained technicians to work on your AC unit type and brand. It is essential because each type of AC unit has its own set of instructions to be followed for the repairs to be done correctly.

For example, the technician should check the manufacturer’s guide before starting the repair if there is an issue with the thermostat. They might damage your AC unit further if they do not have the required qualifications.

4) How Much Will It Cost for Them to Come Out and Diagnose the Issue?

An AC repair company in Southlake, TX, will charge a service fee to come to your home and diagnose the issue. It is separate from the repair costs. The service fee should be reasonable, and you should be able to get an estimate of the cost of repairs before the work is done.

Many AC repair companies will give you a free estimate if you use their services. Be sure to ask if there is a service fee and the estimated total cost of repairs before you agree to have any work done.

You don’t want to be surprised by a high bill, so getting all the information upfront is essential. The total cost for AC repair will depend on various factors like:

-The type of air conditioner you have

-The severity of the repair needed

-If any parts need to be replaced

Also, check for hidden fees, like a charge for after-market parts or a service call fee during evenings or weekends. These fees can add up, so ask about them before you agree to have any work done.

5) Will They Be Able to Fix the Issue in One Visit?

Some AC repairs will require more than one visit to be completed. It is usually the case with more extensive repairs that require parts to be ordered and replaced.

For example, components of the AC unit, like the blower motor or the evaporator coils, may need to be replaced.

In these cases, it’s essential to ask the AC repair company how long they expect the repairs to take and whether or not multiple visits will be required.

6) What Types of AC Units Do They Work On?

Some of the common types of AC units include central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, evaporative coolers, and heat pumps.

If you have a specific type of AC unit, you must ensure that the repair company you choose has experience working on that particular unit.

For example, ductless mini-splits are newer AC units requiring special training and experience to repair correctly.

If you have an older AC unit, it’s also essential to ensure that the repair company has experience with your particular model. Older models may require different parts or may be more challenging to repair.

In such cases, choosing a repair company with experience with your AC unit’s make and model is best.

7) What Kind of Warranty Do They Offer?

A reputed AC repair company in will offer a warranty on their work. A warranty will cover:

-The compressor


-Refrigerant lines

If the company you’re considering doesn’t offer a warranty, that could be a red flag. It may mean they don’t have faith in their workmanship, or they may use subpar parts.

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