7 Signs It Is Time for Air Conditioner Repair | Azle, TX

7 Signs It Is Time for Air Conditioner Repair | Azle, TX

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It seems like a safe bet that if your AC system is going to break down it is going to be during the summer months. For some reason, things always seem to happen at the most inopportune time, but they don’t have to if you pay attention to what your air conditioning system is trying to tell you. While it can happen, very rarely do AC systems break down without giving off some type of signal that something is about to go wrong. In most cases, a piece starts to wear down and then eventually breaks or kicks off a chain reaction that leads to your system needing air conditioning repair.

Learning what some of these common signs of air conditioner repair are can help you identify them before you find yourself without AC. It is much better to proactively call for air conditioner repair than to find yourself without on a sweltering day in Azle, TX. Waiting for something to actually happen that shuts down your system is much worse.

Not only may you find yourself without AC in the peak of the Azle, TX summer heat, but if you allow your AC to keep running even though it needs air conditioner repair eventually you may need more than one repair. One damaged part can easily lead to multiple broken pieces which lead to a higher repair bill, but it doesn’t stop there. Depending on how much damage is done you may need to even consider replacing your unit which means it will be down for days and cost you quite a bit more.

At the very least, the broken parts may need to be special ordered which will leave you without air conditioning for as much as a week waiting for the new piece to come in. These are just a few of the many scenarios that can occur if you put off air conditioner repair. There are many, many more. Take a look at the following list of common signs that you need air conditioner repair and commit them to memory so if you notice any of them you can call a local HVAC professional promptly.

Warm Air Is Coming Out of Your Air Vents

While your air conditioning is actually responsible for several tasks, its main task is to cool your home. If warm air is coming out of your air vents then your air conditioning is not living up to its duties. In fact, it is not working at all which is a clear sign that you need to call someone for air conditioner repair in Azle, TX. There are many reasons why an air condoning may not be blowing cold air, among them are issues with the condenser unit. In some cases, the refrigerant may also need to be refilled.

Both of these issues require the expertise of an HVAC technician, and in the case of the refrigerant, the technician has to be actually trained and certified to handle the refrigerant because it is a regulated chemical. Therefore, you need to call for air conditioner repair so that the problem can be repaired and you can get back to feeling comfortable in your own home.

One thing you may want to check is whether or not there is a leak near your HVAC system in the basement. A leak may indicate that your refrigerant is leaking which will explain why the air is coming out warm but also presents a health risk. Refrigerants are highly dangerous if ingested so you need to keep your children and pets away from the area and call an HVAC technician to handle the issue as soon as possible.

Problems with Your Thermostat

The thermostat may just be a small box that sits on the wall, but it plays a very important role in keeping your home at the right temperature. If something goes wrong with your thermostat it is time to call for air conditioner repair if you want to once again be comfortable within your home.

The thermostat is tasked with the job of talking to your AC unit to tell it how much cold air it needs to create in order to cool your home down to the preset level. It also measures the temperature of the air from time to time to make sure that it is effectively working. If you start to notice that your HVAC unit is cycling frequently or running for short periods of time and then shutting off before a full cycle completes there is a good chance that your thermostat is malfunctioning. Another common sign is if your AC unit does not shut off and continues to cool without a break.

Not only is this a good way to drive up your energy costs, but it also probably means that your home is not getting evenly cooled which means you are paying more to be uncomfortable. If you start to notice that your thermostat is on the fritz you need to call for air conditioner repair so that you can get to the bottom of the issue. A thermostat can be complex since it involves both electrical and cooling principles, so an HVAC specialist is truly the best person for the job.

Low Volume of Air Moving Through Your Vents

If you have young children or were a young child with an HVAC system in your home, then you know the joys of standing over or near the air vent when it’s blowing. That joy quickly dissipates if the air vent is not releasing enough air. It becomes a major problem if you notice that cool air is not blowing out of it as it should. Weak airflow is a huge problem for two reasons. First of all, a weak airflow is not going to be enough to cool your home. As a result, your air conditioning system will continue to cycle and cycle but the temperatures in your home will stay high. The result is once again paying more for AC than you are actually getting out of it.

The second problem is poor airflow usually means there is an issue with the compressor or occasionally a problem with your ductwork. Both indicate that you need a visit from an air conditioner repair company to fix it. An HVAC professional can tune-up your system and inspect both components to see where the problem is, or if the problem is actually somewhere else. Until your AC has been thoroughly inspected it is hard to guess where the problem is, but until you get that air conditioner repair service you will guaranteedly keep paying more money for less air.

Bad Odors Coming from Your AC System

Your AC should never smell bad, in fact, in most cases, the air coming out of your vents probably doesn’t have any recognizable scent at all. Initially, when you first turn on your AC you may notice a burst of stale air as the system fires up, but after a few minutes, it should run normally without any discernible odors. Therefore, if you start to notice any odors coming from your air vents while the AC is on, you need to call for air conditioner repair in Azle, TX.

A musty smell that persists may signal that mold is growing somewhere inside of your ducts or inside of your AC unit. This is a potentially dangerous situation because mold is not healthy to breathe in, and the air will continue to spread mold spores into the air and out into your home. If you have someone in your home that suffers from asthma or allergies this becomes an even larger issue that needs to be taken care of quickly.

On the other hand, a strong smell might mean that somewhere in your unit there is an electrical component that is burnt out. Since electrical issues always have the potential to cause fires and at the very least cause your system to break down, you need to call for air conditioner repair if you notice a foul smell or a strong electrical smell coming from your air vents. It is always better to be safe than sorry when a simple call to an HVAC technician may have been all it takes to fix your problems.

Noise Coming from Your AC Unit

Most people don’t spend a lot of time outdoors during the peak of the Azle, TX season, but if you happen to be outdoors and notice a squealing, grinding, or scraping noise coming from your AC unit you need to call right away for air conditioner repair. If the noise is loud enough that you can actually hear it from inside of your home that is even more of a reason to stop what you are doing and call a professional. Many times this indicates that a belt is out of place or is wearing down inside of the unit.

It can also indicate that there is a problem with the bearings of your fan motor or an issue with the fan blades themselves. Since most AC units are housed outdoors, it is possible that debris has entered the AC and is affecting the way that it is working. This is one reason why it is so important to try to keep the area around your AC unit clean and clear. It is vital that you can for air conditioner repair the moment you notice any of these noises because the longer you wait the more damage could occur. A bent fan blade for example can eventually wear down the motor and rip up other areas within the unit causing even more damage. The aim should be to repair it before you end up needing to replace the entire unit.

Moisture Leaks Near Your AC Unit

We briefly mentioned leaks earlier, but it needs to be reiterated that if y9ou notice any moisture around your AC system it is time to call for air conditioner repair. Simply put, there should never be moisture around your AC system. If you notice moisture there is a good chance that Freon is leaking which is extremely poisonous.

Other times the moisture that you are noticing around your unit may mean that a tube is blocked or broken in the condenser. If this is the case there are a handful of different ways you may notice it. For instance, you might actually see the water leaking from your HVAC unit while you also may notice that ice is actually starting to form on top of your unit. In some cases, ice may actually start to build on the copper refrigerant lines although that is not as likely in Azle, TX since the air is warmer outdoors. Regardless of what you notice, if there is moisture anywhere near your system you need to call for air conditioner repair.

High Energy Bills

Finally, if you notice that your energy bills are higher than they usually are compared to last summer and there is no reasonable explanation such as a fee hike, then you should call for an air conditioner tune-up and/or possibly air conditioner repair. Rising energy bills usually mean that your HVAC system is no longer working as effectively as it should be which can cause larger issues down the line.

If you notice that your electric bill is rising or any of the other common signs mentioned above, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call. We will happily come out to your home and thoroughly inspect your AC system to see what is going wrong and what we can do to help. Stay cool this summer and practice good AC habits now.