8 Essential Components of Air Conditioners | Air Conditioning Services in Frisco, TX

8 Essential Components of Air Conditioners | Air Conditioning Services in Frisco, TX

Most homeowners easily take their air conditioners for granted; after all, they have become an integral aspect of modern life.

It is hard to imagine there was once a time when AC units were reserved for the absolutely rich class of elite individuals with billions to burn. Back when air conditioners were first invented, it was common for people to go into theaters just to experience the cool temperatures, and not necessarily the play itself.

Let’s dive into what makes an air conditioner do what it does best: regulating ambient temperatures.


Every air conditioner and refrigerator will have a special fluid circulating inside its coils. This ‘refrigerant’, as it is commonly known, is vital to heat exchange operations. It essentially allows air conditioners to exchange heat from inside the room to the outside world. The refrigerant achieves this by changing its state from liquid to vapor – and vice versa – to complete the refrigeration cycle.

The refrigerant circulates through the cooling tubes to get the job done. Inside the tubes, they behave like a sponge, literally absorbing the energy from the room to turn back from vapor into liquid. When they go to the outside part of the unit, the refrigerant pushes the heat outdoors and turns back into gaseous state.

This cycle gets repeated.

The Compressor

If left to its own devices, the refrigerant defaults to a gaseous state at room temperature. This is where the compressor comes into the picture, applying external pressure to the refrigerant, squeezing all the molecules together into adopting a liquefied state. It is obvious that the energy needed to pressurize the refrigerant will be drawn from the supplied electricity. If the compressor is unable to receive enough electricity or one of its components fails, the AC unit will simply stop supplying cool air.

Air Filter

While it is possible for air conditioners to function without air filters, doing so makes it easy for dust and dirt particles to collect on internal components. Overtime, these dust particles damage the equipment, at times requiring costly repairs. It is highly recommended that you have your air conditioner’s filter replaced every 90 days or at the very least, thoroughly cleaned by professional air conditioning services in Frisco, TX.


Think of thermostats as the control center of your air conditioner. All the signals sent to and from the unit are regulated and controlled by the thermostat. It detects the ambient temperature, compares it against set values and decides on the right course of action needed to reach desired temperatures. Users define their desired values by inputting the digits through a remote controlling device or simply punching the numbers onto the thermostat.

The most common issue for thermostats is dead batteries. The simplest solution is to swap out old batteries for new ones. If this doesn’t work, it is recommended to enlist the services of highly trained air conditioning services in Frisco, TX. Experts advise against going the DIY route when it comes to attempting repairs of the thermostat. This relatively nimble looking device has several complex and intricately designed electronic circuitry that are only understood by trained professionals.

Condensing Coil

Condensing coils do the exact opposite of evaporator coils: expelling out absorbed heat. The refrigerant circulates from the compressor to the condenser, throwing out the heat collected from inside the rooms to the outside world. It is very important for condensing coils to do their jobs with the highest efficiency possible, otherwise the refrigerant will retain its heat, throwing the entire refrigeration cycle into disarray.

Even the most articulately designed condensing coils will run into hiccups along the way, and the refrigeration liquid will retain some of its energy. But before going into the evaporator coils, the slightly hot condensing coils are sent through an expansion valve.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve helps remove pressure from the refrigerant which is still in a partially liquefied state. This is important in order for fluid to exchange latent heat with the indoor room. When the remaining heat is extracted from the refrigerant, it changes from liquid state to gas in the evaporator. Another function of the expansion valve is to regulate the amount of voltage flow into the evaporator.

Evaporator Coils

These coils are very important for the continued operation of an air conditioner. This is the actual stage where your unit does its cooling. Evaporator coils are usually made out of copper, steel or aluminum metals because they conduct heat easily.

The compressor pressurizes the incoming refrigerant from expansion valves back into a liquid state, sending it straight into evaporator coils. At room temperature, the refrigerant assumes a gaseous state, but in order to turn back from liquid to gas, it extracts latent heat from the room, thereby cooling it.

Why Are Evaporator Coils Made out of Copper?

Manufacturers favor copper over other metals when it comes to evaporator coils thanks to modern technology. It is possible to utilize most of copper’s exceptional properties when it comes to conducting heat. Other reasons include a high resistance to corrosion, machinability and a lower requirement of refrigerant due to high levels of heat transfer

It just so happens that all the inherent properties of copper perfectly meet the needs of most air conditioners. Metallurgical properties have been constantly evolving to improve industry standards. Copper has a relatively high thermal conductivity, and is said to be about 8 times more efficient than aluminum tubes. It is easier to repair copper tubes than aluminum tubes, which often times requires outright replacement.

 The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Irrespective of your air conditioner’s model, experts recommend getting your air conditioner regular maintenance every 6 months. Any potential problems that could get worse requiring costly repairs would get pointed out. Most homeowners are of the opinion that maintenance is a needless expense that doesn’t accomplish much, experts couldn’t disagree more.

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