8 Reasons to Get Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth TX

8 Reasons to Get Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth TX

We all know what the weather is like in good ol’ Texas. It’s hot, dry and scorching in the summers. This is when we truly realize the importance of an air conditioning system. As soon as March or April rolls around, you know you got to switch from heating and go to cooling mode for your HVAC. You need to make sure that your air condition system is working in top-notch condition before spring and summer come around. You don’t have to be sweating a lot and grabbing a chilled drink every hour. If you notice a problem with your cooling, then you can always call in a professional to get an air condition service in Fort Worth TX by One Hour Heating and Air.

Here are 8 good reasons why you should be getting an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX:

1.   Faulty HVAC System

Due to high heat in the summer, almost everyone increases their cooling levels in their offices and homes. They also leave the cooling on while they are away at work so the air conditioners are working round the clock. Similarly, people increase the heat and that causes some problems in the filtration system. That’s because the heating hasn’t been used for most parts of the year. The boiler or the heat pump starts to act up and it might not be able to reach its optimum level. This is why you must call a professional to give you an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX.


2.   High Electricity Bills

Have you recently started to notice that your electricity bills are getting higher? Having high electricity bills during the summer can be normal, but this can get out of hand. If you notice a higher bill for the same cooling temperatures and consumption levels as last summer’s, then there is definitely something wrong with the air-conditioning system. If you feel that your monthly electricity bill is higher than what it should be, then it is best to get an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX done as soon as possible. You can save up to 30% annually on your electrical bill just by getting it serviced once every two years or so.


3.   Save Energy and Money

Just ask your repair man from One Hour and Air about saving on your energy bill when he comes for an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX. He will tell you that you can save 30% of your energy bill every year by tweaking some settings on your HVAC. You’ll not only save up money in your wallet but also reduce your carbon imprint by reducing your energy consumption. In this day and age where everyone has a role in impacting climate change, you will be happy to know that you did your bit when it came to air-conditioning and heating issues.

Most people’s routine revolves around work and school; you’re at work every day and the kids are at school. You don’t want to waste  energy by having the air-conditioning on while nobody is at home, right? This will only waste your money. You can just have the settings changed to specific timings on your air-conditioning system and it will only work on specific hours. The cooling will start again an hour before you or the kids come back. This way, you will always arrive to a cool home without getting a ridiculous electricity bill.


4.   Doesn’t Break the Bank

Contrary to what people say, air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX is not that expensive. Rest assured when you call in someone from a trusted and reliable place like One Hour Heating and Air. You will not encounter any problems and will be reasonably charged. Some places charge a lot and have hidden service charges that pop-up after all the repair and maintenance work has been done. On the other hand, a good heating and cooling service will always be upfront about any extra charged incurred.


5.   Say No to DIY

There are tons of amazing DIY tips and tricks for making small repairs around the house. However, when it comes to air conditioning, you can’t make the repairs on your own. In fact, you can make the problem worse. Your pipe fixing, roof repairing and light bulb changing skills might be admirable and popular but it is better to leave HVAC repairs to a certified professional. Let them look at the HVAC for any issues and give you an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX.


6.   Pros are Pros for a Reason

As with any job, it takes hours and hours of training and experience to become a professional. HVAC repairmen are licensed professionals with hundreds of hours worth of training under their belt. Their skills are unmatched because they literally know the nuts and bolts of how an air-conditioning system works. So, why wait? Just call in someone to get an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX.


7.   Fixing Other Problems

Even if you don’t have any particular issues with your air-conditioning per se, it is a good idea to get an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX. Get everything checked to see if there are existing faults with the system that are being unnoticed. Sometimes, there are internal problems going on and they can only be discovered if the system completely shuts down.



8.   Prolongs the HVAC’s Life

Having an air conditioning service in Fort Worth TX will definitely prolong the cooling and heating capabilities of the HVAC. You won’t have to buy a new system or pay lots of money just to get your air-conditioning fixed.

Looking for an amazing repair and maintenance service for your air-conditioning? One Hour Heating and Air in Fort Worth TX is just a call away for all your HVAC needs.