8 Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Could Fail | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

8 Reasons Why Your AC Compressor Could Fail | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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There are several reasons why your AC unit fails to function the way it should. Sometimes, it is due to a loose wire, while sometimes it is a clogged air filter that hinders the flow of air to the system. No matter how acute the problem is, you mustn’t deprive your AC of regular inspection by a professional air conditioning service in theFort Worth, TX area.

On the flip side, if it is the AC compressor that affects the performance of your AC unit or causes it to breakdown, you have a major emergency, you can’t afford to underestimate. A compressor is a vital component of your AC unit, and repairing one isn’t cheap either. Luckily, a majority of compressor problems are preventable and can be dealt with, if the signs are determined in the initial stages. To eliminate the causes that lead to compressor failure, you need to invest in regular preventive maintenance by a professional air conditioning service in the Fort Worth, TX area.


Here are a few reasons why your AC compressor tends to fail.

1. Grimy Coils

Dirty and grimy coils are one of the first and foremost causes of an AC compressor failure. The accumulation of dirt, grime, and mineral on the condenser coil keep the AC from expelling enough heat. As a result, the AC unit is forced to perform beyond its capacity. It has to run non-stop to keep your indoors cool and comfortable. An increase in temperature and pressure causes the compressor to heat up, and eventually fail. If you invest in regular tune-up by a professional air conditioning service such issues are less likely to happen.

2.  Suction Line Blockage

Another thing that affects the performance of your AC unit and its compressor is a blocked suction line. When the refrigerant line of your AC unit gets blocked or damaged, you begin to notice that your AC unit isn’t functioning the way it should. Similar to the previous point, if this problem is left untreated, it will cause the AC unit to heat up, thus resulting in a complete failure. However, thorough inspection by an air conditioning service can help identify and eliminate such issues, in the initial stages.

3. Refrigerant Leakage

One of the common issues with AC units is leaks and holes in the refrigerant lines. If the refrigerant lines in your AC unit have developed holes and cracks, they will allow the refrigerant to leak. As a result, the level of refrigerant in your AC goes down, and a time comes when it becomes so low, that the compressor is forced to work harder. The unnecessary strain of pumping the refrigerant throughout the system causes the compressor to break down. However, to figure out whether or not there are any leaks in your system, it needs to be checked regularly by a professional air conditioning service.

4. Insufficient Lubricant

One of the most crucial things to the life and performance of your AC compressor is the lubricant. In the absence of lubrication, the compressor seizes to perform. Furthermore, the lack of lubrication can result in all sorts of problems. Determining a decrease in lubrication is beyond the knowledge of a homeowner. Which is why, the task of checking and refilling the lubricant must be handed over to a reputable air conditioning service. Only through regular maintenance, the lubricant can be kept at a reasonable level, thus eliminating the possibility of compressor failure.

5. Pollutants

It is a no-brainer that one of the most damaging things to an AC’s compressor is the pollutants in the air. The pressure of high heat and the location where an AC is placed can expose the AC unit to a variety of pollutants, which are damaging in nature. These pollutants include rainwater, dust, dirt, grime, leaves, debris, soot, and mouse dropping. To get rid of such contaminants, the AC unit must go through a routine tune-up carried out by a professional air conditioning service.

6. Electrical Issues

Internal electrical problems can be for more damaging to an AC unit than environmental pollutants. An electrical failure inside an AC unit results in the creation of acids inside the system. These acids not only harm the compressor but other components as well. If your AC compressor has broken down and failed, make sure it is opened and inspected by a professional air conditioning service. A professional can easily determine whether or not acid has spread throughout your system, and what is the extent of the damage. If so, a professional AC technician can come up with a timely solution to the problem, before it worsens.

As discussed earlier, minor electrical problems within your AC can be avoided, if the system is regularly tested by a professional. A professional can figure out whether or not there is a faulty fuse, or damaged wiring, which might lead to a compressor failure in the future.

7. Excessive Refrigerant

It sounds a little strange, but excessive refrigerant can be just as harmful to your AC as a refrigerant deficiency. Such an issue takes place, when the person you hire for your AC’s maintenance is a novice, and not someone working for a professional. Most inexperienced AC technicians tend to pour unnecessarily high amounts of refrigerant into your AC which makes the compressor seize to function.

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