8 Warning Signs to Look Out for in Your Furnace | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

8 Warning Signs to Look Out for in Your Furnace | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

This article helps you discover eight easy and swift ways to know when to replace a gas furnace before it becomes dangerous!

A healthy environment for your home requires a sound and efficient heating system. It is important to know any warning signs that your heating system may display. This way you can contact a reliable heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX while you still have time!

It is super important not to wait until an actual crisis occurs. A cold night in January, with your furnace failing or malfunctioning, is not what you want. Do it as soon as you see these warning signs.

1.   How Old Is Your Furnace?

A recommended place to start is to actually compare your furnace’s age with the national average. The average shelf life of furnaces in American homes today is somewhere in between 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is quite close to the stated age or even older, then you should begin looking for a new furnace.

Shopping for this furnace replacement in an emergency does not allow for you to make your best decision. People prefer to replace this furnace probably as a planned home improvement rather than a panicky replacement when the furnace is malfunctioning or has completely failed.

You can actually check your furnace to see if it has a pilot light. If it does, it is certainly over 25 years old.

2.   Gas and Electric Bills Going Up

The rising electricity and gas prices are not the only reason why you get such high electricity bills. These furnaces often lose their efficiency as they get older – especially if they have not been maintained. This may result in your furnace running longer in order to provide the previous amount of heat.

This is the reason why you will see your gas & electric bills going up. That extra money you pay to the gas & electric company every month could be used to pay for a brand-new furnace, instead!

3.  Any Furnace Repairs in the last 2 years?

Furnaces are quite similar to cars. As a car ages, you may replace one part now only to find yourself replacing another part the very next year. It wouldn’t take long to reach the benchmark of spending $500 just to keep this old furnace running.

Furnaces are known to cause the most malfunctions in the last two years of their shelf lives. Another sign to call heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX is whether you have to actually wait to get these parts replaced.


As the furnace ages, it gets harder to get these replacement parts. This waiting for parts can really cause you to be cold on a winter night.

 4.  Does Your Thermostat Keep You Comfortable?

Do you notice that some rooms are cold while others are hot? This is another sign for you to call for heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX. Even if you always find yourself adjusting your thermostat to make your home comfortable, it is a sign that your furnace lacks ability to properly distribute air to simply reach basic standards.

5.     Is Your Burner Flame Yellow Instead Of Blue?

A yellow, flickering flame can be a sign that the poisonous carbon monoxide is being created by your furnace. Some other possible signs of this carbon monoxide are streaks of soot around you furnace; absence of the upward draft of your chimney; an excess of moisture visually seen on windows, walls, or other surfaces that are cold; an excessive rust forming on flue pipes

Other signs include a small streak of water leaking from the base of your chimney or vent. If you see any of these, do not wait to call heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

6.   Is Your Furnace Making Strange Noises?

Old furnaces often are seen to start making a number of strange noises toward the end of their life. Are you hearing any banging, rattling, or squealing noises from your furnace? This is a clear indicator that you need heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Other noise pattern is when you keep hearing the furnace blower running. Have you noticed your blower turn on & off repeatedly or noticed it blow cold air sometimes? If you have, this is a sign that your furnace may need to be replaced or require heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

7.   How Have You And Your Family Been Feeling?

As furnaces age they build up on the risk of forming cracks in their heat exchanger which is inside your furnace. Carbon monoxide could leak into your home undetected through these cracks which is again a health hazard.

Signs of this may be you and your family experiencing frequent headaches or a burning feeling in their nose or eyes. Further symptoms include nausea, disorientation or even flu-like symptoms. If you experience any of the above, open a window in the furnace room and immediately call heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX. These cracks in a heat exchanger have a method of occurring undetected which is we don’t advise waiting until it occurs.

8.   Is Your House Dry or Dusty?

Furnaces that have reached the end of their shelf life often lack the ability to clean the air in your home. This cause your home’s air may feel stuffy or stale. Is anyone in your family suffering from allergies of airborne dust, mold, pollen, viruses or dander? This is a sign you need heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Other signs you may notice could be a frequent dust accumulation, drooping plants, cracking of furniture or your musical instruments do not stay in tune. These signs all suggest you need a heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX.

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