9 Warning Signs It’s Time To Call For AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

9 Warning Signs It’s Time To Call For AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

When is it time to call a technician for an AC repair? Check the signs below and ensure that you don’t postpone getting your AC repaired. Otherwise, you may end up with an HVAC emergency that may cost you even more money in repairs or replacements. If you have questions, please contact us right away.

Low Refrigerant

When there is a refrigerant leak, your air conditioning unit will not be able to fully cool your home. You will be uncomfortable even after turning up the air conditioner. When this happens, we suggest calling a technician in Fort Worth, TX, for AC repair. Our technicians can check for the refrigerant levels, and determine whether or not there is a leak in your system. If you notice water draining from your AC after turning it on or off, that could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. The technician may recommend a system reprocess to fix the problem.

Some homeowners would postpone getting an AC repair especially when the AC still runs. Please don’t ignore even minor problems with your AC as that could progress into something even more serious and costly. As soon as you suspect a problem, we highly recommend contacting an AC repair service technician at the soonest possible time.

Don’t worry; our technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth are both highly trained and experienced in permanently resolving the problem. We also have the right tools and equipment to diagnose the problem and provide you with cost-effecting solutions.

Issues with Air Conditioner Fans

There is a problem with the AC fans when the cool air doesn’t circulate in your home. Make sure to contact an AC repair technician in Fort Worth, TX, the soonest possible time to inspect the fan blades, making sure they are not bent.

Dirty Condenser Coils

One of the causes of refrigerant leaks is when the condenser coils are damaged. The coils carry the refrigerant used for effectively cooling your home. Dirty coils can affect the efficiency of your cooling system. Remember, all components of your air conditioning units work together to make your home comfortable in sweltering summers. If one of them isn’t properly working or is damaged, your home will not be comfortable and your AC will work harder.

Please contact an AC repair service technician immediately for an inspection. Our team can thoroughly inspect your air conditioning unit including the condenser coils, making sure they are clean and in good working condition.

Thermostat Problems

When your air conditioning unit isn’t properly cooling your home, don’t contact an AC repair service technician in Fort Worth, TX, immediately. Check the thermostat first as you might have accidentally adjusted the temperature setting or the thermostat could be defective. They may also need more batteries or some repairs.

Call an AC repair technician only when the air conditioner cycles on and off as this could indicate a problem with the thermostat. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth and our team will help you determine if the issue is with the thermostat or the unit itself.

Electrical Components

Sometimes, the problem may not be the unit, but its electrical components. When the air conditioning unit doesn’t run, check the fuse first or the wiring as that might be an electrical issue. In this case, contact an electrician in your area to help you fix the problem.

Age of the AC

As your air conditioning unit ages, it will tend to become less efficient and you may have to replace it at some point. When the unit is no longer that efficient, it may no longer provide you with the same comfort. It will work harder, using up more energy and costing you more money.

When your AC malfunctions, consider the age of your unit to help you determine whether you should get an AC repair or an AC replacement. If you keep calling for repairs more than once a year, we highly recommend buying a new unit.

Should you decide to get it replaced, ensure that you only hire a licensed AC repair service technician in Fort Worth, TX, to help you properly install the unit. It’s not advisable to install your own unit or hire an unlicensed technician. Poor installation can lead to other problems such as inefficiency and costly AC repairs.

If you want to save more money on your unit, consider buying an ENERGY STAR air conditioning unit. This type of unit is designed to use less energy while still comfortably cooling your home. It’s more expensive than the conventional AC unit, but you get to save more money in the long run. For installation, always hire a licensed AC repair service technician only.

Uneven Cooling

When some areas of your home are cool while the rest are uncomfortably warm, there could be a refrigerant leak. We suggest calling an AC repair service technician for assistance. Please don’t postpone any repairs as that might lead to costly emergency AC repairs.

You may want to also check the AC filters as they might be dirty. Dirty filters can affect airflow so some areas of your home may be a little warmer. When the filters are clean but the issue still persists, consider calling a technician in Fort Worth, TX, for an AC repair. Our technicians can inspect the unit to help us determine the root cause of the problem. We’ll discuss this with you including the solutions we should implement to correct the problem.

Unusual Sounds from the Unit

It’s normal to hear noises from the AC especially when you have a window-type air conditioner. However, when the noises distract you and they seem to be louder than usual, consider calling an AC repair service technician for an inspection. There might be issues with some components of your system that will need to be addressed. Contact Air Conditioning & Heating and we will quickly dispatch a licensed technician to your location.

Higher Bills

When your bills are unusually higher, the culprit could be your air conditioning unit. When was the last time you had it professionally maintained? Remember, regular maintenance ensures your AC is still efficient and in excellent shape. Inefficient systems cost more to run as they use up a lot of energy. The result? Higher utility bills.

Contact an AC repair service technician in Fort Worth, TX, asap to professionally maintain the unit. Regular maintenance can give you peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about your AC suddenly malfunctioning in the middle of a sweltering summer.

How to Prevent the Need for Frequent Air Conditioning Repair

One of the best ways to prevent an AC malfunction is to get your unit professionally maintained. Hire a technician once a year to inspect your unit for any issues that may lead to costly problems in the future. Schedule the maintenance at least a month before using your air conditioner, to ensure it’s in excellent shape. The last thing you want during uncomfortable summers is a non-working unit but you can avoid this with proper maintenance.

Contact us if you need a technician to inspect your unit. We can help with any make or model — whether you have a window-type or split-type AC, we can help.

Other tips to prevent an AC malfunction:

Clean the Filters

You must regularly replace the air filters to ensure proper air circulation, and to make sure the air conditioning unit is in top shape. When replacing the filters, follow specific recommendations from the manufacturer or contact a technician if you need help.

Make it a habit to check your filters once a month and replace them when they are dirty. Otherwise, replace them every two to three months. You may need to replace them often if you have a larger living space or if you keep using the AC.

Never Ignore Problems

As mentioned, you shouldn’t take AC problems lately. If you suspect an issue, we suggest calling a technician immediately for assistance. Some issues could progress into something more serious if you fail to address them right away. Contact us and we will make sure the problem is permanently resolved.

Periodically Check the Unit

Monitoring its performance can help you determine if there might be issues that need to be addressed. If you notice any strange smells or sounds coming from your AC, consider calling a technician for an inspection.

Also, aside from cleaning the filters, make sure to also clean the outdoor unit. Remove any plants or debris obstructing airflow. Dirt or debris near the unit can affect the efficiency of your system and may lead to costly repairs in the future as the AC will work harder to keep you comfortable at home.

When Buying an AC Replacement

If your AC is still working but is beyond its service life, please consider getting a new unit. There are dangers in keeping an old AC unit especially when it still uses R-22 refrigerants. The already phased-out R-22 refrigerant may leak toxic chemicals into your living spaces. Old units may also create fire hazards, especially when not used properly. To be on the safe side, get a new unit instead and hire a licensed technician to help you professionally install the new unit.

Don’t Buy a Used AC

Some homeowners may decide to buy a used air conditioner thinking they can save money. Buying an old conditioner could mean no warranty for your new unit. So when it malfunctions, you will have no choice but to pay for the repairs yourself. The warranty can protect you for many years, helping you save money.

Incorrect Size

You could end up with hefty bills when you end up buying an incorrect AC size for your home. It’s not ideal to buy a small AC when you’re cooling a larger space, or your AC will only work harder to make you comfortable. This can result in higher bills and costly repairs down the road.

When you buy an old AC, you’re not certain it’s the correct size for your home. It’s always best to consult a technician to help you determine the right AC size that’s right for your home.

No Previous Maintenance Record

Unless the old owner can provide you with receipts that the unit is well maintained, you can’t be certain it’s in excellent shape. As much as possible, get a brand new AC unit for your home. You can save more money with a new unit.

Always Hire a Licensed Technician

You can avoid problems with your AC when you only hire certified and highly qualified technicians for repairs, installations, and maintenance.

And that’s where we come in. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has been serving homeowners and businesses for several years and still counting. We take pride in our commitment to providing you with top-notch AC services on every appointment. You can always rely on us and trust us for we always go the extra mile to make sure all of our clients are highly satisfied with our services. Also, we can service all makes and models.

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

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