AC Repair: Common Mistakes That Could Void Your Air Conditioner Warranty | Keller, TX

AC Repair: Common Mistakes That Could Void Your Air Conditioner Warranty | Keller, TX

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When purchasing an air conditioner in Keller, TX, one of the things that homeowners consider is the type of warranty available. However, most buyers do not read through the warranty terms and conditions. They may not even realize that they have voided their unit’s warranty until they have to pay for AC repairs out of their pocket.

Types of AC Warranties and What Each Cover

Normally, any AC should have a manufacturer’s warranty. This should cover any repair that is because of defective manufacturer components. For example, the condenser coils may have been broken, or the compressor damaged during the assembly process. In that case, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover any cost incurred to replace the compressor or install new condenser coils.

Manufacturers also offer part warranties on components that are more predisposed to wear and tear. For instance, your new air conditioner may have a 10-year warranty while its heat exchanger has a 20-year warranty.

Any licensed and insured AC repair and installation company should also provide customers with an installation warranty. A well-written money-back installation guarantee ensures you do not end up paying for any errors during installation or damages to parts as the unit is set up.

What Does It Mean for Your AC Warranty to Be Voided?

A standard or basic warranty coverage includes such details as the years of coverage, terms and conditions, and limitations. Your manufacturer has a right to void your warranty if you fail to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth on the warranty document.

The terms and conditions, as well as the circumstances that could void your AC’s warranty coverage, differ between manufacturers, but most include misuse, neglect, and deliberate damage. When a warranty becomes void, all coverage ceases. This means that you will have to incur the costs of any subsequent repairs until you replace your unit with a new one.

Mistakes That Can Void Your Warranty

Warranties can save you a great cost in the repair and replacement of certain parts of the unit. However, the following mistakes can make your warranty claim to be denied:

  • Failing to register the unit’s warranty

Once you have purchased your air conditioner and had it installed by a professional, you need to register it to activate the manufacturer’s warranty. You only need to submit your name, address, the company or contractor from whom you bought the unit, its serial number, and the installation date.

Most manufacturers provide you with a timeframe within which you ought to have submitted this information. For instance, you may be required to submit this information within 60 days of installing the unit. Depending on the brand, failing to do this in time may limit the warranty’s coverage, shorten it, or completely void it.

  • DIY repairs

Every brand has a set of processes and guidelines that need to be followed during AC repair and installation. While performing a DIY AC repair may seem like a viable option to reduce AC repair costs, you may end up damaging the unit. A licensed AC repair technician has exclusive training on how to perform installations and repairs. Besides, they have insurance policies in place, thus ensuring that any damages to your property during the repair process are covered.

Always ensure that these repairs are done by certified personnel to avoid warranty terms breach. However, there are minor repairs or maintenance tasks specified in the product manual that leaves the warranty intact.

  • Third-party replacement parts

When a part is worn out and requires replacement, an incompetent AC repair contractor may use off-label components to cut costs. Authorized parts are compatible and ensure the smooth running of the unit. Third-party replacement parts may run okay but proving that they were not the initial cause of a problem may be difficult. Before choosing an AC repair professional, confirm that they stock manufacturer-approved parts.

  • Poor maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance not only ensures that the unit stays efficient throughout its lifespan but also keeps you compliant with its warranty. Most AC brands stipulate that you need to have a professional maintain and inspect your unit annually. If you maintain the unit yourself or do not keep up with the recommended maintenance schedule, any damages may be perceived as having been caused by negligence.

  • Failing to produce proof of regular maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance of your AC ensures safety, efficiency and minimizes the risk of faults and breakdowns. You need to keep a detailed record of when your unit is inspected or serviced, who performs it, and any report or documentation they provide you. When any repair is performed, and you submit a claim for out-of-the-pocket expenses, the manufacturer will request this information. Failing to produce such documentation voids your warranty, and you may end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  • If the unit is damaged by the homeowner

Manufacturers cannot cover all types of problems you may encounter throughout your unit’s lifespan. For example, if the damage is deemed to have been caused by hardware incompatibility or incorrect wiring in your home, the manufacturer may not be able to compensate you.

  • Improper air conditioner installation

To preserve the unit’s integrity and that of its components, AC installations must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Issues that may arise due to improper installation will most likely void your warranty, particularly if the technician was unqualified. Do your research before engaging an air conditioner technician and ensure that the contractor you choose is licensed and insured.

You can make the most out of your AC warranty by ensuring that you do not do anything that violates its terms. Perform regular maintenance, keep maintenance records, use correct parts, and work with a licensed and qualified technician.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we are dedicated to providing timely AC repairs and maintenance to ensure your AC is always at peak performance. If you have any queries regarding your air conditioner’s warranty or need help understanding the fine details, get in touch with us today at our Keller, TX, office.