AC Repair Company: Common Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your HVAC System | Fort Worth, TX

AC Repair Company: Common Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your HVAC System | Fort Worth, TX

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Let’s face it, no one wants to replace their HVAC unit because of the high costs associated with doing so. However, continuing to pay for repairs on an old system also does not make sense. It can be hard determining when to replace your old system in Fort Worth, TX, and when to give it one more try. While it is a good idea to talk to your AC repair company for advice, here are a few of the most common signs that it is time to give in and replace your entire air conditioning unit.

Keep in mind that it is always better to have time to replace a unit than to be caught off guard. Even the best functioning system made of the best qualities will eventually break down. HVAC systems do have their limits, and at some point, your system will break and not be repairable. When this happens you don’t want to be stuck burning up in your home until you can get an AC repair company to install a new model. Plus, you don’t want to find yourself facing unexpected costs. Planning to replace your unit ahead of time can help you avoid these types of situations. So pay close attention to these signs and then talk to your local AC repair company about your options.

The Age of Your System

The best place to start is with the age of your HVAC system. A well-maintained system can last for years, but the Department of Energy suggests that most homeowners start to think about replacing your HVAC system between the ages of 10 to 15 years. Even though modern AC systems are able to achieve long lifespans, most major components inside of them will start to break down after the ten-year mark. The lifespan of your HVAC system in Fort Worth, TX depends largely on how often you use your AC and how well you maintain it. Any AC repair company will tell you that annual maintenance is the best way to keep your HVAC system running and the best way to elongate its lifespan.

In addition, updating your system may be the smart thing to do for the environment. Many air conditioning units that are more than a decade old use an old type of refrigerant called R-22. This type of refrigerant is no longer used because it is not good for the environment. Therefore, updating your system may be a great way to go green and make your home more energy-efficient as a result. Lowered energy bills will at least help make the large investment in a new system feel a little better. If you are unsure of what refrigerant your HVAC system uses talk to your local AC repair company. The AC repair company should be able to easily identify what type and if you are affected.

Energy Bills Are Unexpectedly High

Seasonally you can expect your bills to change, but comparatively, each month’s bills should be closely related to the last. If you notice that your energy bills are jumping up and when you compare them to last year the numbers are high, there is a good chance that something is going on with your AC. An AC repair company can come out to see if a simple cleaning or maintenance can help. There is a good chance that they will also find something wrong that needs to be replaced.

The simple truth is that as HVAC systems age their efficiency starts to decrease. If you haven’t had your system properly serviced then this is likely even more true. While a maintenance visit may help trim down the problem, at some point the efficiency will decrease and the only answer will be a new HVAC system. The good news is that if you choose a high -efficiency unit you can decrease your monthly energy bills by as high as 20% which will help offset the costs of installing a new system. Call your AC repair company to take a look and they can let you know if it is now time to consider installing a new system.

Your AC Repair Company Quotes a High Repair Cost

Much like an old car, at some point, you need to think about whether it is worth it to continue to repair an old HVAC system. If the repairs start to pile up or you need to replace a part that is more than half the cost of what it would cost to replace your HVAC system, it is time to seriously start thinking about replacement. This is even more true if your unit is over ten years old. All AC systems will require repair at some point, but expensive repairs to an old machine do not make much sense. Financially speaking, it is a smarter move to put the money towards a new system that will not likely break down for years to come.

Dust Is Building Up in Your Home

Are you noticing more dust is building up throughout your home? Your HVAC system does more than just filter out the air. It also ventilates your home. If it is working effectively then the air quality in your home should be improved. Your HVAC system ideally removes dust, dirt, dander, and other debris from the air while also helping to keep humidity levels down which can be a challenge in Fort Worth, TX. However, if you are noticing that there is dust everywhere and that is usually not the case, either you need to clean your home thoroughly or call an HV repair company to talk about whether or not your HVAC system is slowly dying.

Your Home Never Feels Comfortable

An HVAC system that is slowly aging will not be able to keep your home at the same consistent temperature that you are used to. There are a variety of reasons why this may happen such as low fluid levels, a damaged or inaccurate thermostat, cracked ducts, motor damage, or clogged filters. If your thermostat is set to a temperature that your home is never actually at, then this usually points to the thermostat. In this case, the AC repair company simply needs to replace your thermostat.

However, more often than not when the system is over ten years old, temperature inconsistencies point towards issues with your home air conditioning system. It can mean that your HVAC system is simply no longer strong enough to supply enough cool air throughout your home to keep the temperature at its assigned point. The other scenario is an issue with your ductwork. Even if you think you can deal with being uncomfortable, you will be paying higher energy bills and still be uncomfortable. At this point, you need to start to think about the bottom line. Paying more and receiving less is hardly worth it in most scenarios, so if you get to this point it may be time to talk to an AC repair company about a new installation.

It is usually best to consult with a professional if you are at the point of installing a new system because there are a lot of variables to consider. There are hundreds of HVAC systems out there on the marketplace and the size you need will be determined by the size of your home, layout, geographic location, and then actual preferences. Talking to a professional can help you narrow down your options so you can make a much more educated decision. An HVAC system is a large investment and one that you want to make wisely so always talk to an AC repair company.

Odd Sounds Coming from Your HVAC System

Ideally, you should never hear your HVAC system. You will of course notice when it cycles or when air is blowing out of the vents, but the humming noise should be low enough that it becomes largely unnoticeable. If you start to hear large sounds that actually make you stop and notice them, this is a sign that something is wrong with your AC system and it is time to call an AC repair company. The sounds can be coming from your indoor unit or your outdoor unit.

Common noises including squealing and grinding although other people report sounds that are more like clicking or knocking. The bottom line is that you should never hear sounds coming from either your indoor unit or the outdoor unit. If you start to hear noises this is a clearcut sign that something is wrong with your system. You do not want to ignore this problem, because if you do the problems will likely only get worse.

A sound alone does not mean that it is time to replace your system, but depending on what is causing the sound you may want to start thinking about replacement. Once again, the age of your system will play a large role in determining whether now is the time to fix it or replace it. Call your AC repair company to come to check it out and then you can proceed from there.

Bad Odors Coming Out of Your Vents

You should never smell anything coming out of your AC vents. At the beginning of the year if it is the first time running your HVAC system you may notice the smell of some dust burning off. This is not uncommon, especially if your system has not been used frequently. However, in Fort Worth, TX most HVAC systems are practically on year-round. This means that you shouldn’t smell anything. If you notice unusual sounds when you need to call an AC repair company right away.

Moldy smells could mean that you have mold growing in your ducts which can be a huge health problem. The air can spread the mold spores throughout your home and make it easy to breathe it in. This can cause respiratory issues and is very unhealthy. A simple duct cleaning can take care of this issue. It also can mean that the writing or insulation is melting away on your AC if the smell is more electrical in nature. If you think you smell electrical burning coming out of your vents you need to turn off your HVAC system and wait for an AC repair company to check it out before turning it back on.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

It is no secret that the air is hot and thick in Fort Worth during the summer months. Your HVAC system is responsible for ensuring the air inside of your home is much easier to breathe. Your home should be your refuge, but it won’t be if your HVAC system is not properly filtering your air. If you start to notice that the humidity levels in your home are getting uncomfortable or there is mildew in the air and on your furniture it is time to have your HVAC system investigated. You also may want to have your system checked if you notice mold or a lot of dust all over your home as discussed earlier.

Get Professional Help

Dealing with your HVAC system is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable if you turn to the right AC repair company to help you with your repairs and/or replacement system. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX helps people all over the greater Fort Worth region deal with their HVAC issues on a daily basis. We understand how important a functioning HVAC system is to your family’s health, and we work fast and efficiently to troubleshoot any issues and get your HVAC system back in tip-top shape. If you have noticed any of the above signs make sure to call our AC repair company today.