AC Repair Company: Strange AC Noises And What They Mean | Fort Worth, TX

AC Repair Company: Strange AC Noises And What They Mean | Fort Worth, TX

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If your air conditioner in your home is working correctly you should only hear normal AC sounds. What is a normal ac sound? A normal sound coming from your AC would be a slight clicking when it cycles on or off and nothing more than a low steady and gentle blowing noise as your air conditioner cools down your home. If you start to hear other noises coming from your air conditioner it may be time to call your local Fort Worth, TX AC repair company. Your AC unit will nearly always tell you that you need to call an AC repair company, that is if you know what sounds to listen for. You never want to neglect strange sounds emanating from your AC unit, those who do ignore these strange noises often end up with more serious repairs from an AC repair company. Many of the AC company call that we service the homeowner was hearing strange sounds coming from the outdoor unit or coming through the vents but choose to put off making that all-important call to an AC company, and regretted their inaction as many of these issues if caught early can result in much less serious repairs, parts and manual labor which means savings to the customer. The key is acting fast.

Some strange AC noises do not always mean you are in a major repair from your local AC repair company. Indeed sometimes all you really need is a simple AC tune-up. You want to call an honest and reliable AC company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. This is because some fly-by-night companies or unscrupulous companies will tell you that you need a major repair when in reality all you might need is a simple AC tune-up. If you have never had an AC tune-up you really should. Much like your automobile your AC unit needs routine care. This care comes in the form of an annual AC tune-up. You would likely be surprised at the level of detail and care that goes into an AC tune-up. Did you know that not having an AC tune-up every spring can actually cut the lifespan and duration of your AC unit? When you have your AC tune-up done you are helping to keep your AC unit in peak operating condition.

How else does an AC tune-up help you? AC units get dirty for one thing. When an air conditioner gets dirty inside, believe it or not, breakdowns can happen. Take for example your evaporator coils, if dirt and grime build up on these coils it can interfere with heat transfer as the coils may actually freeze over on you. Even a light layer of dust or dirt on your coils can interfere with the transfer of heat, causing your AC unit to overwork itself. The dirtier your evaporator coil gets the worse this issue will become, eventually, it could mean a call to an AC repair company. When you do not take care of your AC unit, much dust, pollen, mold, dirt, and grime may build up inside of your air conditioner. Mold spores can easily spread throughout your home. This of course can lead to a mold infestation. Nearly every AC repair company offers AC tune-ups and that is because they are necessary for the long-term health of your air conditioner.

What exactly happens in an AC tune-up? Your AC repair company will inspect every moving part of your AC unit and lubricate them. Lubrication is vitally important in a warm climate location like Fort Worth, TX. Your technician will also clean every single part of your condenser, which is your outdoor unit and the workhorse of your AC unit. This of course will include your evaporator coils which must be kept clean to ensure proper operation. Your AC repair company expert will also tighten up all electrical connections inside of your unit. Next, we will calibrate your thermostat and make sure your duck work is operating as it should, free of blockages and leaks. We will also measure your refrigerant, as this tends to get used up over time and top you off if needed. We will also inspect every part of your AC unit to ensure every part is working correctly, catching minor issues before they blossom into larger issues. This includes of course your blower motor and blower belt, which often gets stressed out due to the hot summers in Fort Worth, TX. If needed we will replace your air filter as a dirty air filter can absolutely ruin an air conditioner and cause many problems. Lots of other little details are also attended to when an AC repair company performs a tune-up on your AC system such as testing your contactors and inspecting them for pits and burns, as well as inspecting your service valves for optimal operation.

Now that we know that your AC will often let you know that it is in trouble and needs attention as well as the importance of an annual AC tune-up, let us discuss the various warning sounds that your AC unit may make when it needs the attention of an AC repair company. If you should happen to hear any of these sounds listed below, it is vitally important that you contact your local repair company, preferably One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth!

Banging Sounds

If you hear banging sounds coming from your AC unit you are in dire need of a Fort Worth, TX AC repair company. This likely means that a vital part of your AC unit has become loose and is now banging around inside of your unit. Ignoring this issue could lead to much further damage, so you will need to make that call to an AC repair company the moment you hear this sound. Oftentimes this sound occurs when the loose part is blowing around inside your condenser. It could be something as small as a nut or bolt that became separated from its key part, but you do not want to take the chance that something vital is broken, as the damage can just get worse over time. Something as serious as your fan blade could be astray, so you want to call our local AC repair company as soon as possible when you hear this sound.

Clicking Sounds

Okay so the thing with clicking sounds is this, you might hear it depending on your make and model when it normally cycles on and off. If however, your AC unit is rapidly cycling on and off or if you hear this sound non-stop you are dealing with a problem that needs your local AC repair company. Should the normal clicking when the unit turns on and off become unusually loud you may be dealing with a failing thermostat or a faulty electrical control. It can also be an issue with another part of your electrical system inside the AC unit. If you hear this sound coming from your condenser unit nonstop you might have debris stuck inside that is obstructing your fan blades. This issue, while seemingly small, is serious enough to make that call to an AC company. If you hear this sound, turn off your AC unit and call your local AC company.

Buzzing Sounds

This is one sound you never should hear coming from your AC unit and if you do start to hear this sound it is an immediate clue to call your local Fort Worth, TX AC repair company. Most often this signals an issue with your air conditioner’s electrical system and this is never a good thing! Electrical issues are a fire hazard for one thing. You do not want to risk your own safety or that of your family or business. If you should start to hear a buzzing sound come from anywhere in your AC unit, shut down your air conditioner right away and call your AC repair company. You could also be dealing with parts that have become loose, debris inside your unit, an out of balance or a loose fan blade. None of these are good signs for the health of your AC unit.

Squealing Sounds

You do not want to hear this sound coming from your ac unit ever. It most often means that you are dealing with a faulty AC belt. You want to call your AC company to inspect not only your belts but the entire system. The good news with this sound is that the repair is a relatively simple procedure that should not break the bank, the bad news is that if you choose to ignore this sound coming from your AC unit the problem could become systemic and cause other parts to break, leading to much more expensive repairs. There is also a dire possibility here if you hear a very high-pitched squealing sound come from your air conditioner you could be dealing with dangerously high pressure inside of your AC unit’s compressor. This is not only dangerous, it could devastate your entire unit. That being said most AC units have a sensor that can pick up the build-up of high pressure inside the compressor, but at times this sensor could easily fail. If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound your best bet is to turn the air conditioner off and make that call to an AC repair company before further damage to the unit happens or even worse someone gets injured.

Rattling Sounds

This is often a signal to you that your unit is starting to fail or maybe even reaching the end of its lifespan, though the problem may be a rather simple one. The only way to know for sure is to make that call to an AC repair company to be sure. Sometimes this sound only means that some parts have simply become loose inside of the compressor. It could be as simple as a loose fan, in which case it is an easy fix for your AC technician to simply re-screw the loose part or provide a new screw. Sometimes this sound can be as simple as debris inside of the unit making noise, which is why an AC tune-up every year helps as your AC technician will remove all debris from inside of your unit.

Clanking Sounds

This sound most often simply means that you have a part of your system out of balance or has become loose. Yet this is not an issue to ignore as it could put your AC unit’s compressor at risk. This sound could also indicate bigger problems. For example, your fan may have become loose and is now hitting other parts of your AC unit tearing it up from the inside. You could be dealing with an unbalanced blower as well. The only way to know for sure and cut the risk to your AC unit of further damage is to make that call to an AC company in Fort Worth, TX.

If you hear any of these warning sounds coming from your AC unit do yourself a favor and call an AC repair company. You should call the experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today as we have not only the experience needed to correctly and quickly solve your AC issue, we also have thousands of satisfied customers, which has earned us a reputation in Fort Worth, TX as an honest and expedient AC company. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 service, as we know heating and cooling disasters can happen at any time, day or night.