AC Repair: How Do You Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner? | Euless, TX

AC Repair: How Do You Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner? | Euless, TX

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We need our air conditioner, especially when the temperatures start to rise. Turning on the AC is one of the many ways to keep our home cooler and comfortable in the summer. This article will talk about ways to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit to help you save money and avoid AC repairs. An efficient AC means a lower energy bill and a comfortable home. It also doesn’t strain your system, leading to more costly AC repairs in Euless, TX.

Tips to improve the efficiency of your AC:

Clean the Outdoor Condenser Unit

When it comes to AC efficiency, it’s important to clean the unit’s essential components, including the outdoor condenser unit. Ensure that you clean it properly and it’s cleared of debris. An obstructed condenser unit can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. As a result, it’s going to work harder to give you the desired temperature. You can avoid AC repair in Euless, TX when you don’t strain your AC. Make a schedule to properly clean the outdoor unit and contact a certified technician for a thorough cleaning.

Also, if you suspect that there might be a problem with it, please don’t hesitate to contact a certified technician for an inspection or AC repair. Our technicians can perform an inspection, diagnose the problem and recommend the best solutions.

Clean the Filters

This is a must for any heating and cooling system. You need to clean and replace the air filters every 2 to three months, especially when you keep using your air conditioner. Cleaning the filters prevents dirt and other debris from building up in the unit. It can also improve airflow and won’t strain your AC. Dirty filters will only make your air conditioner work harder. It may lead to a breakdown or a malfunction over time. You can avoid AC repair if you regularly clean your filters.

When cleaning the filters, please make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have questions, contact a technician near you or your manufacturer. If you’re using special filters, ensure that you know how to take care of them to avoid AC repair or other issues down the road.

Get an AC Tune-up Once a Year

Apart from cleaning your air filters and making sure all AC components are cleaned, it’s important to call a technician in Euless, TX, for an AC tune-up. A tune-up ensures a more efficient cooling system. During the appointment, the technician would make sure that all problems are addressed. You won’t have to worry about a malfunctioning AC when you get it serviced at least a month before summer. You can also avoid costly AC repairs by getting it tuned up annually.

In choosing a technician, ensure that he’s certified and highly experienced. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth as all of our technicians are very skilled and can work with all makes and models.

Consider Getting an Energy-Efficient AC

How old is your air conditioner? Over time, your unit will tend to lose its efficiency. It will start to work harder to give you the desired temperature. As a result, you get higher energy bills every month. If your AC is more than 10 years old and you keep calling a technician for AC repair, we recommend that you get a new one instead. If possible, go with a more efficient unit to save more energy and help the environment.

Before installing a new one, you must address all leak issues in your home. Contact a professional for an inspection of your ductwork. It wouldn’t be beneficial to install an energy-efficient unit when you have leaks in the duct system. You lose more energy, and your AC will work harder too.

Should you decide to install a new unit, make sure that you only work with a licensed technician in Euless, TX, to avoid issues associated with installation. In addition, you can avoid paying for more costly AC repairs when you get professional installation of your system.

Install a Smart Thermostat

One of the benefits of installing a smart thermostat is that you can control it from anywhere. So long as you connect it to your PC, phone or tablet, and have an internet connection. Then, it should be easier to control the temperature of your AC and not waste energy.

To install your new thermostat, make sure that you only work with a licensed technician in Euless, TX, to avoid AC repairs.

Avoid Using Heat Producing Appliances

During summer, avoid using your oven or other heat-producing appliances. That will only make your air conditioner work harder. Should you decide to use them, it would help if your home had proper ventilation. Consider turning off the AC and then turning on the exhaust fans to get rid of the heated air caused by your oven and other heat-producing appliances.

Insulate and Seal the Ductwork

Do you know that you can save about 20 percent of energy when you seal the ducts? First, ensure that you properly insulate and seal them so your AC won’t have to work harder. Then, you can check for leaks or any holes and make sure that you seal them. Better yet, contact a professional for assistance. A completely sealed ductwork lets you save more energy and avoid AC repair.

Use Household Fans

You can reduce the temperature of your air conditioner when you turn the ceiling fan. Using your fan efficiently pushes the hot air around the room. It also helps circulate the cool air during the summer months. By turning on the fans, your AC won’t have to work harder. You can avoid AC repair when you don’t strain your cooling system.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

We recommend that you check the insulation in your attic, basement and garage. Working on your home’s insulation won’t strain your AC and it will avoid AC repairs in Euless, TX. Ensure that you seal all holes and gaps in the windows and doors.

If possible, invest in energy-efficient windows to ensure that the cooled air doesn’t escape outside. You can save more energy with the new windows.

How to Cool Your Home Without the AC

Maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioner lets you save money every month. But we have more tips to help you cool your home without the AC. These are inexpensive tips for effectively cooling your home and saving you more money on your utility bills every month.

  1. Keep the blinds closed. Do you know that about 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows? Utilize shades such as curtains and blinds, and ensure they’re closed when it’s so hot outside. Should you decide to turn on your AC with the blinds closed, you should be able to save about 7 percent of your bills. Also, your AC won’t have to work harder. It can prevent more AC repairs down the road. Blinds are better, but it would be best if you could also buy blackout curtains to block sunlight and naturally insulate your rooms.
  1. Be smart with your sheets. Fleece blankets and flannel sheets may be the best options for insulation, but it’s not smart to use them during summer or they make you feel warmer. Instead, use cotton to help you stay cooler. If possible, use buckwheat pillows as they won’t hold on to your body like regular pillows.
  2. Adjust your fan. Do you know that you’ll need to adjust your fan counter-clockwise if you want to stay cool in the summer? Adjusting it will give out a wind-chill breeze effect, making you and your guests feel cooler. And as we mentioned earlier — should you decide to turn on the AC, having the fan on won’t strain your unit. It can avoid costly AC repairs down the road.
  1. Focus on your body’s temperature. To feel a lot cooler, focus on keeping your body feel cooler. For example, have some iced drinks or run your wrist in cold water. Make sure that you’re also dressed for the summer. Wear cotton and stay outside as much as possible. Go to places with lots of shades to avoid direct sun exposure.
  2. Start grilling. We highly discourage using the oven, especially when it gets super hot in the summer. Instead, consider grilling outside your home and go for cold treats as well. It’s also the perfect time to invite your friends or relatives over for a get-together.
  3. Turn on the exhaust fans. If you have exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, then turn them on to improve your home’s ventilation. Having good ventilation doesn’t just help cool your home, but it also gets rid of stale indoor air.
  4. Avoid staying on the 2nd floor. Heat rises, so it’s better if you stay on the ground floor of your home. In the evening, try to let the night air in. This is because temperatures usually drop during the night. The night air plus the fan should help feel a little cooler.
  5. Get rid of those incandescent lights. Switching to a compact fluorescent lamp doesn’t only help cool your home, but it also helps you save more energy.
  6. Stay hydrated. When you’re feeling very hot, the first thing you should do is hydrate yourself by drinking water. There’s no need to drink cold water as your body heats it. Water is enough to keep your body cool itself. Taking a cold shower also helps you combat hot weather.

Never Ignore Minor Problems

You also need to stay alert when there are issues with the AC. As much as possible, don’t postpone any AC repairs. If you think that the AC may be malfunctioning or is acting up, we suggest that you call a technician right away for help. It’s always better to have your unit inspected, so any problem is addressed.

Also, never take your AC for granted. It can cool your home and make you comfortable but make sure you also take a break. Remember, you don’t have to use it every day. Try to utilize the tips above to help cool your home without the AC.

Don’t DIY AC Repairs

While there are videos helping homeowners fix their AC, we highly discourage it. If you make a mistake, you may end up damaging other components of your system. That will only result in paying for more costly repairs. To avoid problems, we suggest that you always call a NATE-certified technician for professional installation. Avoid hiring an unqualified technician, too, because they may not be fully equipped and experienced to tackle the problem.

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

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