AC Repair Service: What Can You Expect From Your Technician? | Fort Worth, TX

AC Repair Service: What Can You Expect From Your Technician? | Fort Worth, TX

A summertime air conditioning system breakdown definitely has the potential to ruin your day. That’s why you need to have a dependable AC repair service that you can rely on when your air conditioner malfunctions or stops working completely. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced. Don’t attempt a DIY repair. We can be to your Fort Worth, TX, home quickly to diagnose the problem and make the ideal fix. Attempting to repair the unit yourself could prove hazardous and could even cause more damage to the AC system.

AC Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

When you contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for our AC repair service, we’ll send an experienced certified HVAC technician to your home. We bring everything needed to diagnose the problem or make the repair. We keep many commonly needed parts in our inventory in order to provide customers with fast service. We don’t want them to be without air conditioning any longer than absolutely necessary.

If your air conditioning system fails during a heat spell, you can call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth and provide us with any information you can. For instance, if you see that there’s a drainage problem or that your evaporator coils have frozen, you can let us know. However, if you have no idea why your unit isn’t working–that’s fine too! Our technicians have the skills to troubleshoot the unit to determine precisely why it isn’t functioning. Our AC repair pros are able to perform maintenance for any type of AC unit in Fort Worth, TX.

Here are a few of the tasks you can expect our technician to perform:

  • One of the first things your AC repair technician will do is check your unit’s electrical components. A loose wire could be causing other parts to malfunction. A more serious electrical issue might involve the capacitor.


  • When your repair technician inspects your AC system, they’ll definitely check refrigerant levels. This refrigerant level should be constant, but sometimes it gets low. As we discussed earlier, the reason your unit might not be cooling off your home could be because it has a refrigerant leak. A leak is a definite problem. You certainly don’t want this chemical leaking in or near your house, but you also don’t want the leak to damage parts of the unit, necessitating even more AC repairs and expenses.


  • During a service call from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, our AC repair tech will remove and inspect the drain. Because clogs and dirty drains are commonplace, we check them as a rule. If condensation isn’t allowed to flow freely from the system, the moisture can lead to all sorts of problems for your unit’s components.


  • As part of our routine service inspection, we’ll examine the condenser. Because this unit is located outside, it can become dirty and caked with debris. That can impede its function. Dirty condenser coils can cause your air conditioning system to break down. As we examine this part of your AC system, we’ll look for debris or obstacles that might be caught in the unit and cause problems.


  • Our AC repair technician is also likely to check your ductwork, especially if a leak is suspected. Even very small leaks can cause your unit to have to work overtime, which can lead to premature wear and tear on the unit and breakdowns. Ductwork leaks can also cause you to receive high energy bills.

Once our tech uncovers why your unit is malfunctioning or has broken down, they’ll provide you with a report, explaining the problem and how it may have occurred. If your unit is nearing the end of its span, its parts may begin to wear out. After informing you of the problem, we can provide you with a quote for the repair.

Making the AC Repair

The time frame for repairing your unit depends on the nature of the repair. We can’t say how long the job is likely to last until we’ve inspected your unit and know what’s wrong. As mentioned, we keep many parts in stock. We’re often able to make AC repairs around Fort Worth, TX, in a single visit. Before leaving, we’ll test your AC system to make sure that the repair has worked.

Ward Off Common Repairs with Annual Maintenance

Although no AC unit will last forever no matter how diligent you are about maintenance, you can, generally, boost your unit’s longevity and ward off many commonplace repairs with routine maintenance. An annual inspection and tuneup is a definite investment in your AC system’s longevity. The cost of this service can actually save you on more substantial repair costs.

How? During a routine AC system inspection, our AC repair specialist will look for signs of leaks and wearing parts. If caught right away, these small issues won’t turn into larger ones. If a leak occurs or a part fails, it can lead to other serious damage to other system parts. That could double or triple the expense of the AC repair.

What’s Involved in an AC System Inspection?

An air conditioning system inspection is like a checkup. Your AC repair tech will conduct an overall assessment of the unit to determine its condition and to spot signs of problems that can affect its functionality or have the potential to cause a breakdown if ignored. First, it’s important to note that One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is revered for our honesty and integrity. We never try to upsell our customers or make unnecessary recommendations. The reason why we have so many long-term customers in Fort Worth, TX, is because our customers know they can depend on us for our objectivity and expertise.

When you contact us to perform an annual inspection, here are some of the following specific tasks we will perform from our checklist:

Run a Thermostat Test

A faulty thermostat is a leading AC unit problem, so during the inspection, your tech will evaluate the condition of yours. Old thermostats can wear out and require replacing. But there are other thermostat issues associated with thermostat malfunction too. You might have a model that requires batteries. Your thermostat might be positioned in the wrong area of your home or be unlevel. The thermostat may have been improperly installed. If your AC repair technician from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth finds anything amiss with your thermostat during the inspection, they can recommend the ideal solution.

Inspect the Air Filter

Your AC repair technician will always check the air filter during an inspection of your AC system. A dirty air filter can cause numerous problems, and it’s such an easy element to update periodically. A dirty air filter might seem like a small issue, but it can cause serious AC problems such as unit overheating, reduced air quality for your home, increased energy usage (and increased energy costs), and a less comfortably cool interior. If your unit needs an air filter change, we will definitely make note of it on our inspection report.

Check for Airflow Problems

Airflow problems can be caused by leaks in the ductwork or blockages. There are many other factors that can cause airflow issues for your AC system too. A dirty, clogged air filter is a typical cause for airflow problems. Other issues that can sabotage your airflow include the wrong size unit, outdoor debris accumulation near the unit, blocked vents, malfunctioning thermostat, wrong size ductwork, dirty coils, a limited number of return air vents, and a malfunctioning AC blower. If your unit is old, it may also be vulnerable to airflow problems.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels in AC units are supposed to remain steady. However, leaks can occur and refrigerant levels can dissipate over time. Only certified AC repair technicians can recharge refrigerant if an additional amount must be added to your system. During our checkup, we’ll look for signs of a refrigerant leak and make sure that your refrigerant level is where it should be.

Evaluate the Condition of the Equipment

Looking for signs of wearing parts or equipment that’s in poor condition is a major aspect of our inspections. If the equipment is dirty or strewn with debris, it could lead to problems. The fins of the outdoor unit can easily become bent. We’ll look for signs like these that could cause your unit to operate inefficiently or that could lead to a future breakdown.

Check Connections

Loose connections can lead to AC system breakdowns. Wiring can wear out, become damaged, or connections can become loose. This can disrupt the flow of electricity and cause your unit’s parts to malfunction. We’ll take note of any wiring problems during our inspection.

Inspect the Condensate Drain and Drip Pans

Drainage issues are a commonplace problem for AC units. If the drain line becomes clogged with mold or algae growth, it can cause serious backups of condensation. The moisture trapped in the unit can cause rust and damage to your unit–serious and costly damage. We’ll be sure to inspect the condensate drain and drip pans to be sure no clog is present. We’ll also be able to determine if there is a mold problem that requires cleaning up.

Inspect the Safety Equipment

It’s crucial that your unit’s fail-safes and surge protection are reliable. During our inspection, we’ll be sure to check that the safety equipment is functioning properly.

Check the Blower Motor

Any electrical and mechanical part is subject to malfunction. During our inspection, our AC repair tech will thoroughly inspect the operation of the blower motor. A malfunctioning blower motor can cause a unit breakdown.

Check the Condenser and Evaporator Coils

As major aspects of your air conditioning system, the condenser and evaporator coils must be thoroughly checked along with other major parts. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth can replace these parts as needed, but by maintaining them, you can expect them to function as they should. Sometimes a simple cleaning of the coils is all that’s needed.

Check the Compressor and Electrical Components

Our AC repair tech will also ensure that the unit’s compressor and electrical components are operating as they should. Electrical components can wear out, so we’ll look for signs of deterioration. By replacing these parts before they fail, you can prevent a breakdown and more serious damage from occurring to the unit.

Note Any Other Problems / Concerns

Of course, we’ll provide a complete inspection and note any other concerns that pop up during our visit. Sometimes we find an unexpected problem such as a pest problem. In fact, if you live in a more rural area of Fort Worth, TX, you may have wildlife visit your yard and find your outdoor AC unit to be a welcome bit of shelter from the sun. In any case, we’ll acquaint you with any concerns that come up during our careful AC unit inspection.

Provide a Thorough Report

Once our careful inspection has been completed, we’ll provide you with a report of our findings. Most customers also allow us to perform a tuneup and inspection together. We’ll lubricate parts, change the air filter, and make sure that your system is in its top performance condition.

Naturally, after we inspect your unit and provide you with a report, we can also perform any updates or needed repairs. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth brings the tools and parts needed to make most repairs in a single visit. We are familiar with every make and model unit used in Fort Worth, TX. You can rely on our AC repair pros to get your unit in shape for the hot season ahead. Call us to schedule your AC inspection and tune-up today.

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