Air Balancing With A Licensed Professional Specialized In AC Repair | Arlington, TX

Air Balancing With A Licensed Professional Specialized In AC Repair | Arlington, TX

When summer is just around the corner, homeowners rush to have their air conditioning systems tuned up to ensure they can provide much-needed comfort under the scorching temperatures. Besides cooling the indoor air, AC units also remove contaminants and eliminate humidity. One other service that homeowners seek from the AC repair technicians is air balancing to ensure that their homes are effectively cooled during the hot summer.

Have you ever entered your home and noticed inconsistent temperatures, especially when your AC unit is running? Then you might want to have the unit inspected. But what is air balancing? It is the process by which an AC unit is optimized to ensure consistent AC outputs. Air balancing also ensures that indoor temperatures are comfortable in all your home or building rooms. Another thing that might benefit from air balancing is your air conditioning unit, as we’ll see later.

Why Air Balancing?

Has there been uneven cooling in your home? Do you feel a huge temperature change as you move from one room to another at your Arlington, TX home? Are some spaces colder or warmer than others in your home? Then you can correct all this through air balancing. Besides correcting the airflow issues, it also ensures that temperatures are evenly distributed throughout your home.

The air balancing process requires that the AC repair technician tests and modifies the existing heating and air conditioning system to deliver an optimal airflow of the air conditioner to all the rooms in your building. Air balancing is critical to planning large commercial and residential air conditioning projects. Besides improving the comfort levels in the summer, air balancing might also help you increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system, reduce the rate of wear on your heating and air conditioning unit, and increase its energy and cooling efficiency.

Air Conditioning Problems That Air Balancing May diagnose

As mentioned above, the AC repair technician performs various tests to determine the cause of the uneven distribution of air. By aggregating and analyzing all the data collected in these tests, the professional can have a clearer picture of your system’s performance. From here, they can develop a virtual map of your home’s airflow and comfort balances.

The various heating and air conditioning issues may be determined in this process, including blockages, perforated or undersized ducts, damaged air ducts, and extensively long air ducts. Other issues the technician might determine include ducts with sharp bends and loose joints. The professional might recommend various actions that you could take to resolve the problem.

How Can Air Balancing Issues Be Resolved?

Enhancing the air balance at your office or home might include simple actions such as adjusting the fan speeds, thermostats, or other control devices. The AC repair technician may also recommend installing dampers in various points of your air ducts or adjusting the existing ones to achieve the desired airflow. The ducts might easily be sealed or insulated as a fix.

It is advised to repair or replace any air conditioner ducts which have collapsed, holes, or other damage. Sealing and refitting the junction is also an effective way of repairing the loose duct joints. Design problems in HVAC systems, such as improperly sized or too long ducting, may require more drastic changes. Completely redesigning the ductwork may not be practical. However, the technician can retrofit the ductwork layout to make the airflow smooth.

How Does Air Balancing Work?

The AC repair technician will test your HVAC system’s performance to check whether you have air balance issues. The technician must determine how much air is escaping from registers throughout the building or home. They will do this by placing flow hoods over your home’s air supply registers to measure the air escaping. They will then measure the pressure of the air on the return and supply sides of the Air conditioning system using various tools, such as a manometer. Using a hygrometer, they can measure heat gains and losses and the humidity levels in the house, office, or building rooms.

Benefits of Air Balancing

Improved Comfort Levels

Arlington, TX homes that do not get enough air conditioning aren’t comfortable during the summer heat. Having an AC repair technician balance the air, the AC unit will be able to provide enough airflow to app parts of your home.

Longer Service Life for Air Conditioning Equipment

If your home has good airflow, then the amount of mold, buildup, and dust which collects on the air conditioning system as time passes decreases. This, together with the resultant increase in efficiency of the balanced airflow, means that your air conditioning system will last for many more years. However, this must be complemented with regular maintenance and timely AC repairs. Routine air conditioning service ensures that any problem developing on your unit is caught in the early stages and addressed before it precipitates an emergency.

Increase Energy Efficiency

The performance of an air conditioning system is related directly to the airflow. When there’s an unbalanced airflow at your home or office, your air conditioner has to put in more effort to reach your preferred temperatures. This means that your air conditioning system is exposed to wear and tear. Having an AC repair technician fix any problems that inhibit the balanced airflow ensures that all the energy used in air conditioning doesn’t go to waste.

Better Air Quality

An efficient air exchange improves your indoor air quality. It lowers mold spores, pet dander, allergens, and other contaminants dissolved in your office or home air.

Helpful Air Balancing with Experienced Professionals

Have you noticed some spots are cooler or warmer than others at your home? Uneven cooling and heating are among the leading causes of high HVAC energy use. Fortunately, you can have an AC repair technician perform tests to confirm whether you need air balancing. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for air balancing services in Arlington, TX.

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