Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Installation | Arlington, TX

During the hot summer temperatures in Arlington, TX is often above 90 degrees with humidity levels to match. Should your air conditioner stop working, life can quickly become impossible. Rising temperatures and humidity increase the risk of dehydration, and heat exhaustion.

So it is important to have your air conditioner regularly serviced. This ensures that your unit is working at its highest efficiency and will provide you with peace of mind. But as your unit gets older it will need more repairs.

Parts may become more difficult and expensive to find. An older unit will be less energy efficient and become more costly to run. This could be a good time to have it replaced. Not everybody can be an expert air conditioner repairman.

A sweet-talking salesman could easily persuade the unwary into buying an unsuitable unit. You need an honest company to help you decide which unit best suits your needs and budget. Don’t let promises of dirt-cheap services lure you into an even bigger price tag.

We at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth know all about hot TX summers can be. Remember that old saying about frying an egg on concrete? It is true the area reaches three digits frequently. We provide the best air conditioner Installation service to Arlington. Whatever your air conditioning needs you can trust us to help you at a fair and reasonable price.

Indications That You Need a New Air Conditioner Installation

Whether you have a new or an aging AC unit we strongly recommend that you have it regularly serviced. Many parts in the AC unit will need regular cleaning and air filters also need to be replaced.

You may need a new air conditioner installation if you experience the following:

  • If your unit is over ten years old.
  • Frequent repairs
  • Reduced airflow or weak cooling or warm air coming from the unit.
  • Higher energy bills.
  • The unit makes strange sounds.
  • Strange smells coming from the unit.
  • High Humidity

If you experience any of these signs you may need a new Air Conditioner Installation.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation

Even the best-maintained air conditioners will need replacing if it is over ten years old. Just as time waits for nobody the same is also true for the air conditioner. But there are many benefits to having a new air conditioner installation.

  • More economical to run – A newer model will be more energy-efficient and save you money in the long term by reducing your energy bills.


  • Peace of mind – a new model will be less likely to break down and need expensive repairs. They also have longer working lives.


  • Warranty – A new air conditioner installation will offer 10 years of warranty for any part breakdowns.


  • The air quality will improve – new enhancements have been made with the air conditioner installation method. The system is better sealed meaning fewer impurities will enter your home. This will be of great benefit to those who suffer from chronic illnesses like asthma.


  • It is more environmentally friendly – If you have an older unit, it probably has as a coolant, ozone-depleting chemicals such as Freon (R22). As time goes on it will become more difficult and expensive to find Freon in the future.


  • Less noisy unit – A new air conditioning installation will deliver a quieter home environment. Ideal for work or study.


  • Wireless integration – A modern system uses wireless thermostats especially designed with increased management options, allowing for monitoring of air filters and humidity levels.


  • Remote access – you will be able to use wireless controls to change settings from a different room or a location using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  • Having the right-sized model – If you have made improvements to your home such as new windows, you may need a smaller AC unit. Any upgrades to insulating your home will lessen the rate at which cool or warm air will escape. Loft conversions or extensions will mean that a larger capacity AC unit is required.

There are a confusing number of AC systems on the market. It is vital to select the correct sized unit for your property. An undersized air conditioner won’t be able to deliver the right amount of cooling that your space requires.

This may cause it to break down continual frustration during hot summer days. As the AC unit needs to operate continually to reach your desired cooling levels throughout your home, it is overworking and is more likely to break down. You will also have to pay more in energy bills.

An oversized unit has the opposite effect, you will cool your home quickly, but the unit will not run long enough to dehumidify your home properly. This is a crucial issue in the humid environment of Arlington, TX.

You may need help to decide what AC unit is best for you. One of our technicians can calculate the cooling load required. Let One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating help you with your choice, we install only the best quality units at affordable prices.

Redesign Your AC System

A new air conditioner installation will allow you to redesign your AC system. Older systems had a “one size fits all” method. It meant that all your rooms had the same air conditioning applied to them.

A more modern air conditioner system will allow you to create different “zones” in your home. Each room can have different air conditioning. For example, a room that directly faces sunlight will need more air conditioning than a room that does not. As the sun moves across the sky different rooms will be in direct sunlight and the amount of air conditioning can be varied throughout the day and night.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth TX, Region

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth have been serving the community of Arlington, TX for many years. We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning services, from maintenance, repair, and installation.

If your AC unit breaks down it can be a dangerous time especially if you have underlying health problems or are very young or elderly. There is an increased chance of people suffering from dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke.

You and your family’s safety are our top priority, and we aim to be around your home ASAP at all hours of the day or night. Give us a call and we will make sure your home or office is as cool as an early spring breeze all summer long.