Air Conditioner Installation | Southlake, TX

Air Conditioner Installation | Southlake, TX

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Summer temperatures in Southlake, TX are sometimes above 100 degrees with humidity levels to match. These are dangerous times especially for the young and old and those suffering from breathing difficulties such as asthma. Should the air conditioner breakdown there is a greater risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion?

A wise person will have had their air conditioner regularly serviced. This will give peace of mind during those long summer months. It will also ensure that your unit is working at its highest efficiency, keeping your energy bills lower.

However, there comes a point where you need to replace your aging unit. Finding parts for an older unit will get increasingly more difficult, especially if it is no longer made. There are also environmental concerns, the use of ozone-depleting chemicals such as Freon (R22) is being phased out, and obtaining Freon will become more difficult and expensive. This may be the right time for you to consider a new air conditioner installation.

There is a bewildering choice of air conditioner units on the market, and it is not always easy to select the right model for you.

The team at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth knows all about hot Texas summers. Our highly trained technicians provide the best Air Conditioner Installation service in Southlake. No matter what your air conditioning needs you can rely on us to help you.

Why Would You Need a New Air Conditioner Installation?

If your unit is over ten years old or is needing more frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a new air conditioner installation. An aging unit will be less energy efficient leading to higher energy bills. You might notice reduced airflow from your unit or less cool air. It may start to make strange sounds or give off strange smells. All in all, it is not going to be as efficient as when you first bought it. A regular service will eliminate some of these problems but eventually, you will probably need a new air conditioner installation.

What Are the Advantages of a New Air Conditioner Installation?

Let us be honest it is not cheap to have a new Air Conditioner Installation, although there are many advantages in doing so.

It is more economical to run – a newer model will be more energy-efficient saving you money in the long term by reducing your energy bills.

You get more peace of mind – a new model will be less likely to break down reducing the need for expensive repairs. Knowing that your family will be safe during the hot summer months is a great load off your mind. A new unit will have a longer working life compared to older models. In addition, a new air conditioner installation will offer 10 years of warranty for any part breakdowns.

You get better air quality – improvements with modern air conditioner installation methods will mean that your system is better-sealed from the outside world. This means that fewer impurities will enter your home, improving air quality. This will be of great benefit to those who suffer from chronic breathing conditions such as Asthma.

The new unit will be quieter – They say that silence is golden, if you want a quiet environment for work and study a new air conditioning installation will deliver that for you. Some units will be noisier than others, for example, if you use the swing settings there will be more noise than if you do not. But overall, the noise levels will be reduced.

No more wires – A modern system uses wireless technology. New wireless thermostats are specifically designed with improved control options, allowing for example surveillance of air filters and humidity levels. You will now be able to control your unit remotely, allowing you to change settings from a different room using a smartphone, or computer. How you will be able to turn on your unit from anywhere.

More flexible air conditioning – A more modern air conditioner system will allow you to create different air conditioning in each room in your home. A room that faces sunlight directly needs more air conditioning than a room that does not. As the sun changes position throughout the day, a room will require differing amounts of air conditioning. A modern unit can adjust these levels depending on the environment outside.

Which Model Do I Pick?

It is important to find the correct sized unit for your home. If your old unit was struggling to cope with the demand, then you may need a unit with a greater capacity. But, if you have made improvements to your home such as new windows, you may need a smaller AC unit.

Double glazed windows will reduce the amount of cool or warm air escaping or entering your home. Better insulation will have the same effect and you may be surprised to find that you need a smaller unit. Loft conversions or extensions will mean that a larger capacity AC unit is required.

Having an oversized unit is also a bad idea. Your home may be cooled quickly, but the unit will not be on long enough to dehumidify your home properly. This is a crucial issue in the humid surroundings of our charming TX community.

There are so many factors to consider when selecting a new model, one of which is your budget. You may need help to decide what AC unit is best for you.

If you need help, please call One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth City, TX. One of our many skilled technicians can help you size up your home and give you impartial advice selecting the best unit for your home and budget.

One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth City Keeping Southlake, TX Safe.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has been serving the community of Southlake, TX for a long time. We know all about hot Texas summers and understand the importance of having a quality working AC unit. We install only the best quality units at prices to suit everyone.

We are proud of our quality workmanship, and provide a full range of air conditioning services, from maintenance, repair, and installation. If you have an AC problem, then call us today.