Air Conditioner Installation: Window & Portable Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Window & Portable Air Conditioners vs Central Air Conditioners | Arlington, TX

Chances are your home has some sort of air conditioning mechanism. If not, you should contact a professional for air conditioner installation. If your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home properly or is simply overdue for a replacement, you should contact your local air conditioner service provider for a consultation today. If you live in or around the Arlington, TX, area, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for all of your HVAC service needs.

There are a variety of air conditioning systems you can choose to install. Before you decide on an air conditioning system for your home, it is best to have a deeper understanding of how these appliances work, the differences, as well as the pros and cons associated with those types of air conditioning systems. When purchasing a new air conditioner, you should consult with a professional.

Hiring a licensed professional for consultation and air conditioner installation can help you avoid a costly mistake. Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. These appliances do not come cheap. Therefore, the decision to purchase and install an air conditioning system should not be taken lightly.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are many kinds of air conditioners on the market. The central air conditioner, portable air conditioner, mini-split system, heat pump, and window air conditioning unit are just a few. If you are thinking about new air conditioner installation or replacement, you should be ready for a hefty upfront cost. This is especially true if you do not have certain components in place already. Not having ductwork and things of that nature will make AC installation more extensive.

Whether the air conditioner will pay off, in the end, is reliant on how well you maintain it and which one you have chosen. Not all air conditioners are equal in terms of efficiency and reliability. If you live in or around the Arlington, TX, area, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for service today.

Window and Portable Air Conditioning Units

Window units and portable air conditioning units work the same fundamentally. Some may argue that window air conditioning units work better than portable ones, but it all depends on the brand, age, and care of the appliance. These appliances do not require professional air conditioner installation services.

Window and portable air conditioning units typically need some part to be placed in a window to operate properly. This is because air conditioners need a way to expel heat. In order to properly get rid of heat, an outside unit or vent is placed outdoors. For portable and window unit air conditioning systems, the outside unit is simply placed in a window for proper air conditioner installation.

The window unit air conditioning system has a large back, which sits outside of the window, while the portable air conditioning system has a vent that is placed on the window, with the opening on the outside of the air conditioner. Although these appliances do not require professional air conditioner installation, they should still receive regular maintenance services from a licensed HVAC service provider.


Some of the pros for window and portable units include the fact that they are some of the most inexpensive cooling options for your home. Thes appliances do not cost much. In fact, you may be able to purchase a window unit for as little as $300. These appliances are also powerful. These appliances are capable of cooling a medium or large room.


These appliances do not last as long as other air conditioning systems. They also pose a security risk. Due to the fact that these appliances must be in an open window to operate, it makes it dangerous to have them on lower floors. Having them high up isn’t a guarantee for safety either.

These appliances are not capable of cooling an entire property. Air conditioners such as this do well in smaller spaces. If you would like to cool property with these types of air conditioners, you will need to purchase multiples of these. If you purchase multiples, you will be creating more entry points into your home. Purchasing multiples also cancels out the inexpensiveness of these machines. If you have a window or portable air conditioner unit, contact your local HVAC service company for a new air conditioner installation.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is one of the most commonly owned air conditioners in the U.S. According to data collected from the Energy Information Association, 87 percent of all homes in the US have air conditioning. Of that 87 percent, 75 percent have central air conditioning units. The central air conditioning system is popular for a variety of reasons. According to research, the addition of a central air and heating system can raise the value of a home by 10 percent. If you are interested in central air conditioner installation and live in the area, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.


There are many pros associated with central air conditioning. The main benefit of having central air conditioning is efficiency. Central air conditioner installation requires that air ducts be strategically placed all throughout the property in a strategic fashion. This allows cool air to reach various parts of the property. These appliances are also quite large and can change the temperature in an entire building. Central air conditioning systems do not need any open windows in order to operate. In fact, they need the opposite. Therefore, these appliances are much safer to have than portable and window air conditioning units.


The central air conditioning system’s upfront cost can be steep. If your property does not already have the ductwork, you will need to be ready for a longer and more costly construction job. Also, central air conditioning systems do not typically give you the option to control the temperature of each room separately.

There are many other types of air conditioning systems available. When it comes to replacing or installing a new air conditioning system, it is best to speak to a professional. Licensed professionals, such as the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating have the expertise, skill, and training to help you decide what HVAC system would fit your property best. If you live in the Arlington, TX, area, and would like to schedule a consultation for air conditioner installation, contact the staff at One Hour Air Conditioning & heating of Fort Worth.

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