Air Conditioning 101: The Basics Everybody Must Know | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning 101: The Basics Everybody Must Know | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

With the increased temperatures that different parts of the world are now facing, the demand for coolers or air conditioners has surged and reached its highest point. To keep an AC running properly and working efficiently at your home or a commercial place, it is necessary that you have some basic knowledge of it. You will want to know how it works, how to take care of it, what maintenance is needed, and how frequently these should be performed in order to keep your system in working order.

Many times the issue might require you to call for heating and air condition serviceor heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX. But otherwise, if you know to handle the basic stuff you can prevent smaller problems into turning into bigger ones.

Here in this article, we have highlighted some of the main components and basic ideas regarding air conditions and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Meaning of Cooled Air

The cool air that comes out of an air conditioner is as a result of the system making use of a chemical substance called the ‘refrigerant’. This substance has such properties that it removes heat from the air. These air-cooled air conditioners are most commonly used in homes and even light commercial places.

For places with the heavy use of cooled air or those that are very large and needs to be cooled entirely, central systems are used. These are primarily installed in large buildings and their system uses water to cool down the air.

Importance of Refrigerant

In an AC system that is air cooled, the refrigerant is the substance that is core to the process. This substance has an interesting property that makes it very useful for this appliance, and that is to convert from gas to liquid and vice versa. As the temperature, pressure, and form of the refrigerant changes, it has the capacity and capability of both releasing heat and absorbing it.

Heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX explains that during the installation process of the system the refrigerant is added. This substance then for the entire life of the system cycles continuously in a loop through the components of the AC in various forms.

To take advantage of these properties of a refrigerant related to release and absorption of cold and hot air respectively every system consists of two parts namely an indoor component comprising of an evaporator or air handler and an outdoor component that includes condenser and compressor.

The Process and Its Vital Components

The process of cooling a space with one of these systems is a continuous cycle. As the starting point to understand the process and to know how air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is handled by experts let’s start with the point where the heat is removed from the air inside the place which needs to be cooled.

Evaporator Coil

This step takes place at the evaporator coil which is a part of the indoor unit/ component. It is a long coiled metal tube that looks like as if it is covered with small fins.

As the refrigerant travels through this coil it transforms into gas and starts the process of removing heat from the surrounding air. The purpose of the fins that are provided around the hose allows the heat to be absorbed in this extra surface area. Air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX also put the focus on the fans that also help in the process and are essential for the proper functioning of an AC.


As the gas passes through the coil and leaves it the refrigerant has now turned into a low-pressure gas that now moves towards the compressor. This component is often known as the heart of the air conditioner by air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. It is named this because its job is to pump the refrigerant through the system into the next component of the outdoor unit which is the condenser.

The compressor actually compresses the low-pressure gas which then turns to a high-pressure gas that is hot and is flown into the condenser.


A condenser is also in the shape of a coil that is available in the outdoor unit. As per the system and structure of the unit the hot pressurized air in the form of absorbed heat is released into the outside space where it dissipates. According to the experts in air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX fans are also involved in the last step of the process.

How Air Flow Helps

As mentioned earlier, the condenser unit and the evaporator which are both present in the unit in the form of coils, that releases and absorbs heat, requires the use of fans to get done with the process smoothly and in an ongoing cycle.  As explained by heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX the indoor fan is responsible to move air over the evaporator coils, blow cooled air into the ducts, and then finally into the rooms or the spaces where it is needed, whereas the fans attached to the outdoor unit blows over the condenser coils that allows the heat to be released easily.

Final Consideration

To avoid any such situations where the whole unit or your system shuts down and refuses to work it is necessary that you know how it works so that you can bring it back to functioning. Understanding its components helps you identify the issue easily and gives you ideas as to how you can tackle it efficiently.

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