Air Conditioning Repair Questions: What To Do If You Have A Noisy Air Conditioning System | Fort Worth, TX

Air Conditioning Repair Questions: What To Do If You Have A Noisy Air Conditioning System | Fort Worth, TX

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In addition to being efficient and cooling down a room to a comfortable temperature, we also want our AC systems to run pretty much silently. Ideally, the system would be running in the background and we wouldn’t hear a thing. A noisy Ac system can be very distracting, especially if you have a home office. It may also be a sign that there’s something wrong with your unit.

In general, you can expect newer systems to be quieter than older systems. If you have an old system, it might be slightly louder than a new system because of how it is designed. There really isn’t too much that you can do about the baseline noise although you might be able to cushion some of the parts in order to dampen any banging sounds that you might hear when the AC is in operation.

But, if you suspect that your AC system is noisier than it should be, one of the first things that you should do is call an air conditioning repair company in Fort Worth, TX as soon as possible. In most cases, this isn’t something that you’ll want to attempt to repair yourself, as air conditioning repair services for a noisy system will usually require you to disassemble the entire unit. This can require quite a lot of experience and technical know-how. In this article, we’ll look at the various components of a noisy AC system, as well as the most likely AC repair services in Fort Worth, TX that you’ll need.

The Root of the Noise Will Vary Depending on the Type of AC Unit That You Have

First things first, you must realize that the root of the noise will vary significantly depending on the type of AC system that you have. This will also affect the type of air conditioning repair services that will be needed to silence the system.

For example, if you have a noisy window AC unit, the sound likely comes from outside. The solution to this is to block incoming sound using different types of insulation or fittings. If you have an attic unit, the noise could be just due to sound transfer. The best thing that you can do in this solution is to add a sound barrier and some type of vibration-absorbing mat. The sound should get silenced immediately.

Reasons Why You Should Silence a Noisy AC System Immediately

Even if the noise coming from the AC system feels tolerable, you should still consider calling an air conditioning repair service as soon as you can to silence it. Why? Allowing the AC system to continue to run without at least having it inspected can be very damaging to your entire HVAC unit. Here are some of the reasons why you should call an air conditioning repair service as soon as you can:

  • The noise may be an indication that some of the parts are loose. If you do not get these parts tightened immediately, then they’ll continue to unravel within the AC system. Before long, they could cause some of the components to become misaligned. This could put a tremendous amount of strain and pressure on certain parts of the AC system; thus, causing more parts to become damaged. You might be faced with an incredibly expensive air conditioning repair bill afterward.


  • The noise may be an indication that your system is inefficient. If some of the parts are misaligned, it means that the cool air from the AC system is able to escape and enter other parts of the home. If you allow this to continue, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money on your energy bill!


  • The noise is distracting and can keep you up at night. Worst of all, if you allow the problem to fester, the noise might get louder and louder, making it even more difficult for you to concentrate throughout the day or sleep through the night. Silencing a noisy AC system will greatly improve your quality of living.


  • The noise could also lower the market value of your home. If you plan on putting your home up on the market in the next several months or years, the noisy AC system could very well drive many potential buyers away. Not many people would be willing to live in a loud and noisy home when there are other alternatives.

The bottom line is that you should definitely consider calling an air conditioning repair company as soon as possible. A licensed HVAC technician in Fort Worth, TX will be able to quickly take a look at your unit in order to find out what’s wrong. Most technicians will also come up with several different solutions that fit different needs and budgets.

Popular Solutions for Fixing a Naturally Noisy AC System

If your AC system is new and you already notice that it’s noisy, it may not necessarily need air conditioning repair services because something is wrong. Instead, it could be because the AC is vibrating against a hard surface when it is running. There are several different solutions for this. They include:

  • Fencing, which involves putting up a fence in front of or around the AC unit. This is a fairly simple thing that any air conditioning repair technician will be able to do. The fence basically acts as a barrier that traps the noise and prevents it from getting distributed around your home. There are many different ways that you can set up this fence, but the easiest is to use plywood. The only thing that you need to remember is that the fence needs to be at least 3 feet away from the air conditioner in order to not restrict any airflow. With that said, this might not be the best solution as some homeowners are worried that the fence may affect the overall efficiency of the unit.


  • A sound blanket. Another thing that you can try to do is to use a sound blanket that fits over the AC unit. The sound blanket will be able to trap the noise in order to keep your AC unit as quiet as possible.

Once again, these are not the only potential solutions available. If you find that your AC unit is naturally too loud, it could be because it was installed improperly. If this is the case, you will need an air conditioning repair technician to re-install the unit or to patch up any components that may not be properly aligned.

Other Potential Tips You Can Try

Other than installing a barrier, there are other solutions that may help as well. If you’re not too sure how effective these solutions may be, consider speaking with an HVAC technician. They’ll be able to assess which solution may be most suitable for your situation. These other potential tips include:

  • Finding a different location for the AC unit. Your AC unit may be installed in an area with walls that easily reflect sound. This environment will easily heighten the amount of noise that the AC unit makes. In fact, even the slightest sound can be amplified to an unbearable degree. Most experts will recommend installing the AC unit away from bedrooms or rooms with a lot of frequent activity in order to limit the number of disruptions you experience throughout the day.


  • Scheduling regular maintenance. Regular maintenance and services can also keep the AC unit as sound-free as possible. The HVAC technician will be able to easily catch any issues that may be present before they worsen. Regular maintenance will also include a thorough cleaning that gets rid of all of the dust and dirt that have accumulated inside the unit. Although this may come as a surprise, these contaminants can actually cause the unit to become noisier as the various components need to work harder in order to cool down the room. You might start to hear a louder rumble come from the AC unit. Once everything inside is cleaned up, you will notice a significant difference in the amount of noise that is made. Although your unit may not be completely silent, it will make less noise.

Some HVAC companies even have their own secret tips and tricks, especially if they’ve been around for some time. They’ll pick up on some skills that could easily help you silence even the loudest AC unit. These technicians will be able to help you figure out a solution with ease.

Changes in Noise Can Mean Trouble

Last but not least, we thought we’d touch upon the type of noise that the AC unit is making. Depending on the type of noise it is, it could signify trouble, which is why it is imperative that homeowners spend some time paying attention to their HVAC system. If there are any changes to the types of noises that your AC unit makes, call an air conditioning repair technician right away. Some of the most common noises that signify that there’s a problem include:

  • Squealing noises. These noises usually come from outdoor components and signify that there’s too much internal pressure inside the system. You’ll need to turn your AC unit off right away and call an air conditioning repair company to come to take a look. Don’t turn the unit back on until the HVAC company has arrived.


  • Hissing noises. This usually means that there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere. It means that your AC system is not very efficient because the refrigerant is leaking out. The refrigerant is also toxic and dangerous to humans and pets, so you’ll definitely want to call a professional out to your home immediately. If the hissing sound transforms into a gurgling sound, it basically means that the leak has widened or become larger. It’ll be much more difficult to repair. This is why it’s always best to call an air conditioning repair company right away. You’ll be able to avoid hefty repair bills if you do.


  • Buzzing noises. These types of noises are usually indicative of an electrical issue. The issue could vary from something related to the condenser fan motor to the relay switches that are inside the AC unit. Since it’s dangerous to work on electrical issues without any technical know-how or experience, this is also something that you’d want to call an AC repair company for. It’s always better to leave these issues in the hands of professionals.

It’s typically much more difficult to detect outdoor noise because the noise is projected to your yard. You might only notice the noise if you are in a room that’s close to the AC system. To make sure that you do not miss these noises, check on your AC system from the outside periodically throughout the entire year.

Call Us for Air Conditioning Repair Services!

With time, your AC system will likely get louder and louder. This is most likely because various components and parts will start to loosen with time. Some other parts will also start to age. This is very normal and is only an indication that the system requires some type of air conditioning repair service. The cost of the air conditioning repair service will vary depending on what components and parts are damaged.

If you’re looking for dependable air conditioning repair services in Fort Worth, TX, consider giving One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth a call. Our licensed and certified HVAC professionals can take care of your air conditioning repair needs with ease. We’ll be able to easily diagnose what is causing the noise and silence the system, so you can enjoy the cooling effects of your AC without getting distracted or interrupted by the noise. Our technicians in Fort Worth, TX can also work with you to come up with a feasible solution if you’re on a budget.

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