Air Conditioning Service: 9 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Air Conditioning System | Plano, TX

Air Conditioning Service: 9 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Air Conditioning System | Plano, TX

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With summer months in Plano, TX getting hotter and hotter, most homeowners are now considering an AC unit to be an essential part of their home. Without an AC unit blowing cool air into your home, the hotter months can quickly become unbearable.

There are many different AC systems that are available. Are you interested in switching to a portable AC unit? These systems have a lot to offer and may be the best option for your home, as it requires little air conditioning services throughout the year. If you are interested in this type of system, take a look at 9 factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the perfect portable air conditioning unit for your home.

#1. Cost

The first thing that anyone ever considers is the cost of the portable air conditioning unit. Portable AC units for residential homes can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to up to a thousand dollars. Portable AC units for commercial uses, however, can cost several thousand if not tens of thousands of dollars.

With that said, the range in cost is quite high. It’ll depend on the brand of the AC, the features that it has, its capabilities and more. When looking for an AC unit, you must first consider what your budget is and whether you’d be willing to pay more for a unit that’s energy efficient. Some HVAC companies will purchase the AC unit for you. Because they purchase in bulk or have an account with the manufacturer, they are often able to get a better deal on the AC unit.

Consider the air conditioning service costs associated with each unit as well. More complex and complicated units may cost more to service. A unit that needs its filters replaced and changed regularly will also cost more to maintain.

#2. Size vs. Room Size

The size of the unit will also be something that you need to consider. Most homeowners purchase portable AC units that will cool only one room; however, there are some units that are much more powerful and capable of cooling the entire house. If you plan on moving the portable AC unit regularly, you’ll want to consider the weight and overall size of the unit to determine whether it really is portable.

Another thing that you’ll want to consider is the size of the unit compared to the size of your room. If you are looking to cool a relatively large room, you’re going to need a much larger AC unit. If the size of the AC unit is not compatible with the size of the room, the unit will need to work much harder and will be much more likely to need additional air conditioning services in the future.

To determine whether the portable AC unit is suitable for the size of the room, you’ll want to look at its BTU. You’ll need a BTU of about 5,000 to cool a 150 square feet room. You’ll need a portable AC unit with a BTU of 14,000 to cool a 700 square feet room. If you’re unsure of what BTU is required to cool the size of your room, ask! Our licensed technicians can help you figure everything out.

#3. Energy Efficiency

Everyone is talking about energy efficiency nowadays, and most homeowners want to look for a portable AC unit that will be energy efficient. Our licensed technicians can help you find a portable AC unit that is accredited by Energy Star. We’ll also help you figure out whether it’s worth switching to an energy efficient unit.

#4. Dual Hose vs. Single Hose

Another thing that you need to consider air conditioning service is whether you want an AC unit that operates on a dual hose or a single hose. If you’re not sure what’s best for your home, you can always ask one of our licensed technicians. They’ll walk you through the pros and cons in much more detail, and explain which system they think is a better fit for your home and why.

A single-hose system will use the same hose for both intaking and exhausting air. It is technically not as efficient as a dual-hose air conditioner and may need more air conditioning services with time. These systems, however, are less expensive.

Dual hose systems, on the other hand, have one intake hose and one exhaust hose. These AC units tend to be more energy efficient, and will also operate much more quickly. They can cool a room about 40% faster than a single hose system. These systems are generally recommended more often than single hose systems and are more compatible with larger homes and rooms.

#5. Overall Noise

No one wants to live in a noisy home. Some air conditioners, however, are as noisy as they get. They’re distracting, and all of the bangs and sounds that they make can wake you up at night. In general, most portable AC units nowadays make minimal noises. The noises that they do make are background noises that you’ll filter out soon enough. With that said, you still want to consider the overall noise that each model will make.

If you can, go to an HVAC company that already has the model that you’re interested in. Ask someone to turn on the unit, so you can gauge how loud it is. You can also go online to read customer reviewers and see whether anyone has complained about noise. You can also ask our licensed technicians for recommendations. If you’re dead set on a particular unit, but know that it’s a bit noisy, one of the air conditioning services that we provide is insulating the AC units.

#6. Ease of Use, Installation and Servicing

Look for a portable AC unit that is simple and easy to use. You want to look for something that comes with not too many, but not too little controls. You’ll also want something that’s easy to understand. Other than ease of use, you’ll also want to make sure that the portable AC unit is fairly easy to install and service. After all, air conditioning services in Plano, TX can be rather expensive if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Consider the amount of air conditioning service that the unit will need. For example, consider whether the filter will need to be replaced frequently and whether the unit needs to be serviced on a regular basis. Air conditioning service fees can add up, so you definitely want a unit that can run as smoothly as possible. You should also consider how easy it is to perform air conditioning services. In general, portable AC units are easy to work with, so servicing should take less than a day. Try to avoid units that will take weeks to service or repair.

Before agreeing to let any HVAC company install a portable AC unit, get several quotes first on not only the cost of installation, but also the cost of all air conditioning services that may be associated with your unit. This includes preventative maintenance services. This will allow you to easily vet unreasonable and unfair prices and determine whether a unit is easy to service.

#7. Overall Aesthetics

You don’t want your portable AC unit to be an eyesore. As portable air conditioners can take up some real estate in your rooms, you want to make sure that you choose a unit that is aesthetically pleasing. There are many portable AC units that can pull off both function and form. You can find AC units in different shapes and sizes and in different colors. Our technicians can help you find a portable AC unit that blends in with the aesthetics of your home. We will also consider factors, like whether the portable AC unit is easy to access for air conditioning services.

If you already have a slight idea of what you’re looking for, show our licensed technicians the type of styles that you’re interested in. We can make recommendations of systems that are similar, but may be more compatible with your needs. We will also consider the reputation and reliability of the brand. After all, although aesthetics is important, you definitely want to choose a unit that won’t require much air conditioning services in the future.

#8. Condensate Type

Another important factor to consider is the condensate type. With portable AC units, there are three different types to choose from. They include:


  • Drip air conditioners, which deposit all of the condensate into an internal compartment. This type of conditioner will require you to dump the condensate from time to time. If you use your AC regularly, this compartment can fill up rather quickly.


  • Partial drip air conditioners, which will release most of its condensate through exhaust hoses. Some of the water may still be redirected into a drip pan; however, you won’t need to dump the water as often as with drip air conditioners.


  • No-drip air conditioners, which release all of the condensate into the air. This type of portable AC unit is the least problematic, which is why they have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Each condensate type will also come with its own host of problems. Our licensed technicians will walk you through the pros and cons of each system, as well as the type of air conditioning services it will need in the future.

#9. Additional Features

Another factor to consider is whether the portable AC comes with additional features that will make your life easier. As technology advances, there are more and more AC units that offer additional features at low costs. Some of the additional features that you may want to look for include:

A programmable thermostat. Leave everything up to the AC, so you don’t have to manually adjust anything. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the air conditioner to a precise temperature and then trust that the portable AC unit will turn off once the room reaches that temperature. This is also one of the easiest parts to fix with an air conditioning service.


  • An auto drain system. You’ll also need fewer air conditioning services if you opt for a portable AC unit with an auto drain system. This system will turn all liquid inside your unit from condensation into exhaust.



  • Remote control access. No one wants to have to get up to set the temperature every single time. Remote control access will give you more control over your portable AC unit from a distance.




  • Dehumidifier. Some portable AC units come with a dehumidifier that will remove moisture and dampness from the air. This can be really beneficial for many reasons. For one, it can remove microbial growth to improve overall air quality.


If you’re not sure what additional features you need, you can always ask one of our technicians during the air conditioning service. They can tell you what brands to choose, what features each model has and other information. They can also give you recommendations based on your needs and expectations.

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