Air Conditioning Service: Common Reasons Your A/C Unit Runs All Day | Azle, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Common Reasons Your A/C Unit Runs All Day | Azle, TX

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The spring months are slowly inching closer, which is why it may be a good idea to get on the phone and schedule an air conditioning service in Azle, Tx. While you may not be thinking about your air conditioning much right now, once the temperatures start rising you will demand a brilliant performance. In the Texas area, HVAC systems rely heavily on the air conditioning component, and frequent servicing can mean the difference between replacing and repairing your system.

On average a HVAC unit lasts about 12 to 15 years, although a well-serviced unit can last upwards of 20 years. In order to get the most out of your investment, you want to fall into the latter category. Even if your unit has already been serviced this year, you may want to think about booking an air conditioning service to check out other problems. For example, if you notice that your air conditioning is running frequently this may indicate an issue.

While the temperatures are hot in Texas, a unit that runs non-stop can indicate a problem. Keep in mind that most systems do run frequently by design because it is more energy-efficient to keep a home at one standard temperature than it is to jump back and forth between degrees. This is one reason why it doesn’t pay to adjust your thermostat all day or turn it completely off for just a few hours. That said, running around the clock is also atypical, especially during the evenings.

This is a clear sign that you may need an air conditioning service in Azle, TX and maybe even some repairs. The following are a few of the most common reasons why your air conditioning may be running around the clock, and what you can do to fix it. Acting now before the thick heat of the summer kicks in can help you ensure that your HVAC system is fully ready to face the hot months. This way you don’t have to worry about becoming a sweaty mess as a result of an HVAC emergency.

Your HVAC System Is the Wrong Size or Improperly Installed

Clearly this is the most expensive issue to have with your HVAC system, outside of simply needing a new system installed. However, you shouldn’t discount the size of your HVAC system if you are having an issue with your A/C running all day.

Sometimes to cut costs people install HVAC units that are actually too small for their homes. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but the unit will then have to work harder to cool the large amount of space in your home. THis means that the A/C will run all day running up your energy costs and still never actually reach your desired temperature. In addition, the system will likely be subject to undue wear and tear which means you will end up calling for air conditioning service aid more than you should.

On the other hand, an HVAC system that is too large can also cause problems. A large system will not be able to properly remove moisture out of the air which means that only clammy, humid, moist air will be released. This results in a system that runs for much shorter periods than it should. As a result, the system will be switching on and off frequently which eats up the energy in your home and runs up your utility bills.

It may be hard to believe, but 75% of all A/C issues can be fixed by simply correcting the installation of a system and its ductwork and matching it with the right-size A/C unit with some straight forward air conditioning service. Much like Goldilocks and the three bears, you need to pick the system that is ‘Just Right’ when compared to your space. Unless you plan to spend a lot of money in adjustments for systems that are too big or too small, consult with an HVAC professional to get a reasonable assessment.

Check the Condition of Your Air Filter

If the size of your system is not a variable, then you can move on to looking at other problems that may be causing your air conditioning system to run all day and you may need air conditioning service. One of the easiest causes may be a dirty, old air filter. Take a minute to think about the last time that you changed the air filter in your system. If it has been over a year, then there is a good chance that your air filter is not allowing air to easily flow through it. As a result, your air conditioner is not able to produce as much cool air forcing the system to run more frequently to make up for it.

One of the number one reasons that people call for air conditioning service is because of dirty filters. Over time the system is unable to compensate for the poor airflow and breaks down. At some point, the system will be working overtime because of the dirty filter and simply overheats. This can all be avoided by simply remembering to change your A/C’s air filter regularly. If you are unsure of how to do so, ask your HVAC technician at your next air conditioning service and they will likely be happy to show you.

Thermostat Is Not Functioning Correctly

If it’s not your filter, then you may want to take a close look at your thermostat in your Azle, TX, home to make sure that it’s properly measuring the temperature of the air. In some cases, your home may be properly cooling, but the thermostat is not recognizing it so the A/C unit keeps running.

There are several easy ways to check if your thermostat is working correctly. One is to place a second thermometer close to the thermostat. Wait an hour or two for the thermometer to accurately adjust to the temperature in the room and check it. If the number on the thermometer and thermostat does not match then this is an indication that your thermostat is not correctly measuring the temperature in your home.

Sometimes you can quickly troubleshoot the problem by resetting your thermostat or changing its batteries. You also may try to increase the thermostat by five degrees to see if it automatically causes the A/C to kick in. Finally, always make sure that the thermostat is set to cool or heat appropriately. If these easy fixes don’t lend themselves to any results it is probably time to call for an air conditioning service.

Dirty Air Conditioner Coils

There are a lot of things that can restrict airflow within your A/C unit outside of the filter. The air conditioning coils can also affect airflow if they are covered in dirt and debris. Simple household debris like pet hair, grass clippings, mud, or other small items that can drop through your cooling vents all can prevent air from properly flowing across the coils causing you to need air conditioning service.

Once this happens, the performance of your A/C system will be diminished which means a less efficient system that has to run all day in order to keep up. This is one reason why an annual air conditioning service is so important. As part of the service, an HVAC technician will clean the air conditioner coils to make sure that your system is able to perform at its peak. As part of the cleaning, the technician will closely inspect your evaporator and condenser coils. Keep in mind that the evaporator coil is also exposed to circulated air from your home, so it’s very easy for the blower to push dirt and dust into it.

Poor Home Insulation Leading to Air Leaks

Another reason your A/C unit may be on all of the time and needing air conditioning service is because the cool air is escaping out of your home. Poorly insulated homes lose a lot of energy out of leaks. If your home is always losing cool air then your A/C will have to work overtime to continually replace it. Eventually, you end up in a situation where your A/C is running all of the time because all of its energy is simply disappearing.

Homes have a lot of surprising areas where energy can escape including small holes in the roofing or non-insulated walls. If you have a lot of leaks in your home then your A/C unit may never be able to reach your intended temperature, even if it runs all day. Sealing your home is a very important part of home maintenance. If you think that your insulation needs updating or your roof needs repaired it may be a good idea to do so.

Putting off repairs in other areas of your home will eventually affect your heating and cooling costs. When you add up the extra you spend yearly on energy loss and then factor in the extra wear and tear you are placing on your HVAC system since it is forced to run constantly, the simple maintenance costs of air conditioning repair will be much less.

Keep in mind that you can also lose air through your basement, which is actually a frequent problem during the summer months. Since hot air rises, most of the cold air settles into the lowest area of your home. This normally wouldn’t be an issue, but if you are losing your cool air out the basement then you are effectively wasting the coolest air in your home every day and being a good reason to call for air conditioning service.

Your A/C Unit Needs Serviced

Like most things, an improperly serviced A/C unit is not going to run as well as one that is properly maintained. If your A/C system is running all day and you haven’t had it looked at then it’s time to schedule an air conditioning service call. While you need one now, it is a good idea to talk to your technician and find out what his recommendations for the next service call should be. Most HVAC manufacturers also recommend routine servicing.

Most HVAC technicians recommend that a system have regular maintenance performed and air conditioning service twice a year, once in the spring before temperatures peak and then in the fall once the system is turned off. The aim of this schedule is to clean out your system of all dirt and debris before you start heavily using it and then to clean out all of the dirt and debris that builds up from heavy use.

As part of your routine service, an HVAC technician will clean your system’s coils, ducts, and air filter which in turn will solve any issues with airflow and help prevent your HVAC system from inefficient cycling. Sometimes despite being serviced a system can grow dirty for one reason or another. Running all day or other odd cycling patterns can be a sign that your system needs to be cleaned again. Instead of ignoring this sign, you should contact a professional technician who can return to look over your system.

The quicker you contact someone for air conditioning service the sooner you can get to the root of the problem before it becomes costly and requires massive repairs. If you need to order parts, there is a good chance that you will need to wait which means dealing with the heat during the hottest months of the summer.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth in Azle, TX is made up of trained HVAC technicians who are happy to come out and evaluate your system if you notice that it is running frequently. We will take a close look at the system and make sure that everything is clean and properly lubricated. If necessary, as part of our service call we can replace any parts that look worn out and check the thermostat to make sure that it is running properly. Our regular air conditioning service calls help our customers lengthen the lives of their HVAC systems, and if you give us a call today we can help you out as well.