Air Conditioning Service: How Will You Conserve More Energy In The Coming Summer? | Azle, TX

Air Conditioning Service: How Will You Conserve More Energy In The Coming Summer? | Azle, TX

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Higher temperatures usually result in having skyrocketing bills in the summer, especially when you don’t know how to conserve energy. We’ll talk about helpful tips in this article to help you save energy in the summer and reduce your utility bills. If you need more help, contact a certified air conditioning service technician in Azle, TX.

Energy-saving tips in the kitchen:

Minimize Oven Size

To avoid increasing the temperature in your kitchen, consider preparing meals without using the oven. The oven produces a lot of heat, and it can quickly make your kitchen hotter, especially when you repeatedly open the unit. If possible, use a slow cooker as it uses less electricity than the oven and produces less heat. Use toaster ovens for smaller meals and the microwave for heating your food. Barbecue is even a good idea, and it also allows you to breathe some fresh air outdoors.

While an air conditioning service can help cool your home, there are other things you can do to avoid increasing your home’s temperature. You can also stay cooler by eating cold desserts instead of baking a cake. Having some cold drinks in the kitchen or while outdoors also helps you feel cooler. You can avoid turning on the air conditioner when you know how to make yourself feel cooler. Should you decide to install an air conditioner though, please only work with a certified technician to ensure the proper installation of your unit.

Turn Off the Dishwasher’s Drying Feature

Besides the water it uses, your dishwasher can also consume a significant amount of heat, especially when it’s time to dry your dishes. To save energy, turn off your dishwasher’s drying feature and air dry your dishes instead. If you’re only washing a few dishes, then we suggest that you do it by hand. When using the dishwasher, it’s more energy-efficient to only run it on full loads.

As a rule of thumb: avoid using appliances or electronic devices that use a lot of heat. Should you use the oven or dishwasher, do it outside of peak hours to save more energy.


Take Cool Showers

You really wouldn’t want to take a hot shower or bath when it’s super hot outside. Instead, switch to a cool shower to feel cooler and save energy at the same time. After taking a shower, consider letting your hair air-dry, especially when you’re just staying at home. Blow dryers can use up a lot of heat which also translates to more energy usage. If you need to use the dryer, then use the cool air setting for drying your hair.

Run the Exhaust Fan

If you decide to use the hot shower in the bathroom, then make sure that you run the bathroom fan because hot showers produce humidity and steam. The fan can help you pull the heat and steam out of your bathroom. You can also open the window or door if you don’t have a bathroom fan.

We all take showers so that we feel cleaner, refreshed, and also cooler. When it’s sweltering hot and the shower only provides temporary relief from the heat, consider calling a technician in Azle, TX, for an air conditioning service. Having an air conditioner in your home can make you feel a lot cooler. However, we suggest that you don’t always use it to save energy and money.

Laundry Room

Washers and dryers also use up a lot of energy that can skyrocket your bills. Below are some tips to help you save energy in the laundry room. If you’re ready to get an air conditioning service for your entire home, then contact a technician today.

Use the Clotheslines

Do you know that your dryer produces a lot of heat for drying your clothes? One of the most effective ways to save money in the laundry room is by ditching the dryer and then using a clothesline for air-drying your clothes. Just make sure that you don’t use direct sunlight, for it might damage some fabric.

Use Cold Water for Washing

To maximize energy savings, why not use cold water for washing your clothes? Simply set the washer to cold in the summer to save more energy and money. Another benefit of using cold water is that it can reduce the amount of heat the washer produces and then protect the fabric from wear and tear.

Buy Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers

If you already have an old washing machine, consider getting a new one that’s more energy-efficient. Older machines tend to be less energy-efficient, which means they may use up a lot of energy for cleaning your clothes. For installation, do make sure to only hire a certified technician in Azle, TX.

Another way to save energy and avoid water disasters in the laundry room is by maintaining your appliances. Ensure that you also periodically check it, especially the washing machine hoses. If possible, invest in a stainless steel braided hose as they are not susceptible to damage. If there are issues with your washing machine, be sure to contact a technician right away to avoid further damage to your appliance.

Energy-saving tips for your windows:

If you already have an air conditioning service in your home, then ensure that the cooled air doesn’t escape to your windows. Cracks and air leaks in your window frames can let the cooler air outside. Below are some tips to keep the cooled air inside your home:

Install Window Shades

If you have double-pane or single-pane windows, more than 70 percent of the sunlight that reaches the windows also enters your home as heat. It’s going to drastically increase the temperature in your home. And when it’s too hot, your AC may have to work harder, consuming more energy. Heavy use of your air conditioner may also lead to system breakdowns eventually. You can avoid calling an air conditioning service technician for costly repairs when you ensure that the heat doesn’t enter your home. One of the best things is to use blackout shade or curtains to prevent the sunlight from entering your home. You may even consider replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows as it’s more effective in blocking off the heat.

When building a new home, consider planting trees close to the windows to prevent direct sunlight from entering your home.

Install Window Awnings

Window awnings are effective at keeping the sunlight away from your windows. They extend over and above your windows to provide shade and also protection from the sun. If you have west-facing windows, window awnings provide more protection. Your air conditioner won’t have to work harder, and you can avoid calling an air conditioning technician for repairs.

For the best sun protection, we also suggest that you choose awnings made of light-colored materials or opaque. Only hire certified professionals in Azle, TX, for the installation and if you need air conditioning service.

Close Curtains or Blinds on South and Windows That Are Facing West

Do you know that the south and west-facing windows receive more sunlight in the summer? If you have windows facing these directions, then make sure that you close them in the summer, especially during the day. You may open them during the night to let the night cool air in.

To save money on your AC and avoid calling an air conditioning service technician for repairs, consider not overusing your appliance. Look for effective ways to cool yourself or your home, like having good ventilation.

Apply Reflective Films or Sun Control to Your Windows

A window film can also help you save energy in the summer. You can install them directly over the windows, and they are available in a range of tints, colors, and UV blockers. Consider getting mirror-like films for reflecting sunlight and for energy conservation.

While reflective films or window films can help you save energy, they do have some downsides. They don’t look very nice from the outside, and they will need specific cleaning requirements. Contact an air conditioning service technician if you want to know more about window films or other things you can do to save energy during summer.

You can also use mesh window screens as they offer heat protection. They are used not only to keep dust and insects outside but they are also used to block off solar radiation. Make sure they are mounted on your window’s exterior frame and cover the whole window for it to work effectively. If you need more help or other ways to save energy during summer, contact an air conditioning service technician in your area.

Replace Your Old Conditioner

If you have an old and inefficient air conditioner, we recommend that you get a new one that’s more energy-efficient. You’ll know it’s time to get a new air conditioning service when you keep getting higher energy bills every month. It’s also time to get a new one when you keep calling an air conditioning service technician for repairs. Remember, repairs can add up over time. It will be more cost-effective to get a new one instead.

When choosing a new air conditioner, it’s essential to get the right size for it. Don’t buy a small air conditioner if you’re cooling a big room, or you’ll end up with higher bills. Your unit will also work harder since it’s not the correct size. Eventually, you’ll end up calling an air conditioning service technician for repair. Contact us if you need help deciding what air conditioner to purchase for your home.

More energy-saving tips:

  1. If you have a ceiling fan, we highly recommend turning them on so your air conditioner won’t have to work harder. The ceiling fan can keep you cooler and also help you regulate the temperature in your home. You can avoid calling an air conditioning service technician in Azle, TX if your AC doesn’t work harder to reach your desired temperature.
  1. If you’re not home, then there’s no need to turn on the air conditioner. Change your thermostat setting to about 78 degrees to save more energy. You can also invest in a smart thermostat so you won’t have to keep changing the temperature in your home. You can set your daily schedule using your smart thermostat. For other issues with your air conditioning service, please contact a technician.
  2. Fix air leaks and improve the insulation in your home. You can avoid calling an air conditioning service technician in Azle, TX, for repairs when the air conditioner doesn’t work harder. Your unit will work hard when your home doesn’t have good insulation and has issues with drafts or leaks. Address the problem at the soonest possible time for more savings.
  3. If you’re using an air conditioning service, then ensure that you clean and replace filters every two to three months. A buildup of dirt or debris in your AC filters will cause the air conditioner to work harder. Eventually, you’ll have to call an air conditioning service technician for repairs.
  4. Invest in ENERGY STAR appliances as they consume less energy and are more efficient. For installation, make sure to only hire a certified technician.

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