Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX | A Task That Should Only Be Handled by Professionals

Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX | A Task That Should Only Be Handled by Professionals

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Window, as well as split AC units, require regular servicing in order to ensure that they are always fully operational and continue to give excellent results throughout their service life. This is why air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is so very important when it comes to extending the service life of your expensive appliance. At the same time, such servicing also ensures that it always operates at peak capacity. In fact, periodic maintenance of your AC will not only increase its efficacy but also stop any issues and problems, long before they even occur.

There are a few steps in the air conditioner servicing process that should be followed to ensure that your AC always works at its showroom condition.

•  Taking Care of The Main Blower

The blower present in your air conditioner is directly responsible for the cooling effect since it blows chilled air into the room. If this blower becomes dirty or clogged in thick grime and dust, then it will be too weighed down to spin at its original speed.

This will mean that in spite of the other parts working flawlessly, the fan will simply not be able to circulate the cold air into your room fast enough to bring down the ambient temperature.

The other big disadvantage of a dirty fan is that the heavyweight will force the compressor to work even harder so that the unit is able to maintain the desired temperature in the room. This will lead to a direct increase in your energy bills.

However, any experienced outfit skilled in air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will be sure to take care of the problem. They will dismantle the whole blower unit and clean the assembly as thoroughly as possible. In fact, this is the most basic step-in air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. They will wash the blades of the fan with mild anti-corrosive detergents and then clean the whole thing with a soft cloth. Finally, they will lightly oil the metal parts (making sure that no oil makes its way into the blower motor) and reassemble the whole thing back together again.

This step is necessary, to prevent the ingress of foreign matter. If this happens the fan will not be able to spin at its requisite speed and if the weight continues to increase, it can eventually result in the blower motor heating up till it burns out. This is why air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is so important. A blown motor can turn out to be a very costly replacement. However, timely servicing willensure that such an eventually never comes to pass.

•  Cleaning the Filters

The filters in your AC serve twin purposes. First, they provide clean air into the room and secondly, they have special anti-bacterial nets that ensure your room remains free from bacteria and other harmful germs

Moreover, choked filters mean that the entire system has to work harder leading to a larger ecological footprint as well as higher energy bills. Apart from that, the filters will also decrease the steady flow of cold air circulating throughout your room. This is why the replacement and periodic cleaning of the filters in your AC form a very important component of air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

Cleaning dirty filters is not rocket science. The good people responsible for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will simply run a high-powered blower over them and then wash them down. However, filters have a short service life, especially in areas that are hot, humid and dusty. This means that it is always better to replace them after a certain period of time. If you want your machine to remain in mint condition, then you should consider replacing your filters every four months. Here it is best to listen to the advice of the experts at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

•  Don’t Forget to Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are amongst the most delicate part of your split window-based AC unit. This is why most outfits that are well skilled in air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX typically avoid using highly abrasive detergents as well as cleaning agents in order to clean them properly.

These coils are usually cleaned with high powered jets of water and then blow dried. After that, all the bent fins are straightened out with the help of a ‘fin comb.’ This tool has been specially designed for this purpose and most companies that provide air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX carry them whenever they make house calls.

•  Check All the Wiring of the System

All the pipes, ducts and wires, as well as power lines, should be methodically inspected by the experts in this field. An exposed wire can be a critical hazard and can easily prove to be fatal to the touch. If you see such a wire you should immediately lock the room and call in a professional electrician to take a look at it.

•  Cleaning Up the Whole Mess

This is the very last step in the whole AC servicing process. The best outfits never leave a mess behind but are always careful to leave the room as neat and clean as possible.

•  Conclusion

There is plenty of relevant information online regarding air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. If you want to know anything else, you can simply get in touch with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. They will be sure to answer all your questions and queries.