Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX: Call in the Experts When Your AC Starts Malfunctioning

Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX: Call in the Experts When Your AC Starts Malfunctioning

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The coming summer promises to be one of the hottest on record. This means that life without a fully functional AC unit will become very difficult in the coming weeks.

This holds particularly true if your unit is not working properly. That is, the fan works fine but when you try to increase the cooling, the machine does not respond as desired.  There are many reasons behind this, but the foremost one is the lack of service by people who are good at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

However, before you call in the professionals, it is wise to try and troubleshoot on your own. This has to be done so that you will not be embarrassed by calling in the experts at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for something as innocuous as a set of dead batteries.

•  Check the Polarity of the Batteries

If your AC does not start when you switch it on, check the display of your remote-control unit. If it is completely blank, the odds are that it is a battery issue. Check the polarity of the batteries. If they have not been inserted correctly, the remote will not work. Align them carefully and restart the unit. Alternately, you can get fresh batteries and place them in their proper order.

If the remote is fine but the AC still does not work, you should try and check the power mains. This holds particularly true if you live in an area that is prone to frequent power fluctuations. Sometimes, the fuse trips and snaps shut to protect your delicate electronic equipment. Once the power surge is over and everything is back to normal, you may switch on the main power fuse and then proceed to re-start your AC unit.  Apart from that, you should also check to see if the cooling function is on or not.  Your AC may be is switched to ‘fan mode’ only and it will not be able to cool the room.

•  Time to Call in the Experts

Once you have gone through the entire troubleshooting checklist mentioned in the operating manual, it will be safe to assume that there is something wrong with your AC unit itself. Here, you should depend only on the accuracy of the diagnosis given by experts at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

If the AC does not cool properly, the chances are that there is as a massive leakage of refrigerant in the system.

•  What is Refrigerant Gas?

All AC units (regardless of the fact that they are window based or split units) operate by circulating refrigerant (R410) gas through the cooling coils that are present in the unit of the AC. Once this gas has leaked, your AC will function as a wall fan, by default.

As the specialists in air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will explain to you, a full charge of fresh refrigerant can easily chill your room to your desired temperature setting.

•  What Causes Cooling Gas Leaks in an AC?

There are very many reasons because of which the cooling gas will be able to burrow its way through the many ducts, pipes, and coils in your AC. However, the most basic reason for cooling gas leakage is the lack of use. In fact, the modern split AC is the embodiment of the age-old adage “Use it or lose it.”If you do not use the AC unit for an extended period of time, it is all but inevitable that the stagnant gas lying in the pipes will find the weakest spot (usually near the joints) and escape into the atmosphere.

Fortunately, this common problem can easily be corrected by the professionals at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. In fact, these highly skilled technicians will easily find the leak and also check for any other potential weak spots. They will then purge the system of its stale gas and vacuum clean the coils so that there is no leftover gas or air residue in the cooling coils. Once the system has been completely flushed of all pollutants the specialists at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will charge your AC full of fresh environment-friendly refrigerant so that the unit will be able to function as well as it did when you had initially purchased it.

Once the experts responsible for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX have successfully gotten rid of the cooling gas leakage problem and have recharged your AC, they will clean the unit. They will start with cleaning the filters or replacing them (if required) and then take out the blower fan and carefully clean it with anti-rusting detergents. Finally, they will use high powered air blowers to clean the condenser coils and straighten any bent fins with a special ‘fin straightening’ comb so that they work perfectly again.

Now that the blower and the condenser have been cleaned and the filters and cooling gas replaced they will, switch on the machine and check its cooling once again. After they are completely satisfied, they will clean up the room and leave it as neat as it was before they entered it.

•  Conclusion

If you really want your AC unit serviced properly in order to ensure that it is back to its showroom efficiency, you can try calling in the real experts in the field of air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. One really great company that you can hire for this difficult task is ‘One Hour Heating and Air.’ Once you have hired these experts, youcan sit back and relax because your AC will be up and running in no time.