Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX | Don’t Try to Take on This Job Yourself!

Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX | Don’t Try to Take on This Job Yourself!

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All machines and electrical appliances require both maintenance and servicing on a regular basis. This has to be done in order to ensure that they remain fully functional throughout their service life. This includes HVAC (heating, ventilation and air condition) units as well as their relatively simpler AC counterparts. If your AC is well-maintained by top professionals who know how to conduct air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, you will be able to enjoy your appliance’s factory-new cooling effect for many years to come.

Moreover, regular maintenance and servicing also have the added advantage of extending the overall life of your appliance. This is precisely why air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX is so very important when it comes to maintaining both split and window based AC units.  In fact, such regular maintenance can nip problems in the bud and actually prevent them from occurring in the first place.

There are many important steps in the HVAC and AC service checklist that should always be followed in order to ensure that your appliance remains working at its peak, throughout its life cycle.

•  Check the Refrigerant Gas

The leakage of refrigerant gas is arguably the single most common reason for the failure of an AC unit’s cooling capacity. This means that even though the condenser, evaporator, compressor, blower, and all other components are working fine, but the AC still does not cool the room. There are multiple reasons due to which cooling gas slowly leaks into the atmosphere.  Some of them include the following:

  • The cooling coils (in which the gas actually circulates) become weak and worn out
  • Excessive charging of the refrigerant can lead to over-pressure
  • Ruptured coils
  • Lack of usage

This last is the most common culprit.  Basically, cooling gas stagnates whenever the appliance is not used properly for an extended period of time.  It will pool into the weakest spots such as the joints of the coils and burrow a hole till it leaks into the atmosphere.  Once the Ac loses all of its cooling gas, it also loses its cooling capability as well. In fact, the amount of refrigerant is directly proportional to the cooling capacity of your appliance.

This is why switching your AC at least once a week for half an hour is considered to be one of the best maintenance activities that you can conduct. The skilled technicians responsible for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX always advise their clients and customers to keep their AC running, even in mid-winter in order to stop the slow accumulation of refrigerant gas in specific spots. This will ensure that the gas circulates evenly throughout your machine.

But in case the refrigerant has leaked completely, you will be well advised to call in the real specialists who conduct air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX on a regular basis. They will dismantle your unit and handle your leakage and other AC service related issues in the following manner:

•  Purging the Whole System

The professionals responsible for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will purge your AC or HVAC unit completely by flushing out all of the residual old and stale cooling gas that may still be present in the cooling coils.  After that, they will painstakingly inspect all the coils, junctions, ingress valves, joints, and other components in order to find the leakage/s.

Once the source of the leak has been discovered, they will mark it and continue their search until they find all the real and potential leaks. They will subsequently proceed to remove them, by carefully welding them shut so as to eliminate all chances of recurrence.

Finally, they will refill your air conditioner or HVAC unit with fresh cooling gas so that the appliance regains its ability to work as well as it ever did before.  However, it is absolutely imperative to understand that you should get your AC serviced and recharged only by highly competent technicians who are well-skilled in conductingair conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.

You should always call the real experts at air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX the instant you realize that your air conditioner is not cooling the room properly.  A leak may be very small, and it will lead to a very gradual decrease of the refrigerant present in the system.  However, it will compel your compressor to work harder to maintain the temperature in the room. In the long run, not only will it lead to higher energy bills overall, but it will also reduce the service life of your compressor as well as other vital parts of your split air conditioning system.

•  Checking all the Condenser Coils

Your AC uses its condenser coils to circulate the cooling gas in the system. Should these coils become dirty and covered in grime the refrigerant will not be able to circulate properly. This will create an additional load on the AC’s compressor and blower. If the coils are completely packed with dirt and grime, they can even cause the fan’s motor to short circuit.  The good people responsible for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will carefully clean the condensers with rust and corrosion free detergents. They will also run a special ‘fin comb’ through the coils so that they become straight again.

•  Conclusion

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