Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX | A Job for the Real Experts in the Field!

Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX | A Job for the Real Experts in the Field!

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It is very difficult to think of living through the mid-summer heat without a fully functional AC. But for an AC to work well year in and year out, it has to be serviced by experts on a regular basis. This is the part where air conditioning service in Richardson, TX comes into the picture. In fact, it is of vital importance when it comes to increasing the service life of your  AC unit.

This is particularly true because such servicing also has the potential to not only extend the life of the appliance, but it can also prevent any issues even before they occur.

When it comes to the air conditioner servicing process, you should note that that there are certain steps that must be followed to the letter. This is the only way to ensure that your AC unit will work flawlessly fine for an extended period of time. Moreover, it will give you hours of uninterrupted service.

Always Clean the Blower First

The blower unit is the beating heart of your split air conditioner. It is the component directly responsible for throwing cold air into your room. If this blower or fan becomes dirty or is clogged with thick grime, then it will directly affect the rotation speed of the fan’s blades.  This happens because they have to contend with the extra weight of the dirt. And of course, the more the grime and dirt, the heavier the load on the fan. And since a slow fan will not be able to create sufficient pressure to throw the air in the room, the thermostat will also have to work faster as well. This will not only lead to a massive increase in your power bills but if this state of affairs continues it can also potentially short circuit the blower motor as well.

However, you don’t have to worry at all if you were to hire a really great outfit responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. These people will be sure to take care of the issue by cleaning the fan quite thoroughly.

First and foremost, these top-end professionals will open your AC’ s fan or ‘blower’ unit. They will then proceed to take apart all the components that comprise this unit. After that, then they will proceed to use their own blowers to effectively blast away all of the residual sand and grit from the fan’s blades and ancillary components. Once this step is complete, the good people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will proceed to gently wipe the fan’s blades with a mild decreasing detergent present in the cotton rags the bring with them. Then they will wash away all of the residues and finally run a soft dry cloth multiple times to finish the cleaning job. They will then reassemble the whole unit and place it back into its original housing.

The Tremendous Importance of  Clean Filters

Your home ac unit is equipped with a set of filters. They have the dual purpose of not only ensuring that the air in your room is clean and fresh, but they also make sure that your AC does not get clogged with dust. In other words, they are the first line of defense against the ingress of dust and other solid pollutants as well as harmful bacteria. Using high-quality filters provided by the good people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will mean that the air in your room is free from pollen grains, dust particles, bacteria and other harmful disease and allergy-causing pollutants.

Furthermore, the experts at air conditioning service in Richardson, TX will tell you that clogged filters mean that your AC will be starved for air. This will make it work harder and thereby lead to a steep rise in your energy bills. However, filters have a short service life when compared to the other components in your AC.

Here you will have to talk to the people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX to find out if your filters need to be cleaned or outrightly replaced.

Cleaning the Pipes and Ducting System

If the cold air flows through a ducting system then they will have to be properly cleaned by the people responsible for air conditioning service in Richardson, TX. Not doing so will lead to a build-up of dirt and dust that will, in turn, clog the ducts. Moreover, ducts are prone to breakages at corners and joints. These will have to be repaired as well.

Double Check the Wiring

All the main power lines and wiring if your AC should be very carefully checked by skilled professionals who are adept at air conditioning Service in Richardson, TX. If you were to see any exposed wire, then you should switch off your ac and cut the power to the room. Since all AC units run on very high voltage, even fleeting and inadvertent contact can lead to serious injury.

Taking Care of the Post Cleaning Mess

This is the last step of the whole process of air conditioning Service in Richardson, TX. The most professional AC technicians will almost always be very careful to try and leave the room in as neat and clean a state as it was when they entered it.


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