Air Conditioning Service Tips: Why Puron Refrigerants Are The Best For Air Conditioners | Southlake, TX

Air Conditioning Service Tips: Why Puron Refrigerants Are The Best For Air Conditioners | Southlake, TX

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Refrigerants are a concern for the government after noticing a hole in the ozone layer in 1985. Freon, ammonia, and other types of coolants for air conditioners with chlorine and other toxic components were the reason behind the slow depletion of the layer.

In 1996, the government approved R410A, known as Puron refrigerant. It is a suitable replacement for the highly toxic hydrochlorofluorocarbons that deplete the protective ozone layer, leading to adverse climate change. Puron coolants are the best choice for most homeowners and air conditioning service providers in Southlake, TX, for the reasons outlined below.


Unlike Freon refrigerant, Puron does not emit chemicals that deplete the ozone layer of the planet earth. Most refrigerants have halogenated hydrocarbons with high levels of chlorine that play a part in the depletion of the layers in the stratosphere, causing global warming.

Climate changes are a threat to the sustainability of resources. Professional air conditioning service providers understand the dangers of using coolants that contain chlorine because the Hydrochlorofluorocarbons and Chlorofluorocarbons have been phased out due to their tendency and efficiency in destroying the ozone layer.

Safe for Use

Another reason why Puron Coolants are the best is their safety. Unlike Freon, which has chlorine and other chemicals that can poison people in a household after inhaling, Puron is safe for homes. Chemical poisoning is a rare occurrence in homes that can cause mild to severe health issues.

Families can be exposed to the chemicals when the refrigerant starts leaking. If your rooms are well-ventilated, the risk of Freon poisoning is minimized and vice-versa. People working close to the coolants, such as air conditioning technicians, can be exposed to the dangerous chloride chemicals, which will lead to dizziness, vomiting, nausea, or irritation of eyes and throat, with worsening symptoms if the working space is enclosed.


Puron refrigerant is also not flammable in atmospheric pressure or standard temperatures. Highly flammable refrigerants fall under the R-22 category, including propane and butane components. They also contain hydrocarbons and can explode when concentrated in one place that has fire.

For your safety, an experienced air conditioning expert will recommend and install AC units with Puron refrigerant because the R-22 is not acceptable for residential air conditioning units. The R-410A is the best for home AC units because they were declared non-flammable, making them suitable for your home.


Air conditioning contractors consider the effect of the selected refrigerant on several materials before replacing it after a leakage. If your AC has brass, copper, or steel tubing, it might not match or work at peak performance with coolants that have chlorine chemicals such as Freon and ammonia.

Since Puron is a solution to the issue of the depletion of the ozone layer after discovering the ozone hole in 1985, it has fewer toxic chemicals that can work with any AC unit despite the casing or tubing materials.

If your air conditioning service professional uses Puron to replace your refrigerant, you will not worry about matching your AC tubing with a corresponding coolant.


If you want a refrigerant that will not damage your air conditioner, then Puron coolant is your solution. Unlike other refrigerants that cause significant damage to the AC unit when leaking, the hydrofluorocarbons or R410A will not make the tubing rust, saving you from costly air conditioning service repairs and replacements.

Less Toxicity

Compared to Ammonia and Freon refrigerants, Puron is the least toxic alternative in the market. It poses less danger to human beings, the ozone layer, and the air conditioners.

The R410A chemicals released to the air as the AC runs are harmless, making the refrigerant the preferred choice by the government, air conditioning service providers, and most homeowners that value their immediate environment.

Thrives in High-Pressure Places

Puron delivers an efficient cooling effect in homes by quickly sucking the heat out of your home. If the HVAC system installed by a reliable air conditioning service contractor in Southlake, TX, is high-pressure, Puron coolant will be most efficient because it can transfer heat. Residential property owners in Texas rely on the refrigerant for maximum temperature-related comfort in cases of intense or extreme heatwaves.

Silent Air Conditioning

If your AC produces sounds when cooling your entire home, the refrigerant in the unit might be Freon or an R-22. The air conditioners using Puron coolants operate quietly, enhancing a quiet environment for you to relax.

When the cooling system starts to produce noise, call your reliable air conditioning service company for a qualified and EPA-certified technician. They will come for a quick inspection of the refrigerant because it could be running low.

Lower Energy Cost

Air conditioning units with Puron utilize lower energy because they operate at a higher pressure than R-22 refrigerants such as Freon. The fact that AC units running on the Puron coolant sucks the heat from a room, transferring to the outside, in a continuous process, uses less energy in contrast to Freon.

The AC equipment will lower your utility bill due to its energy efficiency. You should have a qualified air conditioning service provider to help you make the shift promptly if you have not upgraded to a cooling system that has Puron yet.

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If you want a safe, environmentally friendly, flexible, and more reliable and efficient refrigerant that is best for your air conditioner, Puron is the type to get. It is a coolant with the low toxic ingredients in the AC market that guarantees you better indoor air quality and reduced chances of poisoning in case of a leak.

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