Avoiding A Costly AC Repair | Keller, TX

Avoiding A Costly AC Repair | Keller, TX

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We at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth understand how stressful it can be when your air conditioner breaks down. Temperatures often reach over one hundred degrees on a typical summer day, and life without a working unit does not bear thinking about, nor the cost of an AC repair. We have NATE-trained technicians on hand at every hour of the day and night, weekends and on holidays. The people of Keller, TX can rest assured that help is at hand when they need an emergency AC repair.

Get Your Air Conditioner Regularly Maintained

No machine is indestructible, especially an air conditioner. But you can avoid unnecessary callouts in Keller, TX by having your unit regularly maintained. This is something we advise all our customers to do. We also suggest that you schedule an appointment before the summer season begins, instead book your check-up during a quieter period like the early spring. This way your unit will have been inspected for any problems, and they will have been dealt with before you start using the AC continuously.

You may be tempted to save a few dollars by skipping the maintenance, but this is a false economy. The cost of annual service is reasonable compared to the cost and inconvenience of a repair, which can run into hundreds of dollars.

You cannot put a price on the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your unit is running safely and is less likely to break down and need an AC repair. You will save money too as your conditioner will be running more efficiently, lessen the carbon footprint of the appliance and reduce your electricity bills.

Keep Your Eye Open for These Signs

During a hot spell, you may need to keep your air conditioner on for extended periods. The extra wear and tear will mean it is more likely that something will go wrong, and you will need an AC repair from us. The following signs are warning signs that your air conditioner is starting to play up. Without prompt action, your unit may break down. If you have not had any maintenance work done within a year’s time, then this is a good time to schedule an appointment.

Short-Cycling Is Occurring

Have you noticed that your compressor is turning on and off too frequently? You may have a short-cycling problem. This happens when your air conditioner is unable to complete a normal cooling cycle.

A cycle lasts about twenty minutes with ten minutes of the compressor being on and ten minutes when it is switched off. Should the compressor be switching on and off prematurely, your cooling cycle will be incomplete, and your home will be hotter than you want it to be.

Reduced Cooling Effect

Dirty air filters, low coolant levels, faulty fans are damaging your air conditioner. There are plenty of other causes why the cooling from your air conditioner is reduced. Your unit works by having the heat from the warm air in your room absorbed by the coolant inside the evaporator coils.

The less coolant in the coils the less heat will be absorbed, so the air blown back into your home will be warmer. Dirty air filters and a faulty fan will restrict the amount of warm air blown over the coils, Again, less heat will be absorbed, and the cooling effect reduced and your coils will begin to frost over.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Short-cycling and reduced cooling from the AC means that the components in your air conditioner will work harder to try and maintain the temperature and humidity levels in your home.

As they work harder, the components will use more energy and increase your bills. As you use your unit more during the height of summer it should come as no surprise that your energy bills will go up. But, if they go up by more than usual then this points to a problem with your unit. Remember the harder each component works the greater the risk it can cause those parts to overheat and need replacing during an AC repair.

Odd Noises

A problem with the fan can be the source of many strange noises coming from your air conditioner. Any loud banging noises could be because of a bent or loose blade striking the inside of your unit. A screeching sound is caused by worn-out fan belts or bearings inside the motor that drives the fan.

Should you hear these or other strange sounds you should call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth before you need an emergency AC repair.

Frost and Ice Appearing on the Evaporator Coils

All the factors that reduce the cooling effect from your air conditioner, could also result in the evaporator coils freezing over. A sign of this happening is the appearance of frost and ice on the coils. The coolant in the evaporator coils needs a certain amount of heat to stop the coils from freezing.

Low coolant levels will have this effect. Restricting the airflow over the coils will also reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the coils. Dirty air filters and a faulty fan will compound this effect.

As the frost and ice layers build up, they will act as an insulating layer further reducing the amount of heat reaching the evaporator coils. If you allow this situation to continue, the coils will completely freeze, and your air conditioner will shut down. Your unit will be out of action for up to 24-hours as the evaporator coils will need to thaw out first. Sooner or later, you will need an AC repair as your unit will break down completely.

A Dependable AC Repair Company

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has been serving the people of Keller, TX for many years. We offer a speedy AC repair service to make sure that you and your family are cool and safe.

Many of the issues highlighted above will be dealt with during regular maintenance visits. Coolant levels will be checked and topped up if necessary, dirty air filters will be cleaned or replaced, and all the components will be inspected to ensure they are smoothly running. Feel free to call and discuss your AC issues with us any time!