Basic Information About an Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Azle, TX

Basic Information About an Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Azle, TX

As the temperatures all around the world are rising, the demand for air conditioners has also increased and has reached its peak in the past few years. Many forecasters of this field predict that with air conditioners and coolers used heavily in houses and for commercial use this demand would further surge. Since now it has become such a basic necessity you would never imagine living without it. So in order to keep these ACs running properly, it is extremely important for you to know a little about them too so that in cases of emergency you could fix them on your own and bring them back to working efficiently.

There might be times when the issue is too complex and big to understand that you would need to call for heating and air conditioning service or air conditioning repair service in Azle, TX. On the contrary, on some occasions, with sufficient knowledge about its working and maintenance, you would be able to solve and fix the problem on your own.

Here in this article, we have highlighted some of the main components and basic ideas regarding air conditions and air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

How Is The Air Cooled?

The air that comes out of the air conditioner is cooled through a process and with the help of a chemical substance present inside which is called the refrigerant. The refrigerant has the natural property of cooling the air by taking the heat out of it.

These air conditioners are now used vastly at commercial places and at homes. For places where there is a lot of human traffic and requires heavy use of cooled air, central systems are the ones that are installed to meet the demand. Central systems have the capacity to cool large areas and buildings and makeuse of water to cool down the air.

Refrigerant and Its Importance

The substance that is core to the process of cooling air in an air conditioner is a refrigerant. The interesting property that this substance possesses, which makes it extremely useful for the appliance, is that it can convert from gas to liquid and from liquid to gas. The refrigerant also has the capability of both absorbing and releasing heat with changes in its temperature, pressure, and form.

As explained by the heating and air conditioning service in Azle, TX, a refrigerant is added to the unit or the system during its installation process. This substance then circulates in different parts of the AC in various forms in the form of a loop for the entire life of the system.

The system through which it keeps flowing consists of two parts that take advantages of the versatile nature of the substance, refrigerant, that releases and absorbs hot and cold air. This includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit consists of an evaporator, also called an air handler, and the outdoor unit consists of a condenser and a compressor.

Vital Components of the Process

Cooling a space with the help of these systems called air conditioners is a cycle that continues forever between its indoor and outdoor components. As the starting point to understand the process and to know how air conditioning service in Azle, TX is handled by experts let’s start with the point where the heat is removed from the air inside the place which needs to be cooled.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is a part of the indoor unit. It is a long coiled metal tube which looks to be covered in small fins.

The refrigerant travels through this coil and transforms itself into gas. It then starts the cooling process by removing heat from the surrounding air. The thing similar to fins on the coil at its end near the hose is responsible to absorb this heat in its extra surface area. Air conditioning service in Azle, TX also put the focus on the fans that also help in the process and are essential for the proper functioning of an AC.


As the refrigerant leaves the coil it changes its form and becomes a low-pressure gas that now moves towards the compressor. The compressor is also labelled as a component which is the heart of the air conditioner by expert air conditioning service in Azle, TX. The reason why it is given this title is that it does one of the most important jobs of pumping the refrigerant into the condenser, which is the next component of the outdoor unit. It actually compresses the low-pressure gas into a high-pressure hot gas that is flown to the condenser.


The shape of a condenser is also like that of a coil. The hot pressurized air that is released to this unit is then further carried on into the outer space where it is finally released. According to the experts of this field and of air conditioning service in Azle, TX fans installed inside the outdoor unit also played a major role in releasing and moving the heat to the outside direction.

Final Thoughts

To avoid any such situations where the whole unit or your system shuts down and refuses to work it is necessary that you know how it works so that you can bring it back to functioning. Understanding its components helps you identify the issue easily and gives you ideas as to how you can tackle it efficiently.

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