Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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Most people don’t stop to think about the air they are breathing inside of their Fort Worth, TX home, but if you have never booked an air duct cleaning service it may be time to think about it a bit more. Most people are spending more time than ever in their own homes, so it may pay to consider the air you are breathing when you are in your home all day.

This is even more true during the summer months when most homes in Fort Worth, TX are heavily sealed up. The temperatures get so high that people have their windows shut and sealed to keep the heat out and take some of the strain off of their HVAC systems. This sounds great, but it also means that the only ventilation you are getting in your home is coming from your AC system. If your ducts are dirty or the air in your home is dirty that means you are not really getting much fresh air in.

The situation can get even worse depending on what is settled inside of your ductwork. Allergens, dust, pet hair, and mold spores could all be hiding out of sight, but infiltrating the air that you breathe. This is a good reason why some people notice that their allergies are actually worse when they are at home because even though they can’t see them, their allergens are actually hanging out in their homes.

The good news is you can solve this problem with a simple air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX. The entire process usually does not take too long unless you happen to live in a mansion and will leave you with much cleaner air. Ready to hear a bit more about air duct cleaning service? Here is a list of the many benefits of a standard air duct cleaning service along with a quick guide that details what it is and what you should expect when you book a service.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Your home air purifier can only do so much if you are constantly introducing dirt into the air every time your AC cycles. This is why air duct cleaning service is so important. Removing all particulate, dust, and dirt from your ductwork will help purify the air that is blown into your home helping to create a higher quality of air for everyone in your home to breathe. A full duct cleaning service should ensure that every inch of ductwork is carefully cleaned so that nothing is left behind to contaminate the air.

Just because you cannot see it does not mean that it isn’t there, and it is very easy for dust and particulate to fall and line the ducts if no one has cleaned them for years. If you have purchased a new home, duct cleaning is one of the first tasks you should tackle for this very reason. It is very possible that the ductwork has never been cleaned so you don’t know what is lingering in there out of your sight.

If you have ever seen a mouse in your home it is even more pertinent that you consider air duct cleaning because it is very possible that there are mouse droppings or even dead mice bodies in your air vents. Mice, rats, and other small home invaders often use the air duct system to travel throughout a home, but then become trapped because they can’t climb the sleek metal walls. As a result, they coat the passageways with their droppings, and some particulate from the droppings are picked up by the air that passes through them. Bad odors may also indicate a rotting animal or feces which is just one more reason why you should always consult with a professional if you start to smell something coming out of your vents.

Help Treat Allergies

Anyone with seasonal allergies will tell you that Fort Worth, TX can be rough during certain seasons. Usually, homes that have poor ventilation are the worst for people who suffer from allergies. You can ensure that your home is not one of them by booking an air duct cleaning service. There are a lot of allergens that can accumulate in your ductwork and cause you issues, or exacerbate any other allergies that you are suffering from at the same time.

Dust, pet dander, hair, dirt, and mold spores can all grow inside of your ductwork and wreak havoc on your health. You may not even realize that spending more time at home is actually making you sicker because of the allergens that are leaking under your floors.

If you have mold spores growing, they can actually be making you physically sick and in some people even cause allergic reactions to occur. Mold is not something that you want to mess with, and if you have any reason to suspect there is mold inside your ductwork you need to grab your phone and make an appointment for an air duct cleaning service. The sooner you take care of mold the better it will be for everyone in your home

Even if you cannot see it, sometimes you can identify the presence of mold by noting a foul odor coming out of your ductwork. Mold and bacteria can grow on the sides of the ducts if there is any moisture at all, and sometimes something as simple as a spilled cup of water down a vent or a small leak in a neighboring pipe is all it takes to breed mold. Any odor that comes out of an air vent in your AC system should always be investigated because your AC should never smell.

Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Removing all of the dust, debris, and anything else from your air ducts will actually help your HVAC system heat your home much more efficiently. Instead of getting trapped in debris or working hard to push through narrowed vents, air can evenly flow through all vents in your home. A lot of homeowners report that after an air duct cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX their heating and cooling bills drop noticeably which makes the one-time expense well-worth it in the long run.

Decrease the Amount of Time You Spend Dusting

Unless you are Danny Tanner from Full House you probably hate dusting your home, but the good news is after an air duct cleaning service you shouldn’t have to spend as much time dusting and vacuuming your home. One of the major reasons that dust settles over top of everything in a home is the simple fact that it is pulled out of the air vents and then dispelled into the air around your home. When it eventually settles it leaves a coat of dust throughout your home.

If you have a home with a lot of traffic the amount of dust that is constantly circulating and settling on picture frames and shelves around your home is probably noticeable. Cleaning out your air ducts takes out a large portion of the areas where dust can settle. The end result is cleaner air that doesn’t leave a constant residue behind so you can stop worrying about dusting and just get back to doing things you enjoy instead.

How Long Will an Air Duct Cleaning Service Take?

The length of an air duct cleaning service will vary depending on how large your home is and how much dust there is to clean. On average, an air duct cleaning service takes between two to four hours but the previously mentioned factors may play a role. A larger home will have more extensive ductwork to clean and a home that has never had its air ducts cleaned may take longer because there is more debris to clear out.

What Do I Have to Do to Prepare for an Air Duct Cleaning Service?

Prior to an air duct cleaning service, the best thing you can do is ensure that the HVAC technician can easily reach all of your ductwork. The technician will start in your basement at the HVAC core and clean out your HVAC system and then proceed up through the ducts. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have a four-foot pathway for the technician to easily get to the HVAC system and then a clean area around the appliance so that they have room to clean comfortably.

Then you need to make sure that there is a clear path to all of your major ducts throughout your home. They will need to attack your ducts from all angles to get them thoroughly clean. Make sure that nothing is blocking the entrance to your ducts and that there is no major furniture in the way. If you happen to notice anything blocking the air vents this is a good time to consider rearranging things because for effective heating and cooling there really shouldn’t be anything blocking the vents.

What to Expect During Air Duct Cleaning Service

Now that your home is ready for the HVAC technician, the only thing left for you to do is let the technician into your door. They will take care of everything else once you show them where the HVAC system is. They will start with the system and clean out the evaporator coil, drain, condenser pan, and blower motor as well as the housing around it. These are all areas where dust can hide. If you hire a certified HVAC technician to handle your air duct cleaning service (which you should) they will also probably take a look at these components while they clean. Even though they are technically not inspecting your system during an air duct cleaning service if they notice something looks damaged they will likely tell you which is just one extra benefit of having a professional handle the cleaning.

After this is all clean, they make a small hole that they can later repair and clean out the ductwork right above the HVAC system that connects it into your home ductwork. They have a multitude of tools they can use to get into the ductwork from this point including a long brush that extends with a vacuum on the end to brush off dirt and then vacuum it up as they go.

Once they have reached as far as they can go from the basement, they will clean up their work area, pack up their tools, and move upstairs in your home. They will then clean out all the supply and return air ducts and registers from the upstairs angle using the same tools to carefully brush out all debris and then vacuum it up. When they are done every inch of your air duct system will be clean. If you could see it, it would probably look shiny and new, but since you can’t you will just have to rest easy with the knowledge that all dust, debris, mold, and rodent droppings will be gone.

As a nice after perk, most HVAC technicians will also clean the grilles and diffusers so things will look new and shiny from the outside of your air ducts as well. At this point, they will once again clean up their workspace around each heating vent and tell you what they found before they leave. For instance, if they vacuumed up a large number of rodent droppings they may suggest you talk to a pest exterminator to prevent the same thing from happening again.

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