Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Service and Areas of Interest In the Process | Azle, TX

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Service and Areas of Interest In the Process | Azle, TX

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One of the things you can take full control in your home or businesses is temperature and air systems. With comprehensive units that comprise of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and space pressurization, you can achieve the perfect indoor temperature and air quality.

However, to achieve the aforementioned conditions, your HVAC unit should be in tip-top condition. The vents & ductwork should be clean, the refrigerant should be to the required levels, the evaporator coils & condenser should be operating as required, and all the other HVAC-related components should be in good shape.

The effectiveness of any A/C system depends on its ability to perform its most-needed task of providing quality air in living spaces and controlling the seasonal temperatures in both residential and commercial setups.

For these units to achieve their effective operational status quo, you will need to hire a professional who provides comprehensive air conditioning service to perform regular maintenance.

The recommended period to procure air conditioning services for your unit maintenance in Azle, TX, should be at least twice per year. However, this situation normally varies from one household to another.

People with pets and large traffic in their homes will require more preventive maintenance than people who live alone. More importantly, the environment of the home in question also plays a significant role in the process.

In this regard let’s examine the importance of scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your A/C unit and areas you areas of interest to address.

Budget Effective

Truth said, the energy consumption of an HVAC that operates normally is relatively high. The units integrate many processes such as converting electrical energy to heat and mechanical energy. These processes need a lot of energy.

As much as these units play a significant role in your electric bill, don’t let minor fluctuations in you’re A|/C increase your energy consumption even further. You need to hold the bull by its horn and ensure that you seek professionals who offer air conditioning services to conduct regular maintenance on your unit and to ensure all the parts are running efficiently.

An A/C that operates at optimum conditions should have clean blower motors, fan blades, and coils amongst other components. Having an Azle, TX, that provides air conditioning services clean your unit will help to eliminate added stress in the unit leading to lower energy consumption.

More importantly, the age of the HVAC unit determines the level of energy consumption in the system. Old systems more than ten years old are energy inefficient and will play a big role in spiking your power bill.

However, with regular maintenance, an Azle, TX, A/C expert will advise you on units and components that need to be replaced from the ones that need to be fixed. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth we are more than ready to help.

Increases A/C’s Lifespan

It is among everybody’s wish list to have an HVAC that serves them as long as possible. However, for this scenario to happen many factors come into play.

For starters, the level of care plays a crucial role. You may have installed the most expensive and resilient A/C system, but if you don’t handle it responsibly it may not last—not the nicest fact to know.

The choice of components is also of paramount essence. In the free and open market structure, there are many manufacturers and an influx of A/C components. Some of them may offer inferior products, which can be hard to differentiate from the good ones—this situation calls for a professional eye of an A/C expert.

By scheduling regular maintenance from a company that offers good air conditioning service, you help to increase your unit’s longevity. The process of routine maintenance helps to highlight performance issues and present an opportunity to remedy potential issues before they cause significant problems in the overall operation of the system. More importantly, the process helps to keep components clean, which helps in eliminating any added stress in the unit.

Remember, any preventive maintenance should be in compliance with the Texas regulatory laws. For instance, there are some refrigerants that are illegal to use in your HVAC in Texas. Violation of these laws can lead to fines. To mitigate this problem, you need to procure professional air conditioning services from experts in Azle, TX, who are current and aware of all the laws surrounding the industry. The periodic examination helps to keep your HVAC unit to be as current as newer systems throughout its operational life.

Tenant Satisfaction

Are you in commercial real estate business and wish to make more returns on your property. A well-maintained A/C system is the way to go about things. A commercial establishment that is poorly air conditioned equals angry tenants.

With dissatisfied tenants, you will not only lose business opportunities, but also you won’t have peace of mind. That’s why if you want to sleep better at night, you will need to hire professional air conditioning services to help you with periodic maintenance of your property.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Most of the HVAC manufacturers in the Texas market have coupled their products with warranties. Since most HVAC components are resilient, they integrate lengthy warranties. it’s really wonderful to buy things covered by a manufacturer’s warranty because in case of any damage within the preset period the manufacturer in question will cover the repair expenses or replace the whole component.

But did you know that there are some things that void the warrant before it’s expiry period? In accordance with a manufacturer’s warranty policies, any repairs should be handled by a qualified A/C professional. More importantly, if your HVAC breaks down because of your failure to maintain it as directed by the manufacturer, then the warranty becomes null and void.

Don’t let your own negligence undermine your warranty. Hire a professional company, which offers premium air conditioning services to regularly maintain your unit. You will not only save yourself the stress of a void warranty but also emergency breakdowns.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Stagnant air leads to an increase in indoor pollution, a situation that worsens during hotter months. Polluted air can expose health hazards to you and your loved ones. Some of the health issues associated with poor indoor air quality include respiratory problems, headaches, cardiovascular disease, and eye irritation just to mention a few.

That’s why during summer, your A/C should be functioning optimally. Let a professional conduct regular maintenance to get rid of the aforementioned pollutants. Some of the process they undertake to ensure you receive quality indoor air includes:

  • Replacing or cleaning your air filter- Filters play a crucial role in preventing dust from entering your AC system. This component can either impact positively or negatively your indoor quality. With dirty filters, your indoor air will be contaminated with pollutant and they will also offer resistance to the flow of air. That’s why you will always need an HVAC technician to ensure the filter are clean and in good condition.


  • Air Duct Cleaning- As much as filters remove contaminants from the air, debris and dust build up in your ductwork with time. Even worse, mold and mildew prefer these ducts increasing the risk of fungal infection in your living spaces. The process of cleaning A/C ducts is a daunting process as it involves complicated cleaning procedures and supplies to get rid of fungi manifestation. That’s why you should always hire a company that specializes in air conditioning services to regularly clean and maintain your air ducts.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Compressor

An HVAC compressor is one of the parts that are prone to frequent breakdowns. It is subject to replacements from time to time. This is because it is the heart of the cooling function in HVAC systems. It acts as a refrigerator that dehumidifies and cools the air in a building ensuring thermal comfort for the occupants.

Most of these components appear like black boxes with lines running to and fro on their surface. Due to the crucial nature of the compressors, repairs on the unit are not only expensive but also inconvenience the occupants of the building in question especially during summer.

That’s why you need to take good care of your HVAC compressor by hiring professional air conditioning service. Periodic maintenance of the compressor increases its longevity and helps to fix any potential issues that might arise. With regular maintenance from a reputable company that offers air conditioning service, you don’t have to worry about emergency compressor breakdown. Remember, a good compressor should serve you for a duration of between 10-15 years.

Reduces Costly Repairs

A system that is regularly cleaned, inspected, and maintained by a company that offers air conditioning services, decreases its chances of breaking down. Handling emergency breakdowns involves a costly process. With periodic inspection, you schedule a specific date with an HVAC professional who offers air conditioning service. But for emergency breakdown the process is impromptu and it means the repairs will be at both the expense of the expert’s and your convenience. According to a conclusive study, nearly 85 percent of breakdowns are preventable with regular maintenance of your A/C system. This is because professionals have the knowledge to identify and spot some problems before they happen. Replacement of worn-out parts during periodic maintenance also contributes to mitigating emergency break downs.

Improved Safety

The safety of you and your loved ones should be your top concern. It is imperative to realize that any machine that involves fast-moving parts, electricity, and chemical refrigerant, if not handled carefully things may get ugly fast. A wrong or loose screw may cause a tragic chemical accident, while a wrong or damaged electrical wire may lead to a fire in your house or business.

Such a scenario doesn’t only come with enormous property losses but also death and injuries—not the nicest fact to know. Getting a professional company that offers good air conditioning service to conduct periodic maintenance on your HVAC can help you achieve systems with improved safety. Don’t jeopardize the lives of your loved ones by trying to spare maintenance expenses.

Helps in Avoiding Rust

Rust is the number one enemy of metal machinery. With time, metal, especially iron builds up rust, which is very detrimental to functional machines. It causes wear and tear of components increasing the chances of breakdowns.

If left unchecked, it may cost you the whole HVAC unit. In this regard, you should always schedule periodic maintenance of your A/C as the process involves cleaning and lubricating moving parts a process that helps to eliminate rust. Always remember to schedule for preventive maintenance from a company that offers air conditioning services mid-summer when the weather is warm and humid.

What Processes Are Involved in Periodic Maintenance?

Periodic Maintenance is a step-by-step undertaking that requires a professional touch from a reputable company that offers air conditioning services. Some of the processes involved include:

  • Checking for seal and duct leaks- The process involved to locate seal and duct leaks involves searching for obvious tears, checking the duct joints, turning HVAC to full blast, using smoke pencils or incense, and using a fog machine among other methods.


  • Checking and maintaining refrigerant levels- A leaking refrigerant makes an HVAC to lose its cooling power. During preventive maintenance always ensure a professional check if the refrigerant is within the levels recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Clean drains- By cleaning drains, the process helps to improve indoor air quality by eliminating air pollutants.


  • Inspect electric connections and terminals- This process is crucial in improving safety by eliminating electric hazards such as short circuits.


  • Check accuracy of the thermostat- A good function thermostat helps in maintaining indoor temperature. hire air conditioning service to ensure your thermostat is in good condition.


  • Replacing air filter- Replacing or cleaning the filters is a must process in any maintenance work. A professional who offers air conditioning services always makes sure that the filter is free of debris, dust and other contaminants that might block or pollute air.


  • Measuring airflow via the evaporator coil- professionals ensure the right amount of air reaches the evaporator coil. If not, diagnose the source of the blockage.


  • Test motors, controls, and safety equipment- a technician ensures that these crucial components are running smoothly.

Before You Leave

Prevention is better than cure. That’s why using proactive periodic maintenance by hiring air conditioning services helps to keep your A/C unit operating optimally. If you are in Azle, TX, and need premium air conditioning service, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth is second to none.

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