Can Air Filters Cause the Complete Replacement of Your HVAC System? | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Can Air Filters Cause the Complete Replacement of Your HVAC System? | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

We all have many HVAC systems in our houses, but how often do you change or replace the air filters? Or in other words; do you realize the crucial role of air filters in helping our HVAC system to work efficiently?

Well anyone who fails to clean or completely replace the air filters, don’t understand the importance of these filters. In this post, we will look at the role of air filters and what can affect their efficiency. This will assist you in maintaining the air filters properly and in knowing their major functionality. Just to give you a hint, anyone who fails to change the air filters in a scheduled manner, certainly end up paying heavy replacement cost in addition to the cost of hiring a heating and air condition service in Azle, TX

You may find it strange, but this is a fact. Homeowners who neglect the proper maintenance of their HVAC filter face inefficient working of their HVAC systems. A clogged air filter hinders the efficiency of your HVAC system through air flow blockage. Hence this kind of hindrance put additional stress on motor fans that eventually stop working. This may also cause the motor fans to burn out due to overheating.

Thus, to ensure efficient working of your HVAC systems and to avoid these anomalies, be a smart homeowner and keep your HVAC filters free from obstructions and save the cost of heating and air condition service in Azle, TX.

Now the question is; what really causes these air filters to obstruct or to work with poor efficiency?

Well, there are numerous factors that may affect the effectiveness of your air filters and may require you to replace the entire HVAC system eventually.

For your better understanding, let us discuss these factors along with other useful information, that helps in avoiding the problem altogether, and to maintain the functionality of air filters at all times –as suggested by the experts of heating and air condition service in Azle, TX.

Adjustment of the fan mode

When we speak of the thermostat, you get two primary options with regards to fan settings. You can keep it ‘powered on’ or you may set it on ‘automatic’ mode. Both of the settings are different. If you prefer keeping the settings in ‘automatic’ mode it indicates that the fan works according to the room temperature. If you keep the setting on ‘ON’ mode, it may continue to run unless you power it OFF.

To put in simple words, the air continues to filter 24/7 which increases the probability of clogging. Therefore, your best choice is to keep the fan setting that best meets your room temperature requirements and allows you to use the air filters over a long period of time.

Pet hairs

If you love keeping pets then you might face clogged air filters problem more frequently. Pets are the primary reasons for causing clogged filters. Pets which remain unclean or shed hairs cause fuzzy filters. So make sure your pets are clean and vacuumed at all times. You may also ensure brushing their tiny hairs at least once a week so that the filters remain clear. This will help you to use air filters for a long time and in avoiding their frequent replacement by hiring the expertise of a heating and air condition service in Azle, TX.

Air Filter and the MERV Rating

The MERV rating of air filters considerably affects the effectiveness and efficiency of filters. According to heating and air condition service in Azle, TX, if the MERV rating of your air filter is high, the air filter is highly efficient in blocking tiny particles. However, to prevent this problem, you must install fiberglass filters. Fiberglass filters are inexpensive and they don’t get obstruct with tiny particles. This makes these air filters highly clogging free than another pleated filter.

However, if you think that a thick filter is another solution to prevent clogging then you are wrong. These filters can be good for maintaining the room free of dirt and clean but they cause excessive strain on the system’s motor fan. Eventually, this strain cut downs the efficiency of the HVAC system and make you call up heating and air condition service in Azle, TX.

When it comes down to types of the filters, if you go with a wrong type of filter, this may reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system. Hence, pay due diligence in choosing only the best and right type of filter. Also, go with the one that best suits the temperature preferences of your room. If you think it’s difficult to choose the right air filter for an HVAC system, take the assistance of a reputed heating and air condition service in Azle, TX.

Upgrade the HVAC filters

Just like a clogged air filter that inhibit adequate air flow, a wrong size or the MERV rating of the filter also hold back the effectiveness of the HVAC system. So if you need to know the efficiency level of an air filter, use the MERV rating is as the best indicator.

For example, typically an air conditioner offers the MERV rating of 1-4. These air conditioners, however, can also be adjusted with the filters of 8 MERV. While the experts of the heating and air condition service in Azle, TX do not recommend installing an air filter having high MERV rating. This is because installation of a high rating MERV can be way too strong for an air conditioner system and this affects the effectiveness of the HVAC system.

The bottom line

Maintain a properly working air conditioner is about keeping its various parts well maintained. So get the assistance of a well-reputed heating and air condition service in Azle, TX. For this, hire the professionals of One Hour Heating and Air service. Their team of professionals is not only well-versed to handle complex HVAC issues but they also hold great experience in resolving such issues.