Can you hear your furnace calling for professional help? | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Can you hear your furnace calling for professional help? | Heating and AC Repair in Fort Worth, TX

The furnace is an integral heating system in our household. It provides a cozy and comfortable environment in our homes during the winter season. Today furnaces are like air conditioner systems that come in different sizes and models.

Modern furnaces are integrated with the latest technology. They are easy to install and need less repair and maintenance. Indeed not any heating or cooling system is completely free from functionality issues. There are many frequently occurring issues with furnaces and among them, the most annoying issue is when you hear strange noises coming out of the furnace.

As per the professionals of heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX when you hear odd noises coming from your furnace, it indicates a fault in the equipment. Thus it is necessary not to take these noises lightly. For instance, if you having a cup of coffee sitting in your bedroom and you suddenly hear a loud banging sound coming from the furnace, you may think about it for a while but cold weather and hot coffee will let you ignore the issue altogether.

While you may neglect the issue at that time, one day you will face the same issue but with worst consequences. During one snowing night, you hear a noise coming from your furnace and this time furnace blows up, leaving you with just a blanket to survive the cold. At that time you can only hope that the cold shows mercy on you.

Regardless of the scraping, banging, or rapping noise that comes from the furnace, people believe in a false misconception that a furnace sound is harmless and indicates no fault. But to assist you in this regards, in this post we will understand the different noises coming from a furnace. We will look at factors that cause such noises and discuss our best options to handle the issue.

Let’s have a look.

Loud Bang

When you hear a sound similar to a gunshot and as soon as you turn on the furnace, this indicates the buildup of gas inside the system. As per the experts of heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX, you should never neglect the sound or the issue as this can crack the heat exchanger over the period of time. It is an issue that must be attended at the earliest. This is important to prevent yourself and your family from an expensive and dangerous mishap in terms of the cracked heat exchanger.

However, don’t even try to fix the issue on your own. In fact, take the professional assistance of a heating and AC in Fort Worth, TX right away. Also, before the professionals arrive, it’s better to keep the system off to prevent any further damage.

Metal against Metal

When you hear a clanking and scraping sound, just like metal is hitting another metal, this indicates a serious issue with the wheel of your furnace’s blower. So, you don’t need to get into a risky situation and immediately turn off the furnace while calling the professionals of heating and air in Fort Worth, TX.

Turn on the heating system only when your professional has completed the repair work and the furnace is ready to run. However, some reasons for the clattering noise include;

The blower fan has broken and is scraping against the metal. This means that you need to hire a professional for the replacement purpose. This can be fixed by any technician of heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX easily.

The blower fan is loose from the bearings and continuously scraping against the housing casing of the blower. In some cases, there is a lot of damage but if the blower wheel hasn’t gone through severe damage then get it repaired immediately

In some exceptional cases, the noise is a clear indication of the faulty motor of the whole piece supporting the assembly of the blower. The whole assembly might have dropped and it is now hitting the housing. In other words, you are in need of experts of heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX right away.


If you are facing a rattling sound coming from your furnace continuously, it is an indication of the loose panel and a loose screw. So before you start the inspection to figure out the main issue, it is recommended to turn off the power completely. Once the power is off, take a screwdriver and try to tighten the panel. See if this resolves the issue of rattling sound. However, if the issue is still persistent then you know what needs to be done – hiring of experts of heating and ac in Fort Worth, TX.

Remember, if the noise is coming from some loose screw, it may also indicate a leak in the heat exchanger. This is indeed a very serious matter and you should not delay the inspection of your furnace. When a heat exchanger malfunctions it emits lethal carbon monoxide inside the room. This can cause severe consequences, to the point of a fatality. So, hire the expertise of a heating and air in Fort Worth, TX and get it fixed immediately.

In the bottom line

The furnace installed in your home is your long-term investment. It is not the equipment that can be bought again and again. Thus it is very important to keep them well-maintained at all times. Odd or strange noises coming from a furnace are one of the most obvious indications of a faulty furnace. This means that you should never delay taking the assistance of professionals.

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So make sure you don’t hire any fake service providers as you might come across many service providers who are not professional and may charge you much higher than reliable service providers.