Choose The Right Furnace With The Help Of An Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

Choose The Right Furnace With The Help Of An Air Conditioning Service | Southlake, TX

When it’s fall, you know that it will only become colder. Whether you’re looking to replace that old furnace with the best available unit or you just moved, you must ensure that you’re ready for the winter. However, if you have an air conditioning service provider install an energy-efficient unit, it will repay itself in energy savings. Furnaces ensure that your family is comfortable in those chilly winters by providing warmth.

But what should you look for when purchasing a furnace? This article will help you in choosing the right furnace for your home. However, you can also reach out to your reliable HVAC professional if you still have doubts about the right furnace for your home.

Choose Between a Packaged or Split System

Packaged Furnace System

Packaged furnace systems are shipped as a single metal box that holds all the components necessary to heat your home. Your air conditioning service provider installs the unit on the roof or outside your home. Installing a packaged furnace system can be completed faster. The unit also doesn’t take up much space, making it convenient for various families. Unfortunately, packaged furnace systems normally have a short life expectancy. They also are likely to corrode because they are installed outside. Additionally, packed furnace systems have a lower SEER. If you want a longer-lasting system that is highly efficient, then a packaged furnace system is not your choice.

Split Furnace System

A split furnace system requires that you install different separate components. It doesn’t include all its components in a single unit like a packaged system. Among those parts is a metallic box that your air conditioning service provider will install outside your house and a furnace compartment that they’ll install inside your house. The compressor and condenser are housed in the exterior metal box, and the evaporator and furnace are inside the interior compartment.

Installing a split furnace has advantages such as a higher SEER, a longer lifespan, and less deterioration from exposure to the elements. However, split systems could require a little more time to install due to their varied parts. These systems can take up a lot of room, so if you live in a tiny home, this system may not be suitable for you.

Determine the Furnace Fuel

The fuel your furnace will use depends on the connections available at your Southlake, TX, home. Talk with your air conditioning service provider about the best furnace fuel. However, your furnace might use five varieties of fuel:


Gas furnaces can produce heat quickly, making them ideal for people who want their homes to heat up immediately. However, these furnaces also have a lengthy installation process and need specific connectors to function.


Electric furnaces can cost more per month in utility costs, but they are often less costly to install than gas furnaces. Due to their noticeably lower noise levels and simpler maintenance requirements, many homeowners prefer them.


Heating oil in an oil-powered furnace involves moving it from the burner to the pump and combining it with air to heat the room. While many older buildings still employ oil heating, most contemporary homes do not. Oil-powered furnaces must have an oil tank and are expensive to operate per month. They also build up dirt and soot because of continuous use.


Different-sized propane tanks provide energy for propane furnaces. These furnaces function similarly to gas furnaces. However, the owner must keep an eye on the tanks so they may be changed as necessary. With propane-powered furnaces, you also have to pay extra to purchase the tanks you need to heat your house. Your home can lose heat if you don’t have a spare until you can get a new one.

Determine What Furnace Size You Need

This is the one thing that you cannot fail at. Therefore, it is recommended that if you’re unsure, you consult your air conditioning service provider. A right-sized furnace heats your Southlake, TX, home efficiently. Hence, you must select a unit that isn’t too large and also not too small.

What Can Happen if You Install a Too-Large Furnace?

First, a large furnace will cost you a fortune to purchase and install. Since they’re intended for larger properties, they will never run at a rate proportional to your space. This exposed them to short cycling, making their components fail and necessitate the attention of an air conditioning service provider. Additionally, they’ll take up more space than needed.

What Can Happen if You Install a Too-Small Furnace?

If you install a too-small furnace for your home, it won’t be able to evenly and effectively heat every room. Additionally, it will try to overcompensate by heating your house to your pleasure. An overused furnace will suffer more damage. Its lifespan will be shortened, and more frequent maintenance will be needed. It will regularly use more energy, which is noticeable on the monthly bill. You’ll discover you’re overpaying for a furnace that doesn’t work well. Hence, consult your air conditioning service provider before purchasing a system. They will help you determine the best system for your home after considering several things.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Before you purchase a furnace, ensure that you look for the unit AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). AFUE refers to the percentage of fuel used by the furnace to heat your home. It determines how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to heat. AFUE affects the monthly energy utility costs of heating your home. Air conditioning service technicians recommend purchasing a system with a higher AFUE because it means the unit will be more energy efficient.

The essence of a furnace between the fall and spring seasons cannot be overstated. However, you must install the right unit and accord it routine air conditioning service. For help choosing the right unit for your Southlake, TX home, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth.

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