Come to One Hour Heating and Air for heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX

Come to One Hour Heating and Air for heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX

Heating and ac in Richardson, TX is an essential part of the modern home. Humans have grown accustomed to altering the microclimate around them. It’s just part of us progressing as a species where we’ve turned the weather and the climate intoan instrument that we can manipulate. If there is a heat wave going around, people switch on the Air conditioner, and if there is a chill in the air, people turn on the heaters in their homes to keep toasty. Heating and ac in Richardson, TX can be incredibly convenient and so effortless that we take it all for granted. That’s why it’s so important to keep a contact on hand that can help you with all your heat and ac repair needs.

Thisis where One Hour Heating and Air come in. They’ve been serving their customers in the state of Texas for decades since 1988 and have unique experience in this field. There is nothing that they haven’t seen, andthey put this expertise to use in your home. They can check for the local climate, the type of home you have and the specific problems that you’re experiencing so they can suggest the perfect solution.

Thisis why they’re the best choice to go for when you need heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX. Not only are they experienced in their field, but they pay special attention to the circumstances of the situation, so that the best solution is put forward and implemented. They cover everything from new heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX to installations and replacements. They also have certified professionals working for them with the best qualifications. They know what to watch out for and know how to spot specific problems even before they fully reach their zenith. This way they can save you a lot of money onrepairs by nipping the problem in the bud.


The heating and air conditioning units in a home perform a very difficult and taxing job for their owners. They filter out all the pollutants and dust and harmful gases that exist out in the open. They filter out dust, car exhaust, ozone and the various oxides of nitrogen and sulfur that the industrial refuse is composed of. Thisis why heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX is so important. It’s performed to maintain the efficiency and the level of performance that your appliances have. Otherwise, without that, you wouldn’t be comfortable with the temperature in your own home, andyou also wouldn’t be safe from all the pollutants out there.

Makesure that youservice or clean up your appliances for heating and ac in Richardson, TX every six months or at least once a year. This should be adhered to, in order to prolong the lifespan of these appliances and to keep up their performance.

It’s all about getting the best value for money after all. You wouldn’t want something you paid top dollar forto rust up or break down after a few years, wouldyou?

Quality Service

One Hour heatingand air offersa wide variety of services as a testament to their experience in the industry. There’s the emergency heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX which is available 24/7. Then they have NATE-Certified technicians whichhave the best qualifications and are well versed in the latest advancements in their field. Thisis how they know exactlywhat to do in each situation and recommend the best solutions that have just come out of their field.

They repair all types of models and makes of heating and air conditioning equipment. Thisincludes preventive maintenance and any tune-upsthat may be required. The former is form of maintenance that will prevent possible malfunctions, andthe latter is general servicing that is required biannually.

On Time…Always

The motto for One Hour Heating and Air is “Always on Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime.” And they mean that. It’s a promise that they make to each and everycustomer that walks in or calls intotheir establishment. It’s one that they intend to keep as well. If their technicians are even a minute late, they don’t ask you to pay for the service call. Their trucks are always at the ready for your calls and are stacked to the brim with the proper tools for any occasion. They have materials that may be needed to replace any broken part in a heater or an air conditioning unit. They take pride in the fact that their service is as punctual as it is effective.

The Best Technicians

Getting appliances repaired can be a tad unnerving, this is why the average person doesn’t fool around with their appliances and calls someone else instead. But even then, there’s a certain apprehension. How do you know the person doing the repairs is qualified? That’s not a problem with the heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX provided by One Hour Heating and Air.

Since their professional team is NATE-certified, they are regulatedby a variety of organizations. The North American Technician Excellence standard was born of the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute (ARI) as well as the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA). The two later merged to form the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). It’s a twenty year oldgold standard that is regulated and protected by private bodies. Hence, it ensures that the technicians know their stuff before they’re bestowedwith that honor.

The rigorous testing that the technicians have to go through makes sure that they don’t receive the certification easily. And this inturn, ensures that your appliances are in the safest of hands.

Thisincludes understanding when an appliance can be repairedand when the appliance has had enough wear and tear. The latter would mean that repairing the appliance would be more expensive or more time consuming than just buying a new one or getting a replacement for much less.

If you want the best heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX, come to One Hour Heating and Air.