Common AC Issues And Benefits Of Routine Maintenance From Your Local AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

Common AC Issues And Benefits Of Routine Maintenance From Your Local AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

Like other electrical appliances, it isn’t uncommon for the AC unit to experience problems that will require the attention of an AC repair company. If the air conditioning unit is not correctly working, your home will become uncomfortable. Besides being unpleasant for you, overheating is dangerous for your home and family. Your air conditioning unit might experience several problems, which makes it hard to cool your Fort Worth, TX home efficiently. Most common air conditioning unit issues have something to do with the fan, compressor, or coils. However, there are other issues, including thermostat problems. Whenever you run into an air conditioning issue, you should call an AC repair technician to have it inspected and repaired.

Common AC Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

An air conditioner is a critical appliance that should be regularly serviced to ensure it can cool your home efficiently and sufficiently. However, it might develop uncaught but avoidable problems that might reduce its cooling efficiency. Although you could address some of the issues, this practice isn’t recommended. You should contact a licensed air conditioner repair company to help you with the repair.

Below are some of the common air conditioner issues that your unit might develop:

Faulty Thermostat

Is your thermostat properly working? If it isn’t, it could make your unit malfunction. Thermostats may need a replacement or even a recalibration. Regardless, you should contact an AC repair company whenever your thermostat isn’t properly sensing or reading the indoor temperatures. Installing the thermostat could worsen the underlying problem. It also might end up costing you a fortune down the line. Depending on the make and age of your air conditioner, you may need to consider replacing it.

If the air conditioner has served your home for more than ten years, you should start considering a replacement. A new air conditioner is an excellent option for homeowners looking forward to improving their comfort level or upgrading their homes. Further, modern air conditioners have higher energy efficiency. Hence, you will save some money on your energy utility bills. Because of the various things you need to consider when purchasing an AC unit, you should consult your AC repair company to help you choose a right-sized unit, especially if replacing the unit is the best option.

AC Unit Blowing Warm Air

Nobody likes to experience hot air flowing from their vents on a hot day. The coils, compressor, or fan are most likely at fault if your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air. The fix could be as straightforward as cleaning the coils or changing a filter, or it could be more difficult. Call a professional from a reliable AC repair company rather than attempting to solve the issue yourself.

Drainage Problems

If the condensate doesn’t drain properly from the air conditioning unit, it is most likely caused by a drain line clog. The condensate drains need to be cleared, which can be done by blowing the compressed air into them or with the help of a plumbing snake. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do it. DIY AC repairs can result in serious damage to your air conditioner. No matter how simple an air conditioning issue might seem, always have a technician from a licensed AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, address it. Don’t fix the problem yourself, for you will not get the reimbursements when you file a claim to your home repair insurance provider. This will also void your warranty, not to forget that you might even worsen the problem.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your air conditioner’s coils are likely freezing up due to a refrigerant issue. It will be necessary to defrost the coils and recharge the refrigerant. It might also indicate that the blower motor needs to be replaced because of a problem. This is a complicated repair that an expert should only do. Choose an AC repair company with a strong reputation and skilled technicians who can perform this kind of repair properly.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Is your AC unit tripping the circuit breaker? How frequently is this happening? If the air conditioner constantly trips the breaker, that could probably be caused by a wiring problem or a failure that makes the unit draw more voltage to cool your home. You should have a technician check the wiring and possibly replace them. When was the electrical panel installed? You might also have to upgrade it. Working with electricity can prove dangerous, and you should leave the job to a technician. Homeowners are advised to call a licensed AC repair company whenever they notice that the breaker is constantly tripping.

Noisy Unit

Does your air conditioner make strange and uncharacteristic noises? Then there certainly is an underlying problem. Call an AC repair company to have a technician sent over for more inspection. There are different AC noises and each point to a different problem. Fortunately, a licensed and experienced technician understands what the noises mean, the affected part, and has the knowledge and tools to fix it properly.

Foul Smell

If your air conditioner produces a foul smell, the insulation or coils may be an issue. Cleaning the coils and maybe replacing the insulation will be necessary. A drainage line issue, however, may also cause the offensive odor. You will also need to clear and disinfect the condensate drain line. However, this isn’t a DIY project and should be left to a licensed AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX. The technicians understand what different AC smells mean and what measures they will use to remedy the issue.

Leaking Water, Gas, or Refrigerant

Have you noticed a liquid pooling near your air conditioner? That may be either fuel, refrigerant, or even water. Leaks from your air conditioner, be it gas, water, or refrigerant, is a sign of an underlying issue. Either the evaporator coils have a pinhole, the drain pan is clogged or overflowing, or the gas lines have worn sealings. Regardless, they all need prompt attention from a professional AC repair company technician. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous and can be noted by a sweet, chloroform-like smell.

Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Being able only to breathe hot air from the air vents is just as annoying as your air conditioning system not turning on. One of many issues, such as a tripped breaker or a blown fuse, could cause this. It’s preferable to contact a technician from a licensed AC repair company near you to identify and resolve the underlying issue. It’s best to have a technician take a look, even if the fix is as simple as resetting a breaker or switching out a fuse. To get your system back up and running, enlist the help of a Fort Worth, TX air conditioner repair company.

However, homeowners can avoid the problems above with routine AC maintenance from a licensed technician. Below are some of the benefits of regularly servicing your AC unit.

Benefits of Timely Air Conditioning Service

Reduces the Chances of Total AC Breakdown

AC systems fail at the worst possible times, such as on the coldest winter night or in the midst of a record heatwave. You might have to wait a while to fix your air conditioning system during those busy periods of the year because AC repair companies are sometimes fully booked. By arranging a yearly expert inspection, often in the spring when the weather is pleasant, you can reduce the likelihood of an expensive and bothersome AC breakdown. An AC repair company can identify problems and replace any components that aren’t functioning optimally.

Improve Safety

A potential fire hazard is created whenever dust accumulates within your AC unit. However, you can prevent this risk by routine maintenance of the air conditioner, which includes cleaning the filter and air ducts. A properly maintained air conditioning system also ensures that your home has better air quality. An air conditioner that is properly operating keeps the indoor humidity at healthy levels, preventing mold and mildew growth.

Investing in anti-allergen technology or replacing the air filters regularly could help improve air quality and your family’s comfort, especially if you have a family member who has asthma or is vulnerable to allergies. During the annual or seasonal air conditioner maintenance and inspection, the technician from a reputable AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, inspects the unit to ensure that all electrical components and any fuel or gas lines are properly connected. The technician also will test for carbon monoxide and refrigerant leaks that might prove fatal. With routine maintenance, the safety of your home is greatly improved.

Protects Other Areas of Your Home from Damage

A technician from an AC repair company will inspect the drain line and pump of your air conditioner during the yearly or seasonal maintenance to look for any signs of any problem. Your home may experience water damage and leaks if components such as the condensate drain and the drain pan are broken or clogged. Regular inspections ensure your condensate drain pipes remain free and clear from leaks and overflows.

Maintain the Warranty

Suppose a warranty still covers your air conditioner. In that case, you can ensure the validity of the warranty only if the unit is serviced by a certified technician from an AC repair company. You may void your warranty if you try to repair the air conditioning unit. Hence, you will be required to pay for replacements or repairs that the manufacturer would have otherwise paid. It is beneficial to review the warranty’s conditions, adhere to them strictly, and keep a record of all maintenance and repairs performed on your AC.

Lowers Energy Utility Bills

Your energy costs will decrease the more effectively your air conditioning system operates. A licensed AC repair company should inspect your air conditioning system in Fort Worth, TX if you’ve observed an increase in utility bills. Your air conditioner may operate less effectively for several reasons, including dust accumulation and worn components. A reputable and licensed AC repair technician can identify the problem’s root cause and offer suggestions for replacement or repairs.

Averts the Need for Expensive Replacements

You can avoid the need for an expensive replacement of parts of the air conditioner or the entire unit by having a reputable AC repair company technician perform regular maintenance of your unit. Routine maintenance means that important components of your air conditioning system are repaired before they become badly damaged. An air conditioner is a combination of several components that work together to cool your home during the hot summers. With regular yearly or seasonal inspections, the technician can catch any developing issues early and fix them before critical parts require a replacement.

It Extends Your AC Unit’s Service life

Neglected air conditioning systems cannot last as long as those that receive regular maintenance. Dirt and dirt buildup can strain the air conditioning system parts like the fans and motor, which can cause a premature collapse. You can get the most from your investment by staying on top of the routine duct and filter cleaning and inspections with the help of an AC repair company.

Ensures Your Home Is Comfortable

When an air conditioning system isn’t routinely serviced, there will be uneven cooling. Some homeowners may attribute this to an outdated AC system, although it may only require a tune-up in most instances. The air vents could be clogged or dirty. Your reliable AC repair company technician will identify and solve issues during the AC repair service inspection.

Let a Licensed Air Conditioning Repair Company Handle Your Issues

Have you noticed either of the air conditioning issues above? You should contact a reliable technician for assistance. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth has served Texans for several years. Our technicians are properly equipped to promptly address any AC repair, installation, or maintenance service. They are licensed and experienced, meaning they will finish any repair service properly. Contact our licensed technicians today for a reliable air conditioning repair service.

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