Crucial Tips When Choosing an HVAC System | Tips from Your Richardson, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Crucial Tips When Choosing an HVAC System | Tips from Your Richardson, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Richardson, TX is a city near Dallas whose monthly temperatures constantly fluctuate with the summer high averaging 95 degrees Fahrenheit and the winter low near 34. With such temperature ranges, its residents ought to invest in HVAC systems that come in handy in battling the climate conditions.

However, such powerful assets that make indoor temperatures suitable for you may become a financial headache, so you may want to choose a durable and cost-effective HVAC system. This may seem like a daunting task, so here is a compilation of factors that may help you out.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that air conditioners in the US take up about 6 percent of electricity produced, and homeowners spend about $29 billion each year for such costs? HVAC systems with low energy consumption contribute to a reduction in the amount of energy you would normally use for air conditioning by nearly 50 percent. Therefore, you’ll be able to save up a huge amount of cash. Initial purchasing costs may be high but with time the amount of cash you may save on an efficient system may end up being worth the price.

SEER Rating

An air conditioner’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the ratio between the heating or cooling effect the system produces divided by the energy it consumed in the process. Therefore, an efficient system will have a higher rating, and the minimum SEER rating for air conditioners in the US is 13.

HVAC systems with seer ratings between 20 and 24 are considered to be the most efficient. Every homeowner in Richardson, TX, looking to upgrade his or her HVAC system should hire an experienced air conditioning service provider to upgrade your HVAC system to a more energy-efficient one.

Size Doesn’t Matter

A competent air conditioning service provider may aid you in selecting the right-sized HVAC unit for your Richardson, TX home. It might be easy to assume that bigger systems produce greater cooling effects. However, this may not always be the case. Your local air conditioning service provider should be able to calculate your energy requirements and recommend an HVAC system for you.

There are multiple benefits accrued from choosing the correct HVAC, including short restarting times, a longer running time, durability, comfortable temperature, and efficiency.

There’s More to Cost than Meets the Eye

HVAC systems come with a load of unseen costs. When choosing a new unit, consider installation costs as well as maintenance costs, and you can do this by researching on prices that local air conditioning service companies offer for such services. Also, inquire on the lifespan of the HVAC system you’re considering, since the longer it is, the less likely you’ll need to purchase a new system, and vice versa. However, don’t be shy about spending huge on a new system, since you’re likely to get the best value for your money if you purchase an efficient but pricy unit.

Work with a Budget

Coupled with the factor discussed above, ensure that the HVAC system you purchase is within your means. There are plenty of efficient systems with great price ranges, and you should select one whose features are right for you and also pocket-friendly. Additionally, some HVAC suppliers offer incentives to their clients, for instance, free installation services, so you may be able to cut down on some costs. Conduct your research carefully, and you can work with an air conditioning service contractor to find a system that won’t drain you financially.

Choose a Reliable Thermostat

Like most devices, thermostats may be analog or digital. They are useful in regulating the temperature of heating systems such as air conditioners. Analog thermostats tend to be inconsistent, so they may not be the best choices for HVAC systems in your Richardson, TX, home. If you’re worried about thermostats and their uses, you can always consult an air conditioning service contractor near you, and you’ll surely get the best advice on which one to choose.

For digital thermostats, a professional will be able to tell you their multiple benefits, including faster response to temperature changes and better temperature regulation and consistency. Also, an air conditioning service connoisseur may recommend the programmable thermostat that reduces cooling costs by around 20 percent and even allows homeowners to set a 24-hour temperature requirement.

Select an Efficient Furnace

To warm up your house, an air conditioner works by burning a fuel such as natural gas or propane. It may also use an electric current to generate heat. The fan in your air conditioner draws air from your room into the heat exchanger, and the heat then warms up the air which is later released into your room through the ducts.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is used to determine the energy efficiency of the fuel used. The rating indicates the amount of energy converted into heat relative to the amount of fuel that’s supplied to the furnace. A higher number means that the furnace is efficient since it converts most of the energy to heat. The recommended AFUE rating for oil and gas furnaces is approximately 85 to 90 percent, so ensure that you’ve considered this.

Choose a Skilled Air Conditioning Service Contractor

Some homeowners may be spending a lot of energy simply because their new HVAC system wasn’t installed properly. You should select an experienced contractor who’ll not only provide installation services but also maintenance whenever you need it. Also, ensure that you’ve selected an air conditioning service contractor licensed by the city of Richardson, TX, and has been in the business for a long period.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is one such company, and our HVAC professionals are ready to provide quality air conditioning services to every homeowner.