Debunking the Common Air Conditioner Myths | Air Conditioning Services in Azle, TX

Debunking the Common Air Conditioner Myths | Air Conditioning Services in Azle, TX

A lot of us tend to rely on the random information available on the internet to deal with different things in life. With that, a lot of fictional remedies and tricks related to air conditioners are present on the internet.

Naïve people like us fall for these fallacies in order to save a few pennies and get the most of our air conditioners but end up spending even more on the repair and energy costs. This is one big reason the calls to professional air conditioning services in Azle, TX are increasing every day.

In actual, these fictional remedies can result in a lot of wear and tear and increase your energy bills. Remember that if you any of the tips on the internet you, you must contact a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX such as One Hour Heating and Air to clarify before you try them. You can also check out the website to learn about how air conditioners function and what should or should not be done.

For now, let’s begin with the debunking activity!

Air Conditioner Myths Busted

1.   The bigger, the better

A lot of people prefer buying big household appliance including air conditioners believing “the bigger, the better” maxim. The truth is that oversized units can create ruptures of cold air, fooling the thermostats or control systems into turning off the system even before the desired temperature prevails throughout the house. This abnormal “cycling” can result in excessive wear and tear on the unit, cause extreme discomfort, and influence your overall energy costs.

When a correctly sized system is properly installed by a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX, it will function to cycle on and off at different intervals. This is done to maintain the temperature settings on the thermostat to control temperatures. It is common for an air conditioner to operate using extended on and off cycles. This is preferable because of energy efficiency and humidity removal.

On the contrary, when a unit is not properly sized and loosely installed, it will turn on and off frequently. This situation will cease the unit from performing efficiently and the indoor comfort levels are compromised. Thus, in order to save yourself the trouble of getting frequent repairs and/or bearing high energy costs, the unit you buy should be perfectly sized according to the area of your home.

If it is too technical for you to determine the right size of the unit, it is best you take advice from technicians at a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

2.   Extreme thermostat temperatures provide better cooling

While the idea may seem tempting, it is somewhere similar to the “the bigger, the better” principle discussed in the first myth. Remember, the bigger/ higher is not always better, especially when it is about the air conditioner system in your home.

For example, if your indoor temperature is 68 degrees, you will not be able to cool your house faster by setting the thermostat to 40 degrees as compared to when it is set at 70 degrees. The settings of temperature on a thermostat do not and cannot equate to the speed of cooling.

3.   Price is the selection criteria

Price can never be the only criteria when buying anything including clothes, household appliances, car etc. Likewise, when buying an air conditioner, you have to consider numerous factors such as the size, budget, comfort needs, usage, and anticipated length of stay at the particular residence. There are more factors that are important to consider which a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX will be able to guide you about.

4.   Turning the unit off when you are out will save money

The idea of turning the AC unit off when leaving the house may sound like a money-saving option but it can actually lead to more expenses. Your air conditioner does not only cool the house but also plays an important role in battling humidity which is important to minimize indoor air quality issues.

Furthermore, if the temperatures reach to the lower extreme while you are away, it will take your system a long time to restore the indoors to a comfortable temperature when you return.

5.   The thermostat’s location doesn’t matter

Experts at several professional air conditioning services in Azle, TX say that the location of your thermostat has a direct impact on the system’s overall performance and efficiency. The control system or thermostat linked with your air conditioning system should be installed on an inside wall of your home. It should have no or no exposure to sunlight, doorway, skylights, and windows.

6.   Closing the vents in selected rooms will save money

A system that is properly installed by a professional air conditioning service in Azle, TX should be balanced and perfectly sized according to the amount of air needed to be circulated throughout the house. When you close the vents, the balance is disrupted and the way the system transports air is changed resulting in undesired temperatures that make the remaining portion of the house uncomfortable.

Before you close the vents, discuss your concerns with a licensed provider of air conditioning services in Azle, TX. They will be able to guide you on what should be done instead of closing the vents and causing problems that were not there in the first place.

7.   Maintenance plans are just a way for the provider of air conditioning service in Azle, TX to earn money

Totally a myth! Just like we humans need regular doctor visits to ensure there are no existing or potential health problems, your air conditioning unit needs regular maintenance for its long life and unfailing efficiency.

The professionals are equipped with tools that help them airflow problems, system leaks, coil issues or potential concerns and resolve them before they are fully there. The maintenance activities can radically reduce the cost of repairs you have to bear and keep minor issues from turning into major ones.


Surprised? We bet you are! If you have trusted one or more of the myths mentioned above, you might need to call an expert providing air conditioning services in Azle, TX immediately to deal with the damage caused. The experts at One Hour Heating and Air would be more than happy to help you with any such issues.