Did You Know That Heating and Air Conditioning Service Could Save Your Life? | Fort Worth, TX

Did You Know That Heating and Air Conditioning Service Could Save Your Life? | Fort Worth, TX

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Researchers have found that central air conditioning causes fewer outdoor pollution particles to enter the home than an open window, thus lowering the health risks of air pollution. But there’s a catch: if the unit is not properly maintained, an air conditioner can contribute to health problems from other sources.

However, the most obvious reason to have regular heating and air conditioning service, especially in Texas, is that we are prone to dangerous heatwaves.

HVAC units will break down for all kinds of reasons, but if there’s one thing we have observed over the decades of being in business is that the down time is always unexpected and occurs at the absolute worst time. Heavy use times and lack of maintenance are just two contributing factors to needing emergency air conditioning service. Before summer temperatures arrive this year, put a heating and air conditioning service on the to-do list.

Here, we outline some of the dangers of not having a properly-working air conditioner, how to tell when your air conditioner is about the fail, and how to find competent heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that will keep your air conditioner running without interruption for as long as possible.

6 Dangers Are Associated with Heat Waves:

  1. Dehydration occurs can occur rapidly in vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, disabled, or otherwise dependent. Severe dehydration can lead to diminished blood pressure, a racing heartbeat and eventually fainting or loss of consciousness.
  2. Muscle cramps an easy to ignore sign of heat distress because we feel cramps for several other reasons. If the heat reaches the triple digits, be aware of muscle cramps resulting from high heat and lack of activity. The easy fix for this is to return to a cool environment and restore electrolytes and fluids.
  3. Fainting or heat syncope happens when a person faints suddenly and loses consciousness because of low blood pressure, which can occur due to extreme heat exposure. Heat causes the blood vessels to expand (dilate), so body fluid moves into the legs by gravity.
  4. Heat exhaustion will cause one’s body temperatures to rise as high as 102 degrees—fever pitch. Dizziness and weakness are common effects but severe heat exhaustion could land an individual in the hospital so fluids can be restored medically and vital signs monitored. This is one step before full-out heatstroke.
  5. Heatstroke is a medical emergency that occurs when the body temperature rises over 105 degrees and does not have the resources or energy to cool itself. Heatstroke’s are fatal without prompt medical attention.
  6. When Fort Worth, TX temperatures hit extremes, your AC unit strains to cool your home, which itself can cause a breakdown.

Avoid all of these symptoms and conditions by keeping your home and office at a reasonable temperature. Part of making sure that you don’t succumb to heat exhaustion or stroke is that you make sure your air conditioning system doesn’t succumb to a breakdown. Here’s how to tell if your AC unit is about to need repairs, services, or a replacement.

Warning Signs Your AC Unit is Breaking Down

  • Weak airflow—nothing comes out, as if it’s blocked
  • Excess noise—banging, clanging, screeching, knocking
  • Inefficient cooling—some rooms are cooler than others

We encourage all of our customers to avoid getting to the point where the air conditioner is showing obvious signs of wear and tear by keeping the AC unit clean, changing the filter regularly and keeping the condensation line clear. But one of the best preventative measures we know of is to have an annual maintenance check where all other components of the system can be evaluated and changed if necessary.

Tips to Stay Cool During an AC Breakdown

In the case that you maintain your AC unit but it still breaks down at the worst time possible—think, middle of the day in late July—here are our best tips for staying cool and avoid dehydration, heat stroke, and other dangers, while your technician arrives and performs the necessary air conditioning service.

  • Use whatever fans you have available to circulate air.
  • Sip water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Relax and do not perform strenuous activities, or exercises, especially if pregnant or life with a compromising health condition.
  • Visit the shopping mall, library, or a movie theatre to spend some time out of the sun and heat doing something enriching.

Home climate control may feel nearly impossible in a Texas heat wave, but routine heating and air conditioning service calls will help maintain home comfort in the hottest of temperatures. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating offers those services and more. We can even show you the benefits of a ductless air conditioning service, and provide a quote once we see the layout of your home.

Hire the Best in Fort Worth, TX for Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Are you currently on the hunt for a professional heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX for repair, installation or maintenance then we hope you consider One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, TX. We specialize in:

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Don’t Waste, Replace! 

You don’t have to purchase an all-new HVAC system to upgrade from your current deficient system.

One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning uses top of the line, energy-efficient and operationally cost-effective options for replacing units, because they are the same models we use in our own homes and of course we want the best. It’s our favorite way to save money while increasing your safety. Your replacement system will be as modern as a new installation would provide. We will evaluate your ducting to ensure that it is still intact and in good enough condition not to jeopardize your new unit.