Did Your Duct Cleaning Service Do A Good Job? | Azle, TX

Did Your Duct Cleaning Service Do A Good Job? | Azle, TX

Are you wondering whether your duct cleaning service did a good job? Do you want to make sure the professionals that performed the procedure got into every nook and cranny? While a visual inspection is one good way of knowing whether the air ducts of your home have been completely cleaned, keep in mind that you may not be able to visualize some of the important components of your HVAC system, so, in many cases just being unable to detect any obvious debris or dirt on the portions you can see is good enough.

In this article we cover some important questions you should ask your duct cleaning service pros before they get started to ensure you will be satisfied with the end result. Additionally, once they have finished, you have the right and it is a very good idea to request they show you all the components of your HVAC system to let you know they performed the task to your complete satisfaction. Some duct cleaning service companies will take remote photos of all the components of your HVAC system, both before and after the job has been completed. This helps them document the condition of the ducts before they get started and the difference after they have finished. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves here, so let’s start at the beginning and take it from there.

Before Your Duct Cleaning Service In Azle, TX Begins

When you are in the initial stages of hiring a duct cleaning service for your home in Azle, TX, there are a few questions you should ask the company you have selected for the job. The following checklist should help you get a very good idea of what will happen during the procedure and what to expect as a result. Don’t be afraid to be open about your questions, and request clarification of any answers you do not understand.

  • Does the duct cleaning service procedure cover the entirety of your HVAC system, both heating and cooling, including the ducts and all of its components, such as coils, fans, drains, etc.?


  • Will the professionals performing your duct cleaning service show proof of them completing the job satisfactorily, and if so, how will they provide said proof?


  • Have the contractors contemplated any reasons to interrupt the work? What are these reasons and how soon will they resume work after each interruption?


  • Will the vacuum system they use for the procedure send all debris and dust to the outside of your home?


  • What measures, if any, will be used to protect your furniture and home from cross contamination during the procedure?


  • Will any biocides be used during the duct cleaning service?


  • If your ductwork is manufactured with or contains fiberglass, what special steps will be taken to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without damage?


  • How will any access points, whether existing or new, be closed after the procedure is finished to maintain the air tightness of your ducts?

Keep in mind these questions are just a general guide and you can add any you think of during the initial interview. Asking questions will help you ensure your peace of mind by knowing the procedure will be performed in accordance to the industry’s best practices.

After Your Duct Cleaning Service Has Finished

Once the duct cleaning service techs have finished performing the procedure in your Azle, TX home, you should perform a visual inspection in order to detect any dirt or debris that could have been missed. Additionally, you should answer the following questions with a simple “Yes” or “No”. If you find that you have answered “No” to one or more of these items, it could mean something went wrong during your duct cleaning service or that it was not performed properly. Always keep in mind the scope of the job that was detailed to you during the hiring phase. If any of the questions that got a “No” answer were supposed to be cleaned as per your initial agreement, you can always ask the contractor to correct the problem. Keep repeating these steps until all the questions have received a positive answer.

  • Was the contractor able to gain access to all the components of your HVAC system in order to clean them properly?


  • Was the contractor able to prove that your ducts and all other related spaces were thoroughly cleaned?


  • Are all sides of the heat exchanger and cooling coil clean?


  • If you point a light (flashlight, your cell phone’s lamp, etc.) at the cooling coil, is the light visible on the other side? If it has been thoroughly cleaned, the light should shine through it.


  • Do the fins of the coil look level and aligned, with the spaces between them at an even distance? If they look bent or crooked, something is wrong.


  • Has the contractor cleaned the drain pan and all drainage points correctly?


  • Are the blades of your system’s blower and the blower’s compartment free of dirt and grime?


  • Has your duct cleaning service in Axle, TX made sure the return air plenum is clean?


  • Has the air supply plenum been cleaned of humidity, oils, and other forms of dirt and debris?


  • Have all the filters been properly installed and are they the ones that are recommended by your system’s manufacturer?


  • Has the inner surface of all your sheet metal ducts been cleaned of any visible dust, grime, and debris? You don’t have to inspect all of your ductwork to answer this question, it is enough to choose several random sites on all sides of your HVAC system to know if the job was properly done.


  • Have all the fiberglass components of your ductwork been cleaned and left in optimal conditions? This means that the material hasn’t been torn or worn down and is still adhered to the material under it?


  • Have all access points, whether they already existed or had to be opened for this specific duct cleaning service, been closed properly with screws, rivets or other resistant materials to preserve their air tight qualities?


  • Does air seep through any access points when your HVAC system is running after your duct cleaning service in Azle, TX?


  • Have all the vent grills, diffusers and other parts been appropriately cleaned and reattached properly to your home’s walls, floors and ceiling?


  • Does your HVAC system work correctly in all of its modes (heating and cooling) after your duct cleaning service?

While this list is an attempt at a comprehensive checklist, don’t forget to add any questions of your own depending on the actual conditions of the duct cleaning service you requested. For example, if you chose to have biocides applied to kill any bacteria or mold growing in your ducts, don’t forget to add that to the checklist and make a note of the specific brand used in case of any adverse reactions in your pets or family members.

An Ounce of Prevention: Stopping Your Ductwork From Becoming Contaminated

Regardless of your choice to have a duct cleaning service carried out on your Azle, TX home’s ducts, you should still consider applying a comprehensive maintenance program on your HVAC system to prevent the contamination of your ducts and the consequences it could have on your family members and pets. In order to do so, there are a few things you should consider in your daily house cleaning schedule, including the following:

The first thing you should consider is avoiding dust and grime from entering your HVAC system. In order for this to happen, here are a few actions you can take:

  • Air filters are available in varying degrees of efficiency. Change the one that is currently in your HVAC system to the highest efficiency one as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Change your air filters periodically, at the very least twice a year at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons.


  • If the previous tip is insufficient and your filters become obstructed and dirty more often, change the filters sooner (3 or 4 times per year).


  • Make sure all filters are in place and none of them are missing. Additionally check for air leaks around the filter holder and seal any gaps that may have appeared over time.


  • Every time you hire an HVAC cleaning company to perform maintenance on your system request all coils and drain pans be cleaned during the process.


  • If you have any remodeling or construction done on your Azle, TX home and this work produces any amount of dust, make sure you seal off all your HVAC’s registers and do not turn on your system until you have made sure all the dust has been cleaned.


  • Make sure you dust and vacuum your home’s carpets at least once a week. If you don’t have any carpets in your home, make sure you clean out any fixtures and accessories that can be a source for dust and dirt, including curtains, tapestries, and others.

Preventing Moisture From Forming In Your Ductwork

One of the worst enemies of your HVAC’s ductwork is the formation of moisture and humidity. Moisture is also sneaky and can get into your ducts in many different ways. Moisture formation can lead to mold and bacterial growth, which, if left unchecked, can turn into a severe health hazard.

One of the most common ways in which moisture can enter your home’s duct system is when there are leaks or your system has not been installed properly by experienced professionals. It can also happen after repair or maintenance procedures that don’t check for any leaks after they have been performed. The most common area of any HVAC system in which moisture tends to form is near the cooling coils. Controlling the formation of moisture in key areas can be a difficult task, but can be done successfully by following a series of steps directed at keeping condensation and moisture from forming in your system to a minimum.

  • Fix any leaks you may find in your HVAC system as quickly as possible. The same stands true for any water damage already present in your home’s ductwork and any surrounding area.


  • Pay special attention to your system’s cooling coils because they are usually the main source of moisture in your system. This moisture often leads to mold and bacterial growth, so keep in mind that you should ensure the pan is draining correctly. If you find a large amount of standing water, you may have a serious problem that should be checked by a professional right away. Don’t forget to check the insulation near these areas in search for any wet spots that could make things even worse.


  • Make sure all your ducts are sealed off and insulated in areas in which you do not need air conditioning, such as the attic and any crawl spaces in your home to prevent condensation from forming and entering your system and causing damage. Additionally, make sure to check your system’s insulation regularly to see if it has not been damaged by pests or other uninvited guests.


  • Make sure your HVAC system is the correct size for your home. Verify that all ducts are correctly sealed at the joints and that your system is designed to manage condensation and humidity in the most appropriate manner.

While prevention can go a long way at maintaining your home’s air conditioning system and ductwork in good working order, all the steps mentioned above can work more efficiently if you start applying them after you have finished your duct cleaning service, because you will basically be starting fresh off the bat right after everything has been properly cleaned. Of course, it is never too late to get started and even without performing a good duct cleaning service prior to applying these steps, you can garner a good number of benefits from following them. If you are ready to have your Azle, TX home’s ductwork cleaned, don’t hesitate and call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for the best professional service today!

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